How sad is it the the biggest battle online is freedom to talk and communicate unobstructed.

Facebook has a block feature we all have it but for some reason there are control freaks abound to stifle communication and our last illusion of freedom.


 I SMELL A RAT … THE BATTLE GROUND [Illuminati Vs Anti- Illuminati] certainly not the first to censor my posts but the first to be so brazen in their promotion of hate bait and their removal of my posts that inspired love, truth, and well these are the two post you tell me how these would be offensive and get me removed. I see these groups pop up with the most ridiculous names and coining mainstream conspiracy but then used as launching pads for hate and disinfo and that is all this page is, THE BATTLE GROUND [Illuminati Vs Anti- Illuminati] my ass they are the enemy within.


RACE BAIT – GOVERNMENT SHILL RUN GROUP – even the image they chose implies race bait old world paradigm

I commented with these two posts

Just a drip of knowledge from an infinite ocean…

RACE BAIT – Government shills are perpetuating racial tensions… … but you are letting them

and some more to the effect of changing the hate bait up and not fueling the problem and these people banned me from 2 accounts NOT JUST one but TWO. Really proving an agenda of hate unwillingness to be genuine 100% shills and government patties and agents knowingly or unwittingly as I suspect many are just idiots. Brandon Hall poses as a white man obviously he is not its very clear that this is an agent provocateur attempting to insight more race hate tensions to distract from REAL issues, as our elites know that the age old game of Divide and Conquer works very well, sad we are again just playing into their hands allowing the same old hate based tricks to bring us down AGAIN!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.13.41 AM (3) is the group it is not the only one there are thousands just like it and you will never notice until you put up a fight to stop allowing the hate bait. Your silence is your consent!




I DELETED ALL THE ADS Google went from $100+ a day to $10 a month its totally censorship and its almost a joke having these crooks on our site. BUT we have received a total of $25 in donations and it costs $100 per month to host and my time too SO DONATE!
Its free & always will be. Also no censorship but each area is on topic so if you post about Food Independence in the Police State section and its very off topic you may be asked to move it. (or it may be deleted with notification). If you have not already please do... LOG IN or REGISTER My mantra lately has been, accept nothing less than... Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or law of no harm and equality. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers. Activists hub and its many websites and facebook pages are thus far a one man show also caring and raising a child. We grow most of our food but we are still debt slaves like you. We lose money maintaining this site so please...

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