Brain development and drug addiction problems are a symptom of our sick system.

When we are not in integrity, thats when we are most judgmental about others Because we cant stand seeing in other what we cant stand about ourselves.

This whole society is addicted to oil and society looks at the lowly drug addict, and says how can you do this to yourself, but society is drowning in toxins in the name of profit and growth.

The endorphins are key, endorphins connect infant to parent, they are known as the love molecule. This is where addiction arises. Also responsible is Dopamine, Dopamine produced with expectation of food are at about 50% higher then normal, with the expectation of sex 100% increase, cocaine 300% increase and crystal meth 1200% increase. The Drug itself does not cause the addiction.Whats worse with the massive doses of dopamine is the braid decides you have to much ad naturally kills off receptors making it harder to get these feelings without drugs and even with them eventually.

Now you have the love reward pain relief chemical ENDORPHINS and we have the Motivation, Drive, Curiosity, Exploration, Vitality chemical.

Four essential brain circuits.

Endorphins (“endogenous morphine”) are endogenous opioid neuropeptides. They are produced by the central nervous system and pituitary gland. (Opiates) – Love, Connection, Reward and Pain Relief

Dopamine – Incentive, Motivation, Vitality, Curiosity and a Sense of Being Alive

Impulse Control Circuit’s are dysfunctional or not working – The part of the brain that says no what stops you from causing harm to ones self.

Stress Control Circuit’s are dysfunctional or not working and these people and drugs will be helping to mange stress.

Healthy Brain Circuit Development Needs Non Stressed, Emotionally Present and Available, Constantly Available parenting Caregiver.

Implicit memory is a type of memory in which previous experiences aid the performance of a task without conscious awareness of these previous experiences. This is the memory of abandonment, it is the emotional memory without the recall. Implicit memory can be triggered and responses seem insane, but imagine you were abused by someone but cant remember who only that your brain associates the abuse to authority figures, some one stressed or despondent for any number of reasons.

A child that spent the first 4 years of its life in the dark would be blind for the rest of its life. Just as a child with stressed parents, Emotionally or physically abandoned or indifferent can increase likelihood of drug addiction. Proximal Abandonment, where someone is physically present but emotionally absent, abused mentally or physically. Fundamentally in child hood 2 things can go wrong; 1 things happen that should not happen or 2 things that should happen do not happen because of the stresses in our society.

Defensive detachment is form of self-protection when children who desperately long for connection with their parent grow to suspect that this relationship will only bring greater rejection and harm. Consequently, they tend to distance themselves from this parent in order to prevent further harm.

So the parts of the brain that are are under developed, the children of stressed parents or of childhood trauma they become the drug addicts. 

When parents connect with their children IE looking one on one into each others eyes, that is when they when they both have endorphins happening in their brains. So when a drug addict who never had that endorphin connection those parts of the brain circuitry do not develop and when they do cocaine or heroin for the first time they feel love and connection or for the first time they feel human or alive.

This of coarse is not about blaming parents its about showing that this sick system creates sick people that when parents are both working long days for low wages and high stress they cat help but pass this on to the child and Proximal Abandonment is simply unavoidable. Solutions are simple we need to abandon the system NOT the children. Its time to change to a system of equality and love.

Please view and listen to the two posted videos below and open your minds and your hearts.

Something I believe that everyone is missing I mean beyond the trauma and the cycle of abuse, pain and shame is that in order to have and maintain a healthy mid you must have a healthy body. I know I was a drug addict and it was a long battle that I would never have won and maintained my sobriety. I have promoted food independence as the gateway to the greatest changes as when people have good fresh food they become healthier in mind and body. Growing and raising your own food also alleviates financial stresses and creates food security for everyone.
Dr. Gabor Maté is awesome even if he is a sexist prick, I feel inclined to mention this this because I have tried many times to reach this guy, on many levels, and he never replied. Then I sent him and email as a girl saying all the same things and he replied. Also he replied to a Girl I worked with during Occupy Vancouver he even agreed to speak, not sure if he followed through I think he bailed to get better press from showing up to Wall street :) AGAIN I absolutely adore his mind and everyone needs to hear what he has to say.
drug addiction is a symptom of our sick system.