BOYCOTT ISRAEL SHIRT CENSORED BY ZAZZLE – BOYCOTT ZAZZLE – (Try Cafepress?) – Censoring of Bill Hicks (full length)

More blatant censorship!

Zazzle Censorship, Zazzle sucks

Zazzle Censorship! Zazzle Sucks! Boycott Zazzle

its sickens me that we live in a society that allows corporations to run all our avenues of communications and in doing so we wave our rights to free speak and somehow this is OK. WELL ITS NOT OK WITH ME! If we truly believe in free speech then we must fight to protect the rights and views of even those we don’t agree with and for me whats even more disheartening is when companies like Zazzle quite the views of people like me that advocate for peace then this that commit crimes and are war profiteering it maybe they believe there is no opposition because of this criminal bias and censorship…


and untill we open our new store on Cafe Press you can buy boycott isreal shirts here soon



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