Anti-vaxxer – not your average slang! NO this phrase was invented by BIG Pharmaceutical Company Public Relations Firms

Do you ever get the feeling most of the people posting comments on many sites and pages are using caned replies, that they may be users that are paid and working for the very companies that are profiting from the expansion of vaccination markets? WELL THEN YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!

CIA running fake vaccinations clinics and polio increasing having people scared  and the White Hose releasing a statement that they wont be doing it anymore. Not exactly the fake I was looking for but interesting that as we see mutable purposed events like 911 being used to bring the US to war, to silence opposition (“you are with us or the terrorists”), to destroy accounting records on missing trillions, to have troops all around the oil and to get rid of the Taliban. Occupying Afghanistan to bring opium production back up as the Taliban had almost eliminated opium production by beheading growers.C

CDC caught in billion-dollar scheme to to sell vaccines

“The combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion) in 2002…Now, primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its weight and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academia, medical centers and the medical profession itself.”

Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine

What’s Behind Big Pharma’s Freak-out Media Blitz Over Measles?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist American author who wrote in the early 20thcentury

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die or are disabled from vaccine injuries.

”The AAP leadership knows very well that vaccines cause autism. We need not waste anymore efforts in trying to educate them; we need to indict them.” – Dr David Ayoub

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses … the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

”In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.“ – George Orwell

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

Everybody is well aware of the fear-based, 24/7 media freak-out over the 150 cases of red measles in the US, an unreported number of which had already been fully or partially vaccinated against measles. Some of them may possibly have been exposed to a recent vaccinee who was still actively shedding the live virus from that inoculation.

No conscientious truth-telling person in a position of authority has been allowed to come forward with all the facts that we need to know before ignorant non-scientist legislators go off half-cocked and pass laws demanding that every child everywhere be forced to get every CDC-recommended shots that keep the “well-child” clinics humming (despite the fact that the “crisis” is only about measles).

The blitz has all the markings of an orchestrated campaign, perhaps a good example of “crisis capitalism” revealed to us in Naomi Klein’s seminal work, “The Shock Doctrine”. Whomever the hidden persuaders are, we know who will benefit from the freak-out. They are the Big Pharma megacorporations, their shareholders and others who are trying to shine up the honor of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Practice, and other medical trade organizations, all of which are highly dependent on Big Pharma’s largesse (in the form of advertising revenues and financial support for their medical conventions).

The 150 measles victims that everybody is talking about reside in the most highly vaccinated nation in the world. With 320,000,000 people as of January 1, 2015, there are still 320,000,850 unaffected people, many of whom have never been vaccinated against measles. I’m one of them, having gotten natural wild measles in childhood, which confers lifetime immunity, whereas the inoculations that contain the live measles virus does not confer lifetime immunity. A lot of people will take their chances, especially since the shots have become more and more unaffordable ever since corporations like the pharmaceutical companies have come to rule the nation, have bribed most of the politicians and have bought up most of the media.

At noon today (Monday, Feb 9) I heard Dr Michael Osterholm, MA, PhD give a speech on MPR about his perceived need for the American government to spend more money and effort preparing for the massive number of. infectious diseases that might theoretically threaten the US in the future. He claimed that more vaccines are needed and they might need to be forcefully administered to reluctant subjects. I didn’t hear him say anything about the need for optimal nutrition, the main factor that made all the other infectious disease epidemics essentially disappear before the vaccines for them came on the market (see chart immediately below for one example).

Dr Osterholm is a non-physician epidemiologist, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and a former director of the Minnesota Health Department who once worked with Merck Vaccine chief Dr Julie Geberding. Geberding did the revolving door thing – leaving her post as Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a more lucrative position at Merck (one of the largest vaccine producers in the world and the company responsible for 60,000 cardiac deaths – with unknown millions more sickened – from their now banned blockbuster arthritis pill Vioxx).

I was offended when I heard Osterholm accuse as frauds and charlatans those well-respected and well-informed physicians and scientists like those listed below who are far more knowledgeable that he is about the neuroscience of the over-vaccination programs that our vulnerable and innocent children are subjected to. I’m sure the millions of vaccine-injured families were equally offended when he dismissed them as hysterical and misinformed by the internet research they have done.

I suspect that Dr Osterholm has never listened to any parent of a vaccine injured child, nor has he read the lectures and writings of such courageous, knowledgeable and articulate physicians and scientists like Dr Russell Blaylock, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Suzanne Humphries, Dr Kenneth Stoller, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Mark Geier, or Dr Joseph Mercola, to name only a few.

I challenge my readers, and Dr Osterholm, to honestly study the research and insights of those scientists.  But I doubt that he ever will, because, as Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary and job depend upon his not understanding it!“

Even On Point Radio has Joined the Cacophony

Also today I heard a very one-sided panel discussion on On Point Radio, one of my favorite public radio programs, hosted by the usually well-informed Tom Ashbrook, who today seemed quite cozy with the vaccine establishment. Ashbrook had a totally unbalanced panel of pro-vaccine professionals and apologists who did not reveal their financial or professional conflicts of interest. I very much doubt that Ashbrook will be inviting Dr Blaylock, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Humphries, Dr Stoller, Dr Wakefield, Dr Geier, or Dr Mercola to appear on his program. (In fairness to Ashbrook, he did say that he had invited Barbara Loe Fisher, the director of the National Vaccine Information Center ( to join the panel, but she wisely declined to appear unless she was given adequate time (the full hour, which is actually woefully inadequate) to state her case about the unpleasant truth about the dangers and lack of efficacy of many vaccines.

One of the panel members on today’s On Point Radio was a Democratic Party California state Senator from Sacramento, Richard Pan, who once was a practicing pediatrician.

Dr Pan’s contribution to the program was actually a repetition of the old pro-vaccine talking points that supported non-individualized mass vaccination programs for any and every vaccine approved by the FDA. This was actually irrelevant because the hour was supposed to be about the outbreak of measles cases at Disney World.

Probably a good politician and a good speaker, Dr Pan did sound like he was just spewing memorized talking points from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Big Pharma’s lobbyists, who use the same arguments over and over again in order to convince ignorant legislative policy-makers in DC and in most of the state capitals. Dr Pan failed to reveal that the AAP and the medical journals he reads are heavily subsidized by amoral and very wealthy pharmaceutical corporations.

He also failed to reveal that many unnamed pharmaceutical corporations invested in his political campaigns or that the AAP strongly supported his campaigns, presumably also by financial contributions. Like most politicians who are beholden to their paymasters, Dr Pan is – not surprisingly – likely paying back his corporate supporters by introducing favorable legislation to deny parents (who may know the truth about the lethal and disabling vaccine injury epidemic) the chance to exempt their children for philosophical or religious reasons. Some observers would call that pharmacofascism.

A second panelist on the On Point Radio show was non-physician, biostatistician and computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University, Dr Steven Salzberg, who apparently blogs a lot but obviously knows far, far less that the Vaccine Truth group mentioned above (lately derogatively labeled “anti-vaxers”. Salzberg uttered a number of typical pro-vaccine talking points as well, but then also failed to reveal any possible conflicts of interest.

The third panelist was Liz Szabo, another non-physician, and a health reporter for USA Today. Szabo has written many fear-inducing USA Today articles about vaccines. To cast doubt on the veracity of her reporting, it should be noted that USA Today earns huge fees from Big Pharma advertising. Those advertisers would not appreciate Ms Szabo doing any balanced reporting by, say, interviewing any of the parents of the millions of vaccine damaged children who are now permanently disabled because of their products. Unless she wants to risk losing her job, she will also not do any unbiased interviews with any of the aforementioned Vaccine Truth physician/scientist experts like Blaylock, Tenpenny, Humphries, Stoller, Wakefield, Geier, or Mercola. (See links to some of their work farther below.)

Thinking persons should be alarmed that the mainstream media is offering no balanced coverage, no real journalism, just one-sided propaganda and ad hominem attacks, and the pro-vaccine groups are doing exactly the same. The minority – and truthful – view gets excluded from the airwaves or shouted down when they are ever given a chance to speak truth to power.

DemocracyNow did a More Balanced Discussion on the Issue

Last week on NPR’s Democracy Now, Amy Goodman actually had a Vaccine Truth activist on the program, although she was sandwiched between two pro-vaccine folks, including Dr Paul Offit. The guest was an Age of Autism consulting attorney named Mary Holland, who is the mother of a child who unequivocally regressed from total normalcy into severe autism following an MMR vaccination. Ms Holland is the co-author of “Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children.” Her website is

The DemocracyNow program can be heard at:  ( The Age of Autism’s comments about the program can be heard at

Holland’s segment was followed by a nearly hysterical rant by BigPharma’s favorite son,  the very biased Dr Offitt, who has made millions of dollars developing, licensing and selling Rototeq, a rotovirus vaccine that sheds in the stool for weeks after the shot. Rototeq has caused 350 deaths and was once found to be contaminated with pig viruses. Offit’s vaccine was taken off the market temporarily because it caused occasionally fatal intussusception in infants. The highly compromised Offit is obviously working hard to save his honor and to justify his proposal that forced vaccinations be begun for infants for each and every infectious disease that Big Pharma can think of making a vaccine for.

 Many Vaccine Ingredients Qualify for Hazardous Waste Designations

Incredibly, Dr Offit once proclaimed that vaccines are so safe that an infant could be given a thousand vaccine doses without harming the child! And yet, a few years ago, when there was an $10,000 reward offer for any physician who would swallow the contents of a typical vaccine after being informed of the toxic ingredients. There were no takers. After all, why would a healthy person want to swallow such toxic stuff (and yet physicians are quite willing to inject the same toxic ingredients into their well babies!). It is interesting to note that if vaccines were to be dumped in an EPA monitored landfill, they would have to be labeled as hazardous waste, because of the presence of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol (antifreeze), squalene, viral particles and many other contaminants of many of the vaccines.

Offit’s forced vaccination proposals, if enacted, would be disastrous for the neurologic, psychiatric and immunologic health of America’s babies. Fully vaccinated American children are already among the most chronically ill group of children in the world (some say that, congruent with the autism epidemic, nearly 50% of America’s over-vaccinated children have vaccine-induced chronic illnesses such as diabetes (both type I and type II), autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, conduct disorders, brain damage, food allergies, asthma, arthritis, immune deficiency disorders, mitochondrial disorders, inflammatory bowel disorders and cancer and are doomed to be permanent disabled patients, having to see doctors regularly and take prescription drugs for the rest of their lives.

Since Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 bill into law, absolving every vaccine manufacturer of legal responsibility for death or damage caused by their vaccines, the Big Pharma has pumped out dangerous, poorly tested and often contaminated products, knowing that they will have no liability for the damage they might cause (we taxpayers are responsible for the damages!) Many of Big Pharma’s vaccines are manufactured in China, which has a reputation for poor purity standards. The autism epidemic started just a few years after Reagan’s law and the incidence of autistic spectrum disorders has risen precipitously – congruent with the increasing number of inoculations.

Dr Tenpenny says that the vaccine industry has 200 new vaccines in development at the present time. That will surely make things intolerably worse for our children, but the drug companies will profit immensely if Dr Offit’s and Dr Pan’s self-serving plan to force all parents to have their kids get inoculated.

Big Pharma’s vaccine makers and marketers are worried about the bleak future for new patentable drugs in their “pipelines”, and they see vaccines as their major growth potential. Big Pharma and their co-opted federal “regulatory” agencies also want to get the public’s eyes off of an important, potentially explosive whistleblower lawsuit against Merck over false efficacy claims for the mumps portion of their MMR shot. That trial is certain to damage Merck’s and the CDC’s reputations. (For more information, see:

Getting patients and legislators to believe Big Pharma’s aggressive propaganda is essential for it and also important for the stock portfolios of many physicians and for-profit medical corporations. Share price is central to the industry and no bad news can be tolerated, especially in this volatile stock market.

When big money is involved, corporations are known to lie, cheat, steal, name call, threaten, smear and destroy other people’s reputations in order to get their way or beat the competition (see information about the Dr Andrew Wakefield case by reading his two books “Callous Disregard: The Truth Behind a Tragedy” and “Waging War on the Autistic Child” or actually listening to his testimony about how the British Medical Journal, the Rupert Murdoch pseudo-journalist Brian Deer, GlaxoSmithKline (Murdoch’s son was on Glaxo’s board of directors) conspired together to smear and destroy Wakefield’s profession for his “Crime” of doing honest research and publishing – along with a number of co-authors –  a peer-reviewed Lancet journal article that proved a direct connection between Glaxo’s MMR vaccine and a dozen disabled (with autism, chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain) autistic children whose bowels and lymph nodes were found to be infected with the vaccine’s proliferating measles viruses. A lawsuit in Britain totally exonerated one of Wakefield’s co-authors, but Wakefield, now an ex-patriot in America, was unable to afford legal counsel and therefore remains “guilty” of the trumped up charges.

 The Plausible but Unproven Theory of Herd Immunity

When I went to medical school in the mid-1960s, we were taught the “plausible” theoretical concept of herd immunity. The theory says that if a certain majority of the population was immune to a communicable disease, there would be a decreased likelihood of epidemics for that disease. In the 1960s the goal to reach was 60 or 75%. Nowadays the goal has crept up to 90 or 95%, depending on how much the thought-leaders are influenced by the medical trade associations or the special interest lobbyists for the vaccine industry.

 Exposing  Big Pharma’s Deeply Flawed Vaccine (Pseudo)science

Below is a collection of established vaccination information that ethical journalists need to know before blindly accepting – and then regurgitating – the disinformation that is coming from the mainstream media, the CDC, the US Public Health system, the AAP, the AAFP and the AMA. I am ashamed to see how low the professional organizations that I used to revere have stooped. Follow the money.

Immediately below are comments and research reports from 8 very knowledgeable (and therefore black-listed) physicians who have considerable expertise and experience regarding the dangers and lack of proof of efficacy of America’s childhood (over)vaccination program.

These physicians have exposed as deeply flawed the perverted science of Big Pharma’s “studies”, the FDA’s lapdog approvals and the CDC’s propaganda campaign promoting America’s obscenely profitable, immunotoxic and neurotoxic vaccination program.

 Essential Reading and Viewing for Every Unbiased Person Who is Truly Searching for the Truth About Vaccines

Dr Russell Blaylock’s video, “Vaccines & Brain Development” can be found at Blaylock’s evaluation of the scandalous and illegal Simpsonwood Conference can be found at:

Dr Kenneth Stoller, MD – Video, entitled “Autism, Vaccines, Mercury and the Culpability of the American Academy of Pediatrics” –

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, video lecture, entitled “What the CDC documents say about vaccines” at: This is the most thorough expose of the perverted science of America’s vaccination program.. It is understandable to laypersons as well as medical professionals.

Dr Suzanne Humphries: Video presentation at: Article at:

Dr Gary Null, Video documentary “Vaccine Nation”. (See trailer at

Richard Gale, co-author (with Gary Null) of review article – “Vaccine McCarthyism”; posted at

Dr Andrew Wakefield – videos of this tragic vaccine/autism researcher who was falsely vilified and smeared by BigPharma (especially GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharma giant and manufacturer of the MMR vaccine – and other pro-vaccine profiteers). Another lecture is at:

Dr Meyer Eisenstein debunks the mythical “36,000 flu deaths per year” – (Dr Eisenstein’s Chicago-area Home First Clinic does not force vaccinations on his patients and he has had ZERO autism patients and very few chronically ill patients among those he has served over several decades!)

Dr David Ayoub wrote an article about the dangers of giving mercury-laden flu shots to pregnant women (and therefore to the brains and bodies of their highly vulnerable unborn babies)

Dr Mark Geier Video on the dangerous pseudoscience of the vaccine industry and the resultant willful ignorance of the medical profession about the dangers and lack of proof of effectiveness of most vaccines –

Dr Joseph Mercola Video lecture on Influenza and Vit D prevention”

From Video: “What toxic chemicals are in vaccines?”

The Autism Epidemic Began in 1988 Widely Believed to be Caused by Environmental Factors

10 inoculations for infants up to age 15 months was the norm back in 1986, when the incidence of autism was 1/10,000. This was just prior to Ronald Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that absolved a bunch of very relieved Big Pharma corporations of responsibility for vaccine injuries or death.

Between 1988 and 1996, the following vaccines were eagerly added to the CDC schedule for children in the first 15 months of life, doubling and tripling the neurotoxic ingredients. Without any medico-legal liability restraining them, vaccine manufacturers saw huge economic opportunities to fast track vaccines through the “watchdog/lapdog” federal agency, the FDA. Each added vaccine increased the toxic burden on every baby to unsustainable levels and the autism and chronic illness epidemics began with a vengeance.

·         HiB – Improved Hib conjugate vaccine licensed in December 1987, and single dose added to childhood schedule in 1988.

·         DTaP – Additional dose at younger age added around 1990.

·         HiB – Three additional doses added to schedule in 1991.

·         Hep B – Three doses – Added to childhood schedule in 1992.

·         Chicken Pox – Approved in 1995, added to schedule in 1996

And today the CDC mandates 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months, 68 vaccines until age 12 and the rate of autism, chronic illnesses and other neurodegenerative diseases has predictably soared from 1 out of every 10,000 to 1 out of every 88 American children. The guilty parties can be seen on every news report right now (even on NPR and PBS), desperately trying to convince the easily duped public that they are innocent of these crimes against humanity and also trying to convince the public that the vaccine damaged children and families are idiot conspiracy theorists rather than good, caring parents who know what really happened to their children and who did it to them.

Don’t fall for it. Be skeptical of those opinion leaders who are on the side of the amoral corporations, who have done so much damage to America’s kids. Do your independent research, starting with the above internet links.

Dr Kohls has spent many hours researching the obscenely powerful and profitable pharmaceutical industry and the many false claims that their lobbyists have been making. He knows many families whose lives have been devastated by vaccine injuries, including regressive autism that unequivocally began with routine vaccination. He practiced holistic mental health care for the last decade of his career. He writes a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, an alternative newsweekly published in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. The last three years of Dr Kohls’ columns are archived at

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?

I am very Leary of posting mainstream media links and content as I do not want to lose credibility. YOU NOW YOU KNOW ITS MUCH WORSE WHEN WE SEE MAINSTREAM NEWS OWNED BY THE SAME CORPORATE ELITE THAT OWN PHARMA.

But CBS News has found these three have something more in common – strong financial ties to the industry whose products they promote and defend.

The vaccine industry gives millions to the Academy of Pediatrics for conferences, grants, medical education classes and even helped build their headquarters. The totals are kept secret, but public documents reveal bits and pieces.

  • A $342,000 payment from Wyeth, maker of the pneumococcal vaccine – which makes $2 billion a year in sales.
  • A $433,000 contribution from Merck, the same year the academy endorsed Merck’s HPV vaccine – which made $1.5 billion a year in sales.
  • Another top donor: Sanofi Aventis, maker of 17 vaccines and a new five-in-one combo shot just added to the childhood vaccine schedule last month.

    Every Child By Two, a group that promotes early immunization for all children, admits the group takes money from the vaccine industry, too – but wouldn’t tell us how much.

    A spokesman told CBS News: “There are simply no conflicts to be unearthed.” But guess who’s listed as the group’s treasurers? Officials from Wyeth and a paid advisor to big pharmaceutical clients.

    Then there’s Paul Offit, perhaps the most widely-quoted defender of vaccine safety.

    He’s gone so far as to say babies can tolerate “10,000 vaccines at once.”

    This is how Offit described himself in a previous interview: “I’m the chief of infectious disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a professor of pediatrics at Penn’s medical school,” he said.

    Offit was not willing to be interviewed on this subject but like others in this CBS News investigation, he has strong industry ties. In fact, he’s a vaccine industry insider.

    Offit holds in a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children’s Hospital, funded by Merck. He holds the patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine he developed with Merck, Rotateq, which has prevented thousands of hospitalizations.

    And future royalties for the vaccine were just sold for $182 million cash. Dr. Offit’s share of vaccine profits? Unknown.There’s nothing illegal about the financial relationships, but to critics, they pose a serious risk for conflicts of interest. As one member of Congress put it, money from the pharmaceutical industry can shape the practices of those who hold themselves out to be “independent.”

    The American Academy of Pediatrics, Every Child By Two and Dr. Offit would not agree to interviews, but all told us they’re up front about the money they receive, and it doesn’t sway their opinions.

    Today’s immunization schedule now calls for kids to get 55 doses of vaccines by age 6.

    Ideally, it makes for a healthier society. But critics worry that industry ties could impact the advice given to the public about all those vaccines.

  • CDC whistleblower / MMR vaccine fraud – Interview with Jon Rapport from

    Vaccines Kill in CIA related Fake Vaccine Campaign”>Vaccines Kill in CIA related Fake Vaccine Campaign.

    Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The “Viral Fraud”
    Pictures of “Isolated Viruses” Debunked

    The Centers for Disease Control: The Best Vaccination PR Firm Taxes Can Buy

    by Richard Gale & Gary Null

    Progressive Radio Network, October 7, 2009

    One hard lesson we should have learned after Wall Street’s collapse and the government’s handling of the bailout is that there is no reason, whatsoever, for us to sacrifice our good faith and trust in former bankers who now run the Treasury and Federal Reserve. And now as the flu season gets ready to kick off amidst much fanfare and predictions of doom due to a new H1N1 influenza virus, there is emerging sufficient information to raise very serious doubts whether our nation’s health authorities are truly serving the public health instead of commercial interests.

    If the flu season goes according to schedule, the vaccine industrial complex will be poised to join Wall Street for record year rip-off profits. We will also likely witness huge Pharma executive bonuses and perhaps gold-plated toilets. Even if the CDC statisticians’ crystal ball used to forecast rampant swine flu infections turns into a complete bust—which would only be one more added to many other failed flu predictions back to 1976—it will nevertheless be a very profitable failure as was the economic collapse for the banking cartel. The vaccine industry has now received orders in the range of 3 billion doses during the course of the coming flu season. The World Health Organization would like to vaccinate two thirds (4 billion) of the global community, and the US alone is spending $2 billion to stockpile the nation with upwards to 250 million doses.

    In the US, such profits could never be accomplished without a dynamic, marketing initiative to convince Americans that vaccines will keep them protected and alive. And what better public relations machine for the vaccine complex, and all its supporters in health insurance and professional medical institutions, than our very own Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services. Even better, our tax dollars are there to pay for it all. We pay for the comfort in knowing that the CDC’s disinformation campaign will continue to scare us over the major networks and the New York Times. We can also assure vaccine makers that once and for all they are protected from liability in the event of serious flu vaccine injuries.

    Nevertheless, the government has a lot of vaccine vials to distribute, therefore, the CDC needs to sustain the fiction of numerous elderly dying in nursing homes, unvaccinated pregnant moms and children facing life threatening complications, and scores of sick and dead burnt into our national subconscious. It is all part of the CDC’s script to get citizens rushing to their doctors and Wal-Marts to be vaccinated.

    Peter Doshi, while at Harvard in the mid-2000s, published a devastating study in the British Medical Journal that systematically unveils the flawed predictive science used to publicize our health agencies’ influenza statistics and mortality rates. His analysis shook up enough health authorities to warrant twelve scientists from the CDC and National Institutes of Health to unsuccessfully take him on. Now at MIT, Doshi continues his analysis of a century’s worth of influenza mortality data and government manipulation of influenza data, such as the annual figure of 36,000 influenza deaths we hear and read repeatedly.[1] Although this magical number was for all practical purposes alchemically conjured up via mathematical modeling back in 2003, it continues to be the most holy number in the CDC’s PR vocabulary every flu season. Doshi draws the conclusion, published in the American Journal of Public Health, that commercial interests are playing the role of science in both industry and government.[2]

    Deconstruction of the CDC’s cherry-picked science and a growing anti-vaccination community are just some of the obstacles health authorities face. Therefore, no public relations strategy can have a solid multimedia punch on American citizens without opinion leaders serving as the gnomes for the vaccine complex and our heavily invested government health agencies, which are about to be buried in millions of purchased vaccine vials eager for distribution. This effort requires shock troopers, such as the pro-vaccine prophet Dr. Paul Offit, the creator of the rotavirus vaccine and a staunch critic against any scientist who discovers an association between vaccines and severe neurological disorders.  Dr. Offit is on record for an audacious comment that children can tolerate 100,000 vaccinations (yes, you read that number correctly).[3]

    However, during this particular flu season, government health officials’ may have a more difficult time convincing Americans to be vaccinated for swine flu if recent polls are reliable indicators.  The latest Consumers Union poll released on September 30 shows almost two-thirds of parents will withhold vaccinating their children; fifty percent of respondents’ rationale is that the vaccine has not been tested thoroughly for safety.[4]  A poll of pregnant mothers conducted by the internet parent support group indicates women are turning more suspicious about the flu vaccine’s true efficacy and safety. The survey of 1500 respondents found only 6 percent of pregnant women “definitely” taking the shot, while 48 percent said they “definitely” wouldn’t. A parallel poll revealed only 5 percent would definitely vaccinate their children.[5]  A more recent San Francisco Chronicle survey finds 54 percent saying the H1N1 flu is nothing to be worried about.[6]

    A separate study conducted by Harvard’s School of Public Health showed that among the 41 percent who would not get the shot, 44 percent of parents are uncertain they would allow their children to receive it. Aside from many who expressed a fear of the vaccine’s side effects, the poll found 31 percent expressing a distrust in our public health officials providing accurate information on vaccine safety.[7]  Therefore, expect an aggressive government public relations campaign during the coming weeks and even months, while our tax dollars are spent on 250 million shots that independent epidemiological evidence is showing may be ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst.

    European polls indicate that our neighbors on the other side of the great pond are less nervous about the H1N1 strain’s severity and far more suspicious towards health officials’ rationale for hyping dire warnings of swine flu’s dangers. In France, Le Figaro conducted a poll of 12,050 people showing 69 percent will refuse the vaccination. In a separate French survey, one third of 4,752 doctors, nurses and healthcare workers surveyed would not be inoculated.[8] Twenty-nine percent of Germans surveyed said they would refuse it “under any circumstance” and an additional 33 percent would likely refuse it.  In the region of Bavaria and Baden Wurttemburg, only 10 percent of those polled said they would submit their arms to injection. In the UK, a couple polls reported in the Daily Mail last August, showed half of family physicians and a third of UK nurses do not want the swine flu vaccination. Seventy-one percent do not believe the vaccine has been tested enough for safety and the swine flu is much milder than health authorities are saying.

    During the course of the CDC’s media war to push forward the vaccine industry’s greed for profit, science and reflective caution are being sacrificed. An important peer-reviewed study appearing in the June 2009 issue of Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry shows a causal relationship between the amounts of ethylmercury (thimerosal) found in inoculations for infants, when administered to monkeys, and cellular toxicity resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction, impaired oxidative reduction activity and degeneration and death in neuronal and fetal cells.[9] These are all indicative signs found in some ASD. But health officials prefer to ignore such results. For the future health of American children, the study’s findings arrive at a bad time when a recent Harvard study now reports autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) has risen to 1 in 91 people compared to the earlier 1 in 150 estimate. But since the study was sponsored by the CDC, the press release makes no indication that just maybe the over-vaccination of children with dozens of injections by the age of 5 years might be a causal factor behind this national epidemic of ASD and other neurological disorders.

    During the course of interviewing many parents of autistic children for our documentaries Vaccine Nation and Autism: Made in the USA, the personal stories we filmed repeatedly were that of a once perfectly healthy and joyful child who, shortly after a vaccination or a series of injections, simply vanished from normality. However, national health policy today seems to have almost legislated by divine decree that there is no relationship between vaccine ingredients and autism. Besides, further independent research and first-hand personal stories would only interfere with the propaganda machine and the CDC’s “Seven Step Recipe for Generating Interest In, and Demand for, Flu Vaccination.”

    Peter Doshi first brought public attention to the CDC’s PR influenza strategy known as the Seven Step Recipe.  Glen Nowak, now the Director of the CDC’s Media Relations, outlined a concise public relations template while serving as the communications spokesperson for the National Immunization Program. Speaking at the 2004 National Influenza Vaccine Summit, he presented the CDC’s seven steps.  After a careful review of Nowak’s Powerpoint presentation we discover a very detailed and concerted PR and multimedia campaign that includes the following (quotes are from CDC’s materials):

    • To encourage the belief that influenza infection can “occur among people for whom influenza is not generally perceived to cause serious complications (e.g., children, healthy adults, healthy seniors).”  In other words, promote flu vaccination to those who don’t really need it.
    • In order to “foster the demand for flu vaccinations” the CDC should target “medical experts and public health authorities publicly (e.g., via media) [to] state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes)—and urge influenza vaccination.”
    • By focusing on the message of dire health threats and human casualties upon those who don’t really need to be vaccinated, the CDC will reach its milestone of “framing of the flu season in terms that motivate behavior (e.g., as “very severe,” “more severe than last or past years,” “deadly”).”
    • Throughout the flu season, the campaign would continue issuing reports “from health officials and media” to emphasize that “influenza is causing severe illness and/or affecting lots of people—helping foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.”
    • Of course, no marketing strategy is thorough without images. Ergo another ingredient in the recipe is to use “visible/tangible examples of the seriousness of the illness (e.g., pictures of children, families of those affected coming forward) and people getting vaccinated (the first to motivate, the latter to reinforce).”

    The CDC’s “key points” indicate we are now in that critical timeframe for the CDC to distribute materials to “a variety of partners.” This includes aggressively disseminating all medical reports, studies and PR spins to the soporific media and corporate-funded medical associations to support the government’s mass vaccination efforts. Come November, we will begin to see reports on “pediatric deaths” due to influenza—although Dr. Martin Meltzer, a CDC expert in health economics, has stated “almost nobody dies of the flu” and “deaths [are] associated with flu, but not necessarily caused by flu.”[10] Apparently, the folks over in the various CDC departments and our different federal health agencies don’t communicate with each other very well.

    So why should our tax dollars go towards fabricating and/or ignoring science in order to vaccinate Americans? Nowak publicly stated the CDC’s reasons on National Public Radio, “… the manufacturers were telling us that they weren’t receiving a lot of orders for vaccine for use in November or even December … It really did look like we [CDC] needed to do something to encourage people to get a flu shot.[11]

    At this moment, we are witnessing a steady flow press releases and articles in the media to convert Americans to the wisdom of national health vaccination policy. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has issued preliminary positive results from an uncompleted clinical trial testing the H1N1 vaccine on children and young people between 6 months and 17 years of age.  The fact that the entire study only enrolled 70 individuals covering this age range should alone raise red flags about any reliable conclusions after the study is completed. Moreover, the study is specifically designed for measuring the necessary immune response to protect youth from the swine flu. It is not a safety study. We usually expect that sound scientific ethics demand clinical trials to be reported after a final analysis of research data, however, the CDC’s Seven Step Recipe is not concerned with scientific facts, or rigorous research protocol. It is simply part of the PR game plan to get people vaccinated and to do it fast.

    Donald McNeil, a shill for the vaccine complex writing for the New York Times has printed two recent articles aligned with CDC propaganda. He quotes Dr. Jay Butler, chief of the swine flu vaccine task force at the CDC in order to relieve fears about flu vaccine adverse effects, especially to pregnant women. Dr. Butler said, “There are about 2,400 miscarriages a day in the US. You’ll see things that would have happened anyway. But the vaccine doesn’t cause miscarriages. It also doesn’t cause auto accidents, but they happen.”[12]  I hope that is reassuring to all those expectant mothers across the country, especially since none of the approved H1N1 vaccines have undergone rigorous clinical safety trials on pregnant women or the potential adverse effects of mercury-laced vaccines and other ingredients, such as spermacide, detergent and cosmetics, on the developing fetus.  Germany on the other hand announced it is now taking preventative measures. Agreeing that the verdict on ethylmercury and squalene safety for children is unsettled, Germany is requiring the vaccine industry to return to their plants and provide adjuvant- and mercury preservative-free vaccine lots.

    McNeil’s more recent article in October 7th’s New York Times should be read alongside the Seven Step Recipe for a clear visual unfolding of the CDC’s PR strategy in action. McNeil downplays the growing medical realization that the swine flu is in all likelihood much milder than seasonal flu in order to convince us to roll up our sleeves. Following the CDC script, we see the picture of little 3 year old Clayton being vaccinated, while McNeill compares the swine flu death of an 18 year old Tibetan woman in China with a story of joyful young Brandon and his 9 year old sister gleefully surrendering their nostrils for a blast of live-attenuated H1N1 virus.[13]

    While finalizing this article, Peter Doshi replied to an email and drew attention to an event in his Harper’s article that should force us to pause before rolling up our sleeves. Briefly, the 2004 flu season was a debacle for the vaccine complex and federal health officials after 50 million doses of flu vaccine promised by Chiron Corporation were made unavailable, therefore, putting the health industry into a panic.  In order to lessen the frenzy previously stirred by its public fear tactics, the CDC downgraded the flu’s urgency to “an annoying illness”, and “stressed the protective benefits of regular hand washing.”[14]

    Now that is a national policy I can support.  I would much prefer the CDC funding Americans’ soap bills to ward off an uncertain swine flu pandemic rather than using taxes for unsubstantiated threats from the CDC’s national vaccine marketing campaign.

    Richard Gale is the Executive Producer of the Progressive Radio Network and a former Senior Research Analyst in the genomic industry. Dr. Gary Null is the host of the nation’s longest running public radio program on nutrition and natural health and a multi-award-winning director of progressive documentary films, including Vaccine Nation and Autism: Made in the USA.

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    Blood on Their Hands: The World’s Slickest Con Job and a Stack of Deadly LIES…