Forced vaccinations are rape!! Watch your child being raped, thats how I feel about forced vaccines! ITS A LINE IN THE SAND!

Passionate yes maybe and maybe a bit extreme but this is one of many comments from our pages that truthfully I 100% understand. While I am none violent and passive, I believe we can protest by non participation. But there is something different about forced vaccinations, when we know full well they are harmful, toxic, sterilizing and causing disease and death with almost if not no benefits at all beyond making you so stupid that you may have some insight on what it means to be blissfully ignorant. I have to agree if put in this position I believe this is a line in the sand that will result in violent defense.

“I have been raped and I see this as a very good analogy! I would personally rather be rapped then Vaccinated, and if you think I will let some one vaccinate my children then you are living dangerously, because if you come near my child with a needle I will break it off in your fucking eyeball and beat your fucking face into a bloody pile of meat. I would fight a rapist too or a murderer and its a game of autism, cancer and idiot roulette.”

I have been raped! I see forced vaccinations as rape!! watch your child being raped, thats how I feel about forced vaccines! ITS A LINE IN THE SAND!

I have been raped! Forced vaccinations are rape!! watch your child being raped, thats how I feel about forced vaccines! ITS A LINE IN THE SAND!

To be forced your self or worse to watch doctors force your crying child and hold you down while they penetrate them and inject toxins that will have long lasting and detrimental effects on them, possibly kill and almost assuredly lower IQ and cause many long and short term debilitating side effects.

Chances are if you vaccinate YOU are to stupid to understand why vaccinations are a problem.

Its not that in theory they are not a good idea its in practice there is ample proof they are a VERY BAD IDEA.

Vaccination companies are making money from you being sick and intentionally sterilizing and dumbing people down. Bill Gates has even stated that vaccinations are being used to drop global populations and many doctor and scientist are saying this is exactly what is happening.

The day you can show me a government that is not corrupt and a food industry that sells food without 100% confirmed cancer causing additives that have NO REASON to be added in food in the first place thats the day I will pay mind to the vaccinations debate, but as it is now ONLY AN IDIOT would vaccinate!

Couple facebook comments I wanted to share:

Untold News Obviously being held down and forcibly injected with toxins and rape are the same type of crime. Anyone that can not see that they are has not been raped, and has the imagination of some one that has been vaccinated. While I imagine not forcibly vaccinated and more likely one of the idiots that lined up to be poisoned. I think all of you would change your small mindedness real fast if it was by force and you felt it was a treat to your life real or unreal.

Food Independence The image is used to illustrate a story of rape I think its very fitting… I have been raped… and I can not imagine anything as bad but this! being forced and held down while injected with toxins you either perceive or know to be a threat to you and your life. But you tell me if I hold you down and inject you with something you are fearful of and you tell me its not like being raped its EXACTLY LIKE RAPE!

Scientists in Canada Being Censored from Covering Dangers of Aluminum in Vaccines

– See more at:

NAZI Canadian Government Policies you may not be aware of Manitoba, Newfoundland and Ontario have forced vaccinations or Suspension and the other catch is if your kids are not is school the Provence can go as far as taking your children and then they will force vaccinate anyway. You can see below how its getting worse too. Immunization

Immunizations for School Attendance

As a parent, keeping your kids safe and healthy is your number one priority. All children attending school between ages 4 to 17 need to be immunized according to Ontario’s Immunization Schedule. Immunization protects children from many serious diseases that are easily spread in schools.

What’s new?

Starting in the 2014/15 school year, children need to have proof of immunization against meningococcal disease, whooping cough and chickenpox to attend school. This is in addition to existing requirements for proof of immunization against many other diseases (see checklist below). The number of shots (doses) required for tetanus, diphtheria, polio and mumps has also been updated. Children who are not fully immunized may not be allowed to attend school.

What you need to do

Check with your health care provider or local public health unit to make sure your child has all the vaccines needed to attend school. If your child has followed the immunization schedule, no further vaccines will be needed.

Did you know that it’s your responsibility to report your child’s updated immunization records to your local public health unit? Your health care provider does not report these records for you.