Antibiotics, Steroids, GMO all in animal feeds. Would you take these toxins with every meal? WELL YOU ARE!

Drugged animal are by proxy human drugs sorry to say but the dumbing down of America and the world is obviously working when people cant make these simple correlations between weight gain/obesity epidemics and whats in the food. Poultry farmers, Pig and Cattle Farmers all know that massive amounts of cheap antibiotics are a very effective way to get animal weight gain its their dirty little secret but we all know this is also topped up with hormones and a slew of other very unnatural additives and vaccinations.

I want to also clarify I am NOT A VEGAN I am gut very real and awake about whats happening and even Vegans are part of this problem as its the food and farming industry as a whole that is the problem and its by design. If you buy food from the same companies selling the toxic meat your supporting the very industry you advocate against and are so annoyingly hostile to other debt slaves that are usually as powerless and useless as you. The biggest reason your calls for change are useless your protests are useless is at the same time you are begging your masters you are subsidizing them with your labor and your tax. Your tax subsidized all the soil erosion, the food additives, the antibiotics and the drugs in the food so Vegans lay off the annoying hostility and look in the mirror. Be the change not fight the system by complaining and then paying for it its never worked before it won’t now.

Its interesting that when you look ate maps of the USA of the antibiotics use and the obesity rates they look almost the same. I am sure malnutrition, crime and Fox News viewership maps are also very much the same.

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 7.12.13 AM antibiotics-map-02_1 antibiotics-map-01 CDDEP-all-states-2

Organic being healthy less cost and easier to produce when done right is not only discouraged it is charged very high labeling fees where it really only makes sense that nature should not be labeled the poison should and I take it a step further I want to see information about the farming practices are they mono crop farms also destroying and eroding soil, are they feeding their animals all natural food and are they free range REALLY FREE RANGE NOT LIKE THIS PHOTO OF FREE RANGE CHICKENS. But then from a government that labels pizza and ketchup a vegetable what would you expect.

Government says these are Organic Free Range Chickens seems this does not live up to most consumers expectations.

Government says these are Organic Free Range Chickens seems this does not live up to most consumers expectations.

There are many other costs to poor nutrition and what amounts to not only a weight epidemic but an epidemic of malnourished and sick people its social and its behavior. We are breading prison populations and as I keep eluding to its by design yes prisons are just another industry and all these costs are the masters benefits. The number one problem with poverty is your almost guaranteeing the children living in poverty will not escape as they too will be malnourished and brain damaged. PRISONS FOR PROFITS LINK

The USA as well as many countries are heavily influenced by on the surface what appears to be simply greed and corruption but I and purposing its fare more sinister and that all them chemical additives are to dumb the populations down, the antibiotics, steroids and GMO’s are to weaken your immunity, cause sterility and sure one also cant help but notice the profits involved with lets says cancer treatments. If our supposed representatives in Government cant see the problem with food industry being owned bu the same people that own pharmaceutical industry and some of the same people that very publicly say they would like the global population reduced to as little as 250 million some like Henry Kissinger, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and Prince Phillip. See its another problem because even there is no sinister agenda you have far to much corruption and collusion of government and big business its almost as if government is nothing more than a front for the people to get mad at yet never really effecting change as just as they pass all the fascist and draconian laws they move a new politician into play loaded with false hope fresh lies and phoney smiles the pattern is so obvious but your food has made you all either complacent or beyond comprehension. Cancer makes these same people as much as a million dollars per patient and free cures related to cannabis are outlawed just as in many stated gardening in your front yard, collecting rain water and any real attempts at living off the grid are a real challenge.

ted kissinger-depopulation main-qimg-ef46c21fe8cb82e720dde771c4570da9 fbz_4623bbc234930ac328bda382492dc669 ffsswq Chris Hedges Quote bill-gates-vaccine-depopulation

I have said for many years if 999 times out of 1000 we find that the additives cause sterility, cancer and dumb people down then lets face the facts the numbers are not lying you are purposely being poisoned. If you keep buying poison apples then they will be there to sell you poison apples.

So whats the solution? SIMPLE. Grow your own food, raise your own animals, stop participating, stop paying tax and do what you can to be as independent as you can. When the ruling class wont let you get of the grid or when they fight as they do so hard to keep you on their poison you must fight even harder to get off. I have a fish shed and green house it provides me with fish and vegetables year round and I grow enough that I don’t need their food system we are slowly getting off the power grid too and we buy only used. We also don’t drive, don’t pay tax, don’t vote and I spend more time educating and informing than I do in the garden and that should say even more food grows its easy the real battle is unlearning the indoctrinated and complacent dumbed down masses. I pay money to have my site up donating 5 hours minimum a day and me and my child live in a basement suite though we are very happy and have everything we want and need it is a struggle I despise the inequality the fact that I worked 16 hours a day doing good while warmongering, Oil executives and the most evil of all Bankers contribute only death disease and misery are living like gods on the backs of all of us. The reward for doing good id doing good payment enough buy please feel free to take my donations of $7. up a notch sad I reach 3 million a week and $7 is all its worth haha well not really I am sure its as simple as all the good people are broke too.

To kill weeds its easiest to do by simply planting more flowers, be the change be a flower!


misery and cruelty is not nesisary we can eat animals less for one and raise them ourselves get off the government nipple and stop contributing to your sickness and this awfully evil practice.

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