Governments are lighting the forest fires

It is changed now and its ever changing I wish I have recorded it, and next time I will but what I saw was NO CLOUDS, Fires from one end of Saskatchewan to another. I guess I cant say 100% its government but I suspect it is given the recent push with UN and the global carbon tax. But the other system of this sick symptom is the companies that profit from fires could also be lighting them, even out of work firefighters. A sort of variation of planned obsolescence firefighters lighting fores to create jobs.

Yet I still feel its Governments; The aluminum chemtrails are drying plants and forest and the fine residue is extremely contestable and alternatively the only save metal they could use is silver or gold ironically these meatls would not only make up for the natural loss of magnetic shielding during its NATURAL pole reversal. CBC seems to be hiding the Documentary called when North Goes South as its to obvious thats the REAL Global warming culprit.

More on Magnetic pole reversal here

below is the link where all of the firs started in with no clouds in well before fires, meaning the lighting story is unlikely also the end to end ignition was more likely it was fire dropping from planes.