BULLSHIT > – Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks – < BULLSHIT

This is the link to the article that really set me off Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks
I said it for a decade now; the global warming scam is the pole shift, and now its agitated and exaggerated with pentagons weather modification program. It was they that said they would “own the weather by 2025” and given they tested the atom bomb the blew up another 999, do you really believe they are not responsible for all the ills. I am myself living almost off the grid and it would cost less then what the average car cost, as a matter of fact I spent less then 12k so far. Soon as I am all set up from my move 4 months ago I will have all my food and power off the grid and I drive electric bike if needed but 95% of the day I walk. There is a hug lie that this is not attainable but every home could be its own power, water, food and be 100% beneficial close loop sustainable and off the grid systems for all your needs.
But Again the Pentagon said they would own the weather by 2025.
They blew up 1000 nukes just to test them. So imagine if they are testing weather weaponry.
They spend 1 trillion a year on arms and wars.
They are forcing vaccinations and poisoning your food.
BP and Fukushima were both false flags and the Governments at least I proved Canada covered up the Fire in Saskatchewan were all set in 3 hours with no clouds many even 2 days prior as soon as I shared the link they took it down but many people viewed it.
They are creating the “problem” and they have the solution…. I say its insane to look at the solution to the problem is in giving the same criminals that enslaved us and destroyed our home more power.
We live on one planet and the only thing wrong is the masters and be assured there is only masters and slaves, they fooled YOU/us into believing there are other nations, but they are all fake. They all work and conspire to keep us enslaved. If not you would see at least one come out exposing the others atrocities and we never do. None of any substance any way like France never said Pearl Harbor was false flag or China never said 911 was false flag.

What this article is really telling you is what you should think when they start killing people and its telling you who is to9 blame, but we know the truth its not us we would drive electric cars if the have not oppressed them for 70 years and we would grow hem if they had not jailed us for it and the list is ENDLESS

For those of you that still have even an ounce of faith in the Powers that be I would like you to Google “Pentagon Child Porn Scandal”

pentagon child porn