Apathy Deficient – its hardly natural;  it is chemically induced,  socially engineered, indoctrinated, debt slavery, with nutrient devoid food;

most of the population is so brain damaged they will never even realize beyond a slight sense of something being wrong, like you might experience if you lost your keys or forgot something and had a sense f it because of it being routine. Crisis by design to wear you down and make you feel helpless and in need of your government Alan Watt – A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society – A Prison Planet special

I think its a few things, Food is purposely shipped around the world to void it of nutrition CRAZY RIGHT but its true all the food that is grown local is sent to Mexico and their food here. There are literally thousands of toxic food additives; that with some checking you find the only thing the have in common is they make you stupid, sterile and cause cancer as with Coke and Pepsi Caramal Coloring it has less expensive alternatives so whey is it they use this one. I speculate when 999 out of 1000 food additives are poison its no longer an accident it is intentional. I had to laugh when sugar alternatives turn out to behave as birth control; Among certain indigenous tribes of Paraguay and the State of Mato Grosso in Brazil, the women used the Stevia rebaudiana ( Kaa-he-e) as oral contraceptive. 50 Jawdroppingly Toxic Food Ingredients & Artificial Additives to Avoid and 50 only because I think this is 40 more than I need to prove my point.

Fluoride it is poison and toxic your government says “trust us, trust us” well we know we can not but to the degree they are working as farm hands and you are the chattel one can hardly imagine but it true they are poisoning your water and health products. My local pharmacy even has fluoride water and tablets for babies and even the baby formula has fluoride in it but whats often overlooked is much of the cattle are fed products with fluoride and fluoride remain in fat. But thats not the end of it, non organic pesticides are mostly fluoride pesticides and if thats not bad enough even if you are eating organic if the organic plants are watered with fluoridated water your organic food is fluoridated not from residues but because fluoride is water soluble and uptake to plants suffers no loss or filtration as some expect.

Aluminum in atmosphere and water are at levels beyond whats would be labeled toxic if found in bottled water. Aluminum: New factor in the decline of bee populations. Chemtails are killing bee’s. Very high amounts of aluminum contamination has been found in bees, raising the question of whether aluminum-induced cognitive dysfunction is playing a role in the decline of bumblebee populations. Aluminum is Earth’s most ubiquitous ecotoxicant and is already known to be responsible for the death of fish in acid lakes, forest decline in acidified and nutrient impoverished catchments, and low crop productivity on acid sulphate soils. …… OK but where is all the aluminum coming from?… well, Former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm suspects Canadian government is geo-engineering climate

Youd have to be BLIND, STUBBORN, and DUMB, not to realize its not CONtrails” Premier Bill Vander Zalm


Our Coming Environmental Catastrophe: Geoengineering and Weather Warfare

in 1995 the Pentagon had a military study released claiming that they could/would own the weather by 2025; and the are seemingly well beyond there initial projections.

Vaccinations – In theory a great idea, but long gone is the trust to validate the risk see my comments below. BANNED – 60 Minutes SWINE FLU VACCINE – H1N1 Warning! 2 OF 2 also watch Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding CANCER-CAUSING VIRUS to Vaccine! and I CREATED AIDS to DELIBERATELY DEPOPULATE HUMANITY – Dr Robert Gallo  and Bill Gates EXPOSED! Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines

Cell and WiFi – beyond the obvious consequence of this social experiment where we have parents facebooking while they ignore the tears of their child and people on the bus became enraged and start yelling at the person to “GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILD” …. Yes that happened and not only once, I have seen this happen a few times….. sad yet hopeful at the same time as if no one had said anything it would have been far worse. Mind Control by Cell Phone? I see posts all the time about how the Government will micro chip the population and i have to laugh at all these twits YOUR IPHONE IS THE CHIP and one day I am sure it will be amalgamated into your biology one day but more likely bia frequency and . None by force, no all of the savory will be as it always has been BY FREE CHOICE and willful ignorance.

TV – Tele Vision Programing; Yes its programing – I have often wondered the reasons for the fantasy and the perfect Hollywood life and family and what was wrong with all the fantasy and illusion UNTIL I made the connection with what all the other institutions objectives were. Like debt savory Hollywood is occupying your mind, and life with all the things you want and need the family you want, the woman/man, the job the money, the car, the house , the holiday, the fantasy, the magic and all the things and lives that you can case but never catch. Hollywood and Disney reinforce a life of fantasy and the want and need to always be somewhere else never living in the moment or happy with what is real. To be a consumer and to always equate things with happiness, when in fact happiness is a state of mind.  I equate it to my daughter one day kept saying; she could not wait to go camping and she said this so many times, I  said; are so excited to be camping that you can not enjoy the day at the pool, or time doing crafts with Dad? Life is short lets not spend it waiting to be anywhere else, let us enjoy where we are and create and manage the now. I recall a better example of this where I was in a store buying my X some groceries and she was impatient honking the horn and calling my cell, I took my time true but when I came to the car, I whispered in her ear; “imagine if you had thought about what a great quiet moment to spend time talking to your daughter.” Sometimes life is exactly what we want we just don’t see it for what its is, and thats what TV is reinforcing. TV will have you wake up one day near death and it will be a blur of missed opportunities. TV Programing is also more obvious in its agendas too introducing government propaganda for instance prior to wars we see media referring to Gaddafi Regime, Saddam Regime and Assad Regime its very purposeful and always justified with crimes they committed against their people but as the gas attacks both in Syria and Iraq have been proven to be CIA lead or the shootings of protesters CIA trained Mercenaries in both Syria and Ukraine. attacks. It seams the only ones that believe the media have other things in common like they don’t eat organic food, they are vaccinated, they watch the news as if it were undeniable facts without question. With 1 million dead Iraqis and Libya once considered the jewel of Africa and with the highest standard of living now named as a failed state living in terror with murder, rape and poverty beyond hell. How can Americans or the world for that matter believe we are liberators of anything but freedom, wealth and life? I believe the answer is as simple as this … …YOUR TV.

Speech on War Please Share Dr Dahlia Wasfi
Report: US government spent at least $945M on advertising in 2010 and more now is being spent in social manipulation with millions of post made supporting public policies such as vaccination, wars and spending. All TV is a product of indoctrination, social engineering and manipulation as is all the latest new media such as sp-iphone and internet, because its not enough for them to have their brain wash in your home each day. I highly recommend watching this video the problem is its almost impossible to find as it seems its being hidden, and likely you will agree for obvious reasons as this is a play book of sorts. I really am sorry for the idiot yelling in the video sure he mean well but he totally ruins the video, but if you can suffer through the idiots yelling .. The Century of the Self   Link two is hopeful but I could not find full version Century of the Self I also highly recommend Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the Media (1992) and I also recommend Alan Watt – Mind Control Techniques and Psywar – The Real Battlefield is in the mind   and  TV = Mind Control and Chris Hedges – The Pathology of The Super Rich and MK Ultra Mind Control  and I could post literally hundreds of videos if not thousands but I think this will suffice.

Monetary System and Private Banking – The Debt Savory System. These are must watch documentaries, that unless you watch you likely know nothing about the reality of the money system. Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money and All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars  and Oh Canada Movie – Our Bought And Sold Out Land and This ones great for the Children Corrupt Banking System Explained By 12 Year-Old and the light bulb conspiracy | planned obsolescence

I personally believe we do not need a money system that we can all be equal and live in abundance if we eliminate the competitive needs created by the money system and planned obsolescence also created by the monetary system and essentially the money system is behind all corruption and is the elites assurance, they will most often buy them, and as we see with most people in power being Pedophiles the are also managed with black mail and when these don’t work they will give them cancer or heart attack.

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May  and Safe & Secure – 5,200 Pentagon Pedophiles Purchased Pornography and Did the British Establishment Cover Up a Political Pedophile Ring? A New Zealand Judge Will Decide and Pedophilia in U S A – Boys Town Documentary – Conspiracy of Silence  and Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ pedophile orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times And you can go much farther down this rabbit hole with Vatican Child sacrifices, Royal Pedophilia and Child rape and murder clubs and it all sounds crazy I know maybe you should start with something like Bohemian Grove with many of the attendees being Presidents and Men of powerful positions with in the system such as Ronald Regan, Henry Kissinger, George Bush and George W Bush.  With mock child sacrifices, but there are photos, I have seen, that are of a live little boy being sacrificed and real men hanging dead, from its earlier days. Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove I am saying they are careful about not exposing themselves because if the general public understood what I am telling you they would be rioting in the streets and demanding change.

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

― Woodrow Wilson

President John F. Kennedy warned us about the danger posed by tolerating excessive secrecy, and permitting members of “secret societies” and the military-industrial(-intelligence-media) complex to slowly covertly subvert our Constitutional Republic from within, right before our eyes. AND THEN THEY KILLED HIM

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick – a must watch Documentary

Education/Indoctrination – Repeat, enforce and lie again – Human Resources: Gatto explains the seedy origin of public education-indoctrination  First of all there are only masters and slaves; today the slaves are managed with all these layers of control I have mentioned but its even more grand than most imagine as a matter of fact I have met few people that realize the scale of this is so grand. I am saying this There is no Russia, No China, No USA and No Canada; there is no Christian, No Jew, No Muslim and No Buddhist; there is No Culture and No Race; No Class, No Sex or No Age, No Party and No Group. All of these things are layers of control and tools of divide and accepting these is embracing your shackles. UNLESS you are a slave Masters have none of these titles they fly no flags only slaves fly flags and advertise their owners. Your masters are indoctrinating NOT educating and the moment in that it is about educating 99% of whats being taught would be abandoned as its false. Freeing of the slaves was just a bait and switch as now all of us are slaves, just that the slave class was much more obvious. With women’s liberation the real goals was to widen the tax base and lesson the influence of family on the children as now your children are raised by the state. Women’s Lib Created to Tax Women – Aaron Russo also watch Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young – Noam Chomsky  and Former World Bank Attorney exposes the bankers and the BAR to the system you and your children are chattel. This is interesting too, just popped up in my feed; So the fast track plan to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership has run into a new wrinkle after an amendment passed in the Senate debate: slavery. Yes, really, slavery: the Senate voted for an amendment that would make it more difficult for countries that engage in slavery to be in the TPP, and the Obama administration objected. This is bizarre stuff, folks, but welcome to the world of international trade deals.  

Media (fear and division reinforcement) in a nut shell “Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter bunnies step this year”  and  Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!  and  Expert On Fox News Admits ISIS Video Is Fake, Using Green Screen and Teleprompter and BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It was brought down  and the light bulb conspiracy | planned obsolescence  and

OK OK OK BUT I DEGREES …. Apathy Deficient  its the financial stress of being a debt slave and fighting it. For some its just the stress of being a debt slave that is dumbed down and that is a victim of all this slave system. The slave system in its entirety is very complex and is almost admirable in its evil perfection, I mean its brilliant in its design. What most people get wrong about the system is they think and say people are bad, its our nature, but they are wrong, that indoctrinated voice that says you are bad and says people are bad its bullshit. The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school. By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders. Maybe all that witness to murder, rape, muggings, adults and immorality has some negative residues on ones psyche? Yet less of a threat from what I can see is the Schools though it does seem they more about indoctrination then education; I feel the issue of Proximal Abandonment brought about from within the debt slavery system that forces parents to decide between time and love with and of ones child in favor of the socially accepted and even encouraged Proximal Abandonment to fulfill full time job/s and in most cases long commute. The most important thing we can do is give up all but the necessity of time and health I mean walk don’t drive, give up the consumerist life style and get down to the basics, grow and raise your own food, get off the grid and be with your children.

I noticed that the only people that do well in this system are the ones totally committed to its lies. Most people like myself that should be making money the system actually works against us. My sites at one time made $160 a day in Google ads, I did not lose people, actually keep growing in numbers and reach, but my ads did not, if I had not removed them entirely I would say $160 would be 10 years in earnings. Yet I was actually removing the ads anyway, as it just felt wrong to have mainstream ads on my sites actually made me feel like a whore. People are trying to get around this but I believe it takes very little for them to throttle down your traffic as I have seen it many times now people can not even load half my posts. PirateBrowser – No more censorship! whats worse then the throttling down and the censorship is the electronic harassment and many of you will think its crazy but your WIFI is and can be used to attack you in a number of ways I experienced it first hand I hardwired and got rid of my WIFI and wireless devices and the problems were gone. But I have had conversations on my phone posted on you YouTube page, I have been followed and people have been called and told about me and all kinds of harassment. Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!   “Smart Meters” one of the vehicles for Electronic Harassment

This is also happening more and more with social denials and ghosting so where you will be sharing and posting on facebook and your settings will be set to public but only some of your friends can see your posts and if you are really bad like me and post Vaccination info or post like this one you can get banned for 30 days as happens with me so muck I now have 12 facebook pages. The long term plan is going to go more and more into collectivist attitudes and cloud computing where if your thinking to much they will just turn you off.

IPS blocks my mail, Its so bad I just gave up and put this on my websites; Preferred method of contact by phone: 778.707.0787 Due to spam email is unreliable and I only have contact form on my page. Send Wettstein mail.

AND now I have changed my voice mail message to reflect the fact that they are even rerouting my phone calls. I have had no less then 25 people tell me they have called and gone straight to voice mail and I get no messages so now my mail says call and don’t leave a message and if I don’t call you then call me back. As you can imagine this makes me seem very unreliable and effects my ability to get work and thats their intention.

Some countries mostly Australia cant see some of my sites and post at all. I am in court, I have had parades of police harassing me, child services but nothing sticks BECAUSE, I knew that to make it work I would have to NEVER drink NEVER use drugs and NEVER do anything unlawful (not the same and illegal). Internet piracy: Federal Government’s legislation to block websites passes Senate

I am extremely good as a web designer and graphic designer and I know its not for lack of talent or trying but its more and more a strugle just to make the money one has to make to live as you have to pay rent and have some money beyond this. I am doing what I can to get off the grid I have all LED, I have solar, wind and peddle power. I raise Tilapia and Spirulina and even have Guinea Pigs for food production. I raise 3 types of composting worms and meal worms too and this with my algae are fish food and the bugs eat my waste and garbage as well and the Guinea Pigs. The spirulina is easy too and we just started looking into bee’s and how to add them to our community gardens. I have little gardens all around and I grow as much as 60% of our food and never buy new only used. I think I will be all but the internet and rent off the grid this years. I think that its been this easy for me says to me wow if there was a will we could have every single home its own little close loop off the grid food and power system. The only reason we are on a grid is we are on a CONTROL GRID! So why would I have so much resistance, why does it seem I am under attack?

I have found calls are rerouted; I recoded this on video it was even up on my YouTube page but rather then pull my page as they have done many times they actually closed my email with all my pages, post and videos wettstein.jason@gmail.com. I have people finally get through by phone or email tell me they called and left messages and or emailed many time.

I have had my websites hacked so may times now it only takes me an hour to get back up but I lost hundreds of posts and endless content. I have a live camera feed from my home to a server and emailing motion captures of movement. I have a barricade on my door and no way anyone can get through my door. I know it seems crazy but the police are a threat, I am afraid of my government and the Police. Not to say I live in fear no more then a man lives in Vancouver has an umbrella its not ruling my life but its still none the less something we should all be concerned with as when its happening to a peaceful man advocating for as I have said, then one day it will be you or could be.

HIGHLIGHTS of what I advocate for;

Food independence – by growing and raising our own food in our yards, parks, schools and lots we strengthen communities, create food security and best of all we eliminate hunger and the epidemic of malnutrition. Today in Vancouver 2000 children are going hungry because we can not raise enough money for them but in the same breath Celebrity Sellout David Suzuki, Premier Christy Clark and all the lower mainland mayors Including if not especially Mayor Gregor Robertson pushing for tax hike to further throw money at mismanagement of Translink whom are possibly more than 200 million on the Compass Card Project that is also likely being abandoned as the company Translink hired to fulfill the contract is being sued in the USA for none delivery and also faces bankruptcy.  Here is a little more on this in another post I made No to Translink, No to mismanagement, No to theft, No to Translink and NO to Black mail – The truth behind the NO VOTE . But I digress; what I as alluding to is we have Olympics, we have Roads and Monuments even museums and empty buildings that amount to more then what it would cot to feed these 2000 hungry school children each day. AND WE PAY PRIVATE BANKS  Just ask Christy Clark about the $150 for Yoga day an idea that was so bad she may have been lynched on that bridge if she had followed through, but regardless of canceling it still cost more than what it would have to have feed those children an entire month. AND you can find examples of this stupidity endlessly with very little effort. If we can have a Starbucks and a gas station on every corner we should have a community garden on every other and I also purpose all front yards be community gardens. food grown here is food eaten here it eliminates heavy road traffic, fuels and pollution as well as lessons road maintenance and it means health cost go down and learning and focus and productivity goes up. Kids that grow kale eat kale and healthy people make healthier communities. I would like to see every home off the grid and a close loop food and power system and this could be done for less then the cost of your average car.

Police and Peace officers – My ultimate goal is Separating Policy Enforcement from Peace Officer and disarming Policy Enforcement Officers. Protecting People may require a gun, but enforcing a parking ticket or jaywalking does NOT. I also advocate peace in that we do not have to be violent only be reasonable and peaceful and I would like to see peace officers keeping peace not breaking skulls and being the thugs they are seemingly more and more each day. Silence is consent, so you must protest and speak up against corruption, whether its Police corruption or Politicians and the Media.

I advocate equality and leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or one law of no harm & equality. Hate begets hate & if you want to have less weeds plant more flowers.

Masters & Slaves and there is nothing else – I truly believe only slaves have titles, that we live is a system of slaves and masters and only slaves have nations, religions and race and that for maybe thousands of years the system of rule has been this fluid system of control. Russia, China and the USA or Canada they are all fake just a layer between you and freedom. Think about it Russia is not exposing the fake terror or 911 not even using the conspiracies to agitate and come on they could I am saying they are only theatrically separate and even in wars the masters never die only the puppets and the salves and even if the puppets die thats the price of selling your soul to these evil men. Just as in Hollywood and so on there are many in the know. A perfect example is Chemtrails we have a world on independent nations and not 1 will come forward and out this for what it is.

I have 50 facebook pages and a lot of website; I used to have more too but some I have not yet fully recovered from hack about 2 years ago as I have been trying to refocus on a project I believe will equip people to do what I am advocating and to be the change will inspire even more. Honestly I see change and lots of it as when I started this I could not be so open and not be constantly battling people but now its much easier the resistance I believe is mostly paid trolls and you see it most of all on Media websites about vaccinations..

Vaccinations – Without going into great details on this vaccinations are a very purposeful attack on human sterility, immune systems and the dumbing down of those ignorant enough to fall victim to them. I recently collected all the names this year from all the big media sites and put all the names into one file then I alphabetized the names I found about 400 of these people are not only regularly posting they are cycling as to appear organic but they are NOT! The Pharmaceutical companies will likely deny what is likely done by their PR Teams, but it is very obvious and its something the media will ignore because they are owned by the same companies. Here is how I see vaccination research; It is very akin to the smoking research done by tobacco companies that said there is no links between smoking and cancer. Its like the official 911 story and so on. I figure if we cant keep indoctrination out of schools, cant keep poison out of food, cant keep drugs out of prisons, and funny enough cant get banking and political criminals in the same prisons. When we cant label our food and if our planet is truly as in danger and we are losing species each day and the oceans are soon to die and the governments telling us chemtrails are contrails and 911 was Al Qaida now re-branded ISIS then ISOL then yeah I have a problem trusting them. I will add I have not been vaccinated nor has my child and I see the differences every day we are exceptional more intelligent, healthier and more energetic and we take sick days to go to the park or just hang out at home and garden. I have not been sick in years and through my pages I know hundreds of people with the same stories. I also know just as many with stories of how they had a healthy happy child then went for vacations under pressure and or even threats by Child services and Hospital social workers and now they have Sick children, dead children and sterile and autistic and immune deficient children. Measles kills first patient in 12 years but what they are not telling you is this person was immune deficient and got measles infection from some on that was vaccinated. Zero U.S. measles deaths in 10 years, but over 100 measles vaccine deaths reported.

As a result of my work I have had and endless parade of Police harassment, Fire Department, SPCA and even Child Protective Services. This was all leading yo to this… RCMP SET UP and ENTRAPMENT ATTEMPT

I had a client show me guns, talk about murders and terror and they had me altering phone records. They were feeding me alcohol and pushing me to work all night and paying me loads of money to do it and by the time I was awake on 3 days the conversations go extremely odd and to me it was very clear I was being set up. They informed me of a murder, showed me guns, talked about terrorist activity, and I knew it was RCMP I just knew it, but regardless murder and terror was not something I was going to be quiet about. I am a peaceful man and do not want anyone to be hurt not even police or corrupt politicians and certainly not a false flag event that may hurt people. SO I called Peter Julian, MP &  Richard Lee, MLA and informed them. I also called CBC and CTV and posted about this on facebook you can see just below and this was just before all my calls I was so worried I wanted to post publicly. I since had child porn pop up on my computer; I reported it immediately and also sent the links to all the protection agencies I could as well as sending links to independent reporters like my friend Greg Renouf whom admittedly thinks I am nuts. I have had my host hacked all my sites replaced with FREEDUMB and this is a poke at the freeman movement that I am not really apart of as I fly no flag I only believe in self accountability that we are all equal and should all take responsibility for what we do and never just blindly follow. But what I advocate for is clear and posted above.

OK People i have had it with the charades the police are just a bunch of criminals pretending to be something they are…

Posted by The RCMP on Sunday, 24 March 2013

Now I reach 3 million + people a week. I started creating a web circle of sites designed to get people off the grid and food independent, not pay tax and learn their rights including the right to protest and not pay tax.

My greatest reason for pushing the food independence two fold, 1 this is the door opener and a foot in to a very mainstream world otherwise quiet content in a bubble of ignorance and complacency. 2 getting off the grid with your food is getting off the governments poison nipple and eating LIVE fresh food you repair the brain damage. As your brain receives nutrients it can work and the better it works the more you see and know and soon you are also teaching others. Good fresh all organic food, fluoride and chemical free diets will be like a light turned on and all the shit is viable and its all shit. The entire world system is build on a foundation of lies to keep you enslaved.

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