Gay Pride – We hate most in others what we hate most about ourselves

gay pride

Human sexuality is OK! Stop your ignorant hate! I see two dogs fucking in the park its not a perversion its nature, how sad is it most peole find nudity shameful and gross that most of you look in the mirror and feel shame STATISTICALLY. I am not saying I approve of public intercourse but it is a celebration of sexuality why would you be surprised by some dry humping and sexual theatrics? This is not actual sex not at all only mock sex its THEATRICS and expression, that comes in a some what hyper form, from all the oppression and its certainly not everyday behavior.

My kid sees it and is not uncomfortable she knows what it is, and she knows its inappropriate for her to be involved and this increases he odds OF NOT BEING ABUSED, and her eyes and neck work just like watching TV there is thousands of things I believe inappropriate for children to see. Hell have you seen music videos they watch or the ads for video games and the prime time murders and sex. I agree with much of you that or children are being sexualized and manipulated but its certainly not a gay agenda. It is your job to raise confident and educated children that could not be victimized and by raising them in a bubble of ignorance an hate you are doing quite the opposite. Being gay is being gay and liking same sex adults it is not fucking kids this is pedophilia and most of them you seem to have less problems with then just your average gay man and thats odd

Do you think the pedophiles you continue to pay taxes to and almost never mention are gone? or maybe 2 trillion spent on war and arms is less of an issue? Why is it you are so easily manipulated into fighting a battle that can only make you and your fellow slaves miserable and deflate any real changes you could have otherwise made. REALLY like fighting child abuse or not paying tax to murder millions in your name.

Something else I noticed yesterday. Facebook was showing me a Bisexual man anti gay post and overtly homophobic christian and Muslim men gay pride post. Just like all the race bait, and the animal abuse porn, people are being manipulated by facebook into hate and anger. To what end, I am not sure but I suspect they want to agitate people into violence.

You dont have to be gay you just have to let me be gay and mind your own fucking business, and your business is not my cock and my asshole. AND further the question of your children being exposed to nudity thats your problem, or even more likely your kids problems healthy children are not looking at a naked man and thinking sex, like you sick and repressed morons. I go to a nude beach too and my kid looks at the other dinks about as much as mine, they dont care YOU CARE, its your sick mind. People are so shamed of there bodies its disgusting you have murders, wars and violence all day on TV but god forbid they see a bare ass or a mans penis. So many of you think vaginas are gross and penises are gross I think you are sad and should spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror and examine what it is you hate about yourself because it is a fact that what we hate most about others is what we hate most about ourselves so maybe your oppressed sexuality and deviance is being projected onto others.

You know the photo circulating of the boy repulsed by a penis? the man was just naked, it could have been a nude beech or a change room at the pool, this was not a gay thing it was an awfully bad parenting thing. This child is so brainwashed and ashamed and even disgusted with the human body, he found it gross. As a parent you have to stop the cycle of shame and stop abusing your children.

I grew up in a home like this where masturbation was dirty and I still even feel shame about it, I cant shake the awful brain damage my repressed and fucked up Christian upbringing had on me. I did how every break the cycle my child was not shamed she was noticeable experimenting as a child, and I told her, look your mom does it, and your dad does too, it everyone does but its a private thing so you do it in private. No shame no hell or hairy palms just a healthy view. My kid knows whats inappropriate and if a grown up was sexual around her she would know and tell someone BECAUSE she is NOT ashamed and knows the difference. She wont be like half the women I know that think their vaginas are dirty. Education is not making or children porn stars and statistically thats bad christian patents that do that, 9/10 fucked up prostitutes and porn stars or even abused children are the product of bad parenting. Even more is almost all drug addicts come from homes lacking in love and connection homes that tell their children their evil and will burn in hell for being gay.

What kind of evil tells gay children they will burn in hell and openly hates gays? I mean bad parenting is one thing but if you tell children attracted to same sex, they are evil you are a sick miserable and awful person. My child is hetro so far as I can tell but its never been an issue, I dont think I have even said I am bisexual just because it just has no baring on anything and never has. I honestly most of the time see homophobic post and racist comments as sarcasm I just have a hard time believing people are this stupid. We have been to the Vancouver gay pride parade 2 years now and my child is healthier for it and I am a better parent for that.

As I have said for a long time there is no such thing as a racist only idiot and this goes for homophobic or hetro phobic people too.

We are all slaves of our own choosing and there is only one road to freedom its the road of equality, truth and love. We are all people stop dividing us up. As long as the slaves of the world are divided, the masters will have no loss of power, we are all slaves because we allow ourselves to be divided.

If gay love bothers you at all you are sick, and damaged, but if you make it a battle over the below issues you are likely nuts in a harmful way.

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