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American Exceptionalism was nothing more than theft

American Exceptionalism was nothing more than theft – Just as all the world poverty is maintained BY DESIGN to create false scarcity and drive up value and labor for crap that would otherwise be so abundant it would essentially be free. Even the value of a house and a quarter acre of land equal in labor to about 1 year with only location driving its value up more. If you ask me anyone with excess of 100K is a criminal you cant have excess in a world with people that go hungry and not be a criminal.

American Exceptionalism was nothing more than theft. Yes I said “was” because as BRICS leaves the Petrodollar we will see how America handles the reality of not being able to pay is trade debts with freshly printed money. I think the only exceptionalism we can see these days is nothing to boast about. The US and the Global Banking Elites have held the world at gunpoint forcing the world to use the USD/petrodollar as the global trade currency since 1945. Initially backed by gold but when Germany asked for its gold they were told it wont happen not even allowed to look at the gold. Elite banking families that own the Federal Reserve have managed to buy up the entire world. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Iran and all the other hostilities and the over 2000 US Military bases around the globe are all about banking and corporate rule. American exceptionalism has been nothing more that extortion, armed robbery and theft just ask the people we liberated in Libya and what of the millions murdered. My grandmothers home was purchased for $4,000 the value now in and around $350,000 thats proof of the theft. Today the gap between rich and poor is more than just money its health and living poor are fed poison and living on the garbage of the ruling class planned obsolescence is built into all that we buy but its being injected into us too with vaccinations, GMO food and toxins in everything including food, furnishing and environment.

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