Look to the past and you will see your future and the one you gift to your children A PILE OF BONES.

Back in the early settlement of North America the Elites wanted to clear the lands of opposition BY KILLING ALL THE NATIVES. They decided the best way was a tried and long tested way of eliminating their food source so they put a bounty on every buffalo bring them to near extinction.

These same people never left power, these same people were behind Mah, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot, Governments representing the elites have murdered over 1 billion of your ancestors, they made the weapons and funded all wars and both sides, They enforce their rule by running the schools, the media and by dumbing you down with chemicals in your food, water, air and vaccinations. They rule by Force not consent, by extortion and under threats of imprisonment and violence you are not free beyond choosing from their hand picked front men oppressors, the left or right wind of their bird.

You are all slaves to people that value you as nothing more than cattle and think of you as their enemy and at best their laborers and slaves.

If you vote, pay tax and labor for this system you are consenting. If you do not do everything you can to be independent of this system you are not doing everything you can to be free and maybe you will not see the value of your freedom in the world of today but look to the past and you will see your future and the one you gift to your children A PILE OF BONES.



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