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Posted by Jason Wettstein on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Its not just the CIA it is all the elites & their Government MUPPET’S , their Mobs, Governments they all use the Honey Trap but not just sexy women its actually much preferred amounts the  elites that you rape and murder children for fun because those are the black mail photos that render the best compliance amongst worlds leaders. BUT if you think it starts and stops at the top you would be wrong this is all the way down to municipal levels, Municipal Judges, layers and Police

5,200 Pentagon Employees Bought Child Pornography, Investigation halted after 8 Months

British VIP Paedophile Ring.


Banned in Britain: saville 9th circle


SHOCKING Cover up! – Conspiracy Of Silence – Abuse in Boy’s Town

many people don’t know this but MANY DO many Vancouver people for years before they caught him new he was protected by VPD and RCMP because they ran murder club and body disposal there. I know people that atended Piggies Palace and there were Hooker Fights for entertainment at Picktons

In this take Robert Willy Pickton says he will name 15 others. I know 1 of these is Jim Brown and RCMP one is a Vancouver Judge and one and this is the crazy shit but 1 is Wally Oppal the guy that headed u the missing women inquiry. WHEN Pickton says ” I hill take down at least 15 others ” the RCMP in the cell leans in he says “I AM A COP”

the short story is I was being set up by the RCMP… WHY maybe because I run www.theRCMP.com or maybe because I was openly sharing all this info on facebook, I was naming names and if even one media outlet was looking for the truth I wold have blown the shit doors right off these criminals. BUT as you see from the above this is not just a small problem in Canada its a global problem and its all interlinked.

Page Liked · 24 March 2013 · https://www.facebook.com/theRCMP/photos/a.304188683042386.1073741827.304183449709576/304213999706521/

OK People i have had it with the charades, the police are just a bunch of criminals pretending to be something they are not.

i just had a really strange week i think i had a client that is either trying to set me up or he is a terrorist and no i dont mean the CIA but then again who knows. Either way he apparently is involved in murder. I dont normally involve myself but i felt like i was being set up so I wanted a record of it. I called the RCMP apparently they are not interested in sending some one out to investigate potential murderer or terrorists. I was so blown away here I have had swat team invade friends homes for growing a little weed and even had police kick my door in over a noise complaint but here I am terrified of some east Indian with a gun, info on a murder and potential for terrorist activity and they wont be sending anyone out. OK so now i am thinking not only am I being set up but they are avoiding me in order not to blow it. I have heard of this before when they are investigating criminals they will stay away as to not blow the investigation but I am not involved in any crime at all. I am a fairly vocal activist and fight corruption at ever chance i can this is why I believe I am being ignored, targeted or set up who can say for sure.

The guy said he was not paying me and that the guy i was doing the work for was shot dead by the rcmp and that he was connected to the RCMP. OK so now I am worried I call my Member of Parliament. It was weird like she was expecting my call this was the assistant of Peter Julian Burnaby–New Westminster Member of Parliament. She told me that the government has no authority over the RCMP. I explained I felt my life was endangered with something i didn’t want any involvement i just wanted to not be worried.

So yesterday i get a visit from some one he looked like a cop and he had some one with him in a car. i am told that if i dont keep quiet and move on it will be bad for me. OK have no idea if it was a cop but fuck them who ever it is i am posting this and anything i can to blow this up.

i have sent the documents this person had me edit to a few people should anything happen i have asked them to post them on facebook youtube and other alternative media sources.

We can not continue to be silenced we must fight the political system and the police gangs that enforce the corruption and are the corruption

i will update this with more info direct in this post and on the page i am building the website i was going to wait to post this but i am a little nervous about waiting

OK so its not a reach at all to thin the RCMP were trying to set some one up because they did…. just glad it was not me but this is the kind of thing they are doing now to bring in the police state and we should all be very worried. I still believe the RCMP were trying to set me up the fact that I also called the CBC and no one go back to me just shows how the media is wrapped up in this. Just like in the USA the Canadian media now is not reporting news its telling people what to think and propagandizing.

Canada’s authorities are expected to announce they have foiled a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack, media reports say http://bbc.in/ZIrCHi

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says the alleged plotters were arrested on Monday morning after being under surveillance from more than a year.

It reports that the arrests took place in Ontario and Quebec.

OK I leave you with this

I believe the elites rule in your ignorance and your ability to over look these crimes in that for what ever reason you can not see that your allowing this and in your complacency lay YOUR GUILT. Stop laboring and paying tax to these people.