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Luke Z Rudkowski – Less news more ego – can you say coke & meth diet

Luke Z Rudkowski Crack head

Controlled Opposition.

If Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks having a really big laugh on STUPID PEOPLE & this is who he really is, than reality is way worse than I imagined it to be.

Either way I am sick of this yelling rage idiot BILL its not funny anymore!Pushing divide and race bait and hate bait and the left right lie! AJ is a fraud!

Just watch him for a while you can see a snake oil salesman and a shill.Alex Jones does nothing but push divide and fake alt news. YELLING revolution, muslims, immigrants, left & right! NWO wants all the crap he is pushing!

Lies and truth, the truth he tells you is no secret but it validates his lies. Divide keeps slaves fighting slaves and not fighting their enslavement. I have said it many times before if you speak from truth and love you will not be aloud to have an audience. Good changes come from love. Revolt by gardening revolution by becoming independent and off the grid STOP SUPPORTING & STOP CONSENTING you either feed the system or you starve it.


We Are Changes recent video is almost comedy “The End Of Independent Media Video” Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange: Luke you parrot Alex Jones even your yelling is ridiculous. You seem a nice guy but you are hardly independent, money molds what you post you are a symptom of your debt slavery. As much as you pretend you are not! ANYONE with 521k subs is a shill even if they are not aware of it.

By the way if whats on my youtube page is what they want us to see why are you and Alex Jones ALWAYS on page one I almost NEVER watch you morons.

Very funny edit of shill Alex Bill Hicks Jones

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange

Youtube home page and look Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange suggested to me by youtube just as Alex Jones is.

Youtube home page and look Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange suggested to me just as Alex Jones is.