Forcing Healthcare Workers to wear mask!

Forcing Healthcare Workers to vaccinate or wear mask! & Soon Lose Jobs!

Health Care Workers Forced to Vaccinate or wear masks SOON LOSE JOBS and I have said for months this was coming and if you watch the Bill Gates Video he forewarns of vaccinations being used The Video is Below. Also this is an earlier amalgamation of related info and videos.

THINK PEOPLE the over population problem the media and elites keep talking about yet never coming up with plans well they plane was in play a long time ago you were just not invited to the meeting YOU are about as important as the other 6 billion excess chattel inviting you would be like consulting with a cow about its neutering. YOU and your children have for the last 10 years been on a program of whats called a soft kill and a soft sterilization THAT’S WHAT YOUR VACCINATION IS FOR just think more people are dying from the vaccinations in many cases if you took long term deaths it could be shocking as many as 80% of Vaccinations lead to deaths from related diseases like Cancer.