oil pipeline lies -Dakota Access pipeline protests FAKE

Dakota Access pipeline protests FAKE

IT IS and it is 100% staged fake and totally all about planned UN agenda to take land rights away and to have a fake uprising and they are working very hard to make it look real. never once been more than 300 people.

Ask yourself why you can not find 1 real photo with more than 300, and most are cropped with 20 and most are police…. I can tell you why its fake and they want us to think its big so when the fake revolution starts people will buy it.

200 communities have no drinking water (in Canada) it is not about helping these people, it is about fucking everyone.

Trucks and rail use more oil & spill more in 1 year them all pipe spills ever! & roads & most roofs are oil too. This whole debate is a joke its sideways no one is winning anything in arguing about how ist transported HOW ABOUT we FIGHT ITS USE PERIOD!

I live almost off the grid but 90% of all FN communities are 100% dependent on OIL so are they saying its OK to use it and not have pollution and fuck everyone else? Why do I have to breath their pollution? I don’t use oil I am real environmentalist not like them just being used by Saudi Arabia, Rail, and Trucking Unions.

How about instead of this USELESS sideways protest we all fight for alternatives and stop using oil? ONE PLANET ONE PEOPLE and stop pretending otherwise letting them rule us in our divide.