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“As I see it government should fuck off and if we have to go to jail and fight them its worth it. If we let them jail and criminalize plant growers and smokers whats next Gladiator games and Witch burning? YEAH bad cops enforce bad laws and bad citizens obey them!” Jason Wettstein.

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Rights Are Not Gifts From Governments

“I would say grow your own, let some seed and plant weed EVERYWHERE!”

Why Vancouver cops don’t police dispensaries

Considering the young people working behind the counter at dispensaries, we didn’t want to use a hammer to kill a fly. — Doug LePard, VPD

Vancouver’s Police Board has dismissed a complaint alleging its officers were turning a blind eye towards the city’s many marijuana dispensaries — saying it has taken action, but the investigations are simply too costly and ineffective.

In a lengthy response to the complaint filed by Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada, VPD Deputy Chief Doug LePard said the department has executed 11 warrants and recommended 23 charges since 2013 against marijuana dispensaries. The most recent bust happened in August.

But those were special cases. The stores were alleged to be selling to children, committing violence, or associating with organized crime.

LePard gave three examples.

“In the first incident a 15-year-old boy was hospitalized after allegedly purchasing edible marihuana products from the store. In the second, marihuana was allegedly traded by the proprietor for stolen property,” he said.

In the third case, he said police received “information that the dispensary had allegedly been selling to youths and was associated to the Hells Angels.”

The department also pointed to the high costs of policing dispensaries. In one 2014 example, 560 police hours — or $34,000 in salary and benefits — were spent on a single investigation.

The task involved 30 hours of work to prepare a warrant, 10 detectives and a forensic unit member executing the warrant — each spending 10 hours on the search, 30 hours of investigative activity after the search, 160 hours to process evidence, and another 160 hours to complete reports and packages to Crown.

“Or stated another way, the investigation required the equivalent of one officer working full-time for approximately three months,” LePard said.

Police said they can only do so much, and it’s the municipality that must exercise its bylaw authority to shut down businesses after a warrant is executed. Without that, as was the case with one dispensary, the vendors simply open up again immediately after being raided by police.

“Obviously, the lack of clarity in the federal legislation and policy that comes out of Ottawa is a huge challenge here,” said Gregor Robertson, Vancouver mayor and chairman of the police board.

“We’re in a federal election, we will see a new parliament, we don’t know what the construct of that will be … it may all change in a matter of months.”

Pamela McColl, who filed the complaint, said the city should’ve cracked down on dispensaries as soon as the first one opened.

“This is a Vancouver problem, it was very much the city manager and mayor and council who let these things go on,” she said.

“They could have fined them $500 per day that they had these dispensaries operating (through bylaw penalties). They could’ve done that but they didn’t.”

The VPD’s research notes that municipalities in the region where city councils have expressed opposition to dispensaries don’t have problems with marijuana vendors.

source http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2015/09/17/why-vancouver-cops-dont-police-dispensaries

Rights Are Not Gifts From Governments

We are NOT governed by rule but by consent; so vote by not voting, be vocal and public about why. Be the change you wish to see and do not participate in a system of evil or wrong doings. Remember too that hate begets hate & if you want to remove weeds plant more flowers.

Wettstein; I am a dad, a friend, your neighbor, a concerned private person and one of 7 billion people on planet Earth that is just sick of the lies and I will not be quiet anymore!

I am tired of being a slave to this sick system, a system that has millions die of hunger, not because of a shortage of food but a shortage of money. MILLIONS die from war profiteering and warmongering is just another industry resource these days. Medicines making us sick, food full of poisons, and we are destroying all we love for a lie the empty promises of financial success and a dream evermore looking like a nightmare.

We need something new a system of representational direct representation, that retains no power only real-time elections and representation. One law of no harm and equality makes all equal by law meaning your labor of a day even with one arm is as valued as a person with two. People only resist this idea as we are kept in a state of artificial scarcity. Capitalists we have to fight for the scraps, Communists & Socialist have to share the scraps. Only 5% or less of today’s labor could produce a sustainable 100% pollution free world of abundance it is only with planned obsolescence and careful demonic design that it does not.

The wars, the hunger, the pain, the torturing of life, raping of innocent, pedophilia, punishing, pillaging, extortion and duress AND behind all of the world’s evil I see GOVERNMENT.