Israeli child signing bombs

Hamas is 100% an invention of Israel just as Al Qaeda is an invention of the USA. Israel is manufacturing terrorists to keep its war profiteering & industry of fear

Israeli child signing bombs

Israeli child signing bombs

The USA, Israel and all the global elites and governments are so corrupt that they are manufacturing enemies to keep this orwellian enemy fighting and the populations occupied with fear and lies. There is no enemy but our own governments and the elites behind them are who is and has been behind all the worlds wars and we will never see a stop to this and all the tragic hate until we stop blindly following those that lead us to wars and battles. Most people want to live not fight. Ask your self this is your labor and tax paying for wars or destroying your planet and if it is then don’t give it you can not be forced to work and to give your money to pay for crimes and you/we must all draw this line and make these decisions or we will give our children and their children only a worse and more defined enslavement.

I don’t any longer just blame the leaders NO I am now focusing my time on changing the people and the followers as thats the battle always ignored and the one that has all the power. We all need to focus on informing our friends, family and neighbours and make friends globally make a point of knowing people in Russia and China as the elites are winding up the propaganda to take us all into WW3 you have to know it will only happen if we let it. I will die fighting my own government befor I am going to die killing another father just like me from Russia or China.

We give them the power or we take it away you starve this system or it will starve you. Government is to represent us not rule us and the moment they do not we are not enslaved to pay them money tax is voluntary if it is not than how can you be considered anything but a nation of slaves.

And the 2 posts below are mainstream I assert that its not an accident and that its entirely intentional that all the worlds conflicts are by design just as the same elites have invented our worlds religions and nations they are managing us all with division and conflict and its all been to get to one place and we are almost here at the end game when the leites meet up with the singularity the promise that knowledge would make men gods and its here the technology if its not already here it is just around the corner ending aging and giving men the powers of gods.

Challenge your bubble and stop paying rent to live in a prison. PLEASE!

Hamas, made by Israel


Building Gods – You are worried now with the elites behaving as if they are gods well what about when they really are gods?


Let me explain.

Leaders are tools of leading you join a group and you follow that group just look at what nationality and religion has managed with leading is practitioners and memeber people that profess liberty, pursuit of freedom, love and forgiveness and they have been lead into war after war, into hate, hoarding wealth, hoarding resources and theft.

Real time Representational Direct Democracy is easy I am a web developer and I could build a system of real time elections we can have real time representation and everyone assigned a position to vote with a 1000 people you would see 100 votes and I would say anyone could edit the thing we are voting on and it could be wikki with peer to peer classification so that the streams of changes would be consistent in indexing. But not to complicate this it would essentially mean no government made decisions they would no longer be governing they would be as we were fooled into believing they were intended, they would be representatives and only with power to do so with our votes. If you had 5 % of the vote you would have that as your representative power if you had 46% and the other guy had 49 you could combine your powers with the 5% and impress. No one would have to pay for what they did not want to use and computers could always ensure it was easily maintained.

Constitution of no harm, simple why now laws are used to enslave us not protect all we need is one law NO HARM if you make something and you make it to break in a year thats harm its called planned obsolescence but lets get away from all the names. Violence against women is divisional in the way that it leaves out children, men, elderly, animals and earth…. really think about it we only need all be against violence and then not even just abuse let us just be against harm. Equality is important in this and we all need our own space land and a place to reside as king or queen as I don’t agree with how you run your castle thats fine its yours. For me the biggest hang up of all is the right to own your own land everyone should have an equal plot this would and will be the tough one but if we all put as much time into this as we do working as debt slaves to pay for movies and popcorn we would solve the problem in a matter of hours I am sure.

People often get hung up on the little things they don’t agree on rather than changing the things they do agree on what I am saying is lets all focus on the things we agree on and I know you all agree the system we have is broken so lets star there this idea is only 1 of many I am only one man with one idea lets hear your let’s talk turn off the TV and reconnect with the world around you see what they think. I bet we would all find most of us want the same and are ready to do what it take. Start with talking every step is needed when climbing a mountain get off the grid by gardening, biking and DON’T PAY TAX.

OH ONE MORE THING I just can’t stress this enough all opposition is managed all opposition is corrupted so the reason this has to be leaderless is you will see if there are leaders there will be the same elites that rule today ruling tomorrow.