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Saturn Ruler of Time and Space – You are born in to sin x

You are born into sin x. Vati meaning Father and Can means dog and Sirius is the Dog Star. The Vatican seem to me to represent maybe the cube ( as you see the lines above) virtual Reality Construct we maybe in and also the sine wave cosine and time as you see it below […]


More Cube and Saturn with a dash of moon

If you have not watched and read the previous posts on this subject this may seem completely crazy as opposed to just crazy its not as crazy as it seems though I personally do not buy the religious spin on this as I believe most of the worlds believes are creations of our elites and […]


EL ✡ SATURN ✡ Occult ✡ Cube ✡ Star of David ✡ Pandora’s Box ✡ Knossos ✡ kabbah ✡ Freemasonry ✡ Elohim ✡ Yhwh

I have this idea that the ai singularity has already happened and we are that singularity reproducing itself a prison planet or Virtual construct within virtual reality? maybe we are a virtual construct recreating itself a sort of fractal Virtual Reality.   LINKS FROM EL SATURN ✡ Occult ✡ Cube,Star God Rhamiphan,Remphan IN THE BEGINNING […]


The Cult of Saturn & its conection to the elites

I don’t dismiss Religious fanatics as the fanaticism makes them great investigators don’t let the religious fanaticism detract from the many facts and great truths hidden in plain sight El or God, or Saturn. Joined this cult of its own, and created a religion that binds their own religious tradition. Formed a new nation, and gave […]


Chemtrails are NOT just weather Modification they are also . . .

I have posted about this before but here it is this is all the things I think we may be seeing right now with chemtrails. 1. the most obvious is that chemtrails are weather modification. The floods on the east cost are a result of skies being charged to hold water over California this is […]


three seemingly-unconnected topics; chemtrails, HARRP and the Faraday cage. – are Chemtrails the Faraday cage HARRP is the grounding?

First I made this then Then I found this also posted below seemingly related to claims made in the video below three seemingly-unconnected topics; chemtrails, HARRP and the Faraday cage. Chemtrails supposedly pump toxic barium salts and aluminum into the air. Haarp supposedly is the death ray of Nikola Tesla’s worst nightmares. Faraday cages […]


Is God a coder living in his moms basement paying no rent?

The Resonance Project25 January · Seeing this many people on a single carved stone in Baalbeck, Lebanon gives perspective on how difficult it would be to try to move such a massive object. If the elites lie about everything why would you imagine your history any different QUESTION EVERYTHING NOW my take on […]


Islam the evil empire – Muslims eat children – Muslims hate love

Islam the evil empire – Muslims eat children – Muslims hate love – Really? PLEASE are you so full of hate that you buy the hate and fear manufacturing media? Please think about it and do some research if you can get through all the below posts, videos and links and you still think its […]