Harper’s UN speech reminded me of this video – Canadian Prime Minister “Stephen Harper” and Australian Prime Minister “John Howard” give the same speech NO ONE IS SURPRISED!

Canadian Prime Minister and Australian Prime Minister

Canadian Prime Minister and Australian Prime Minister

Media stories reading all scripted something like thi – Stephen Harper Mocked Over Photos Of Empty Seats At UN Address – LINK HERE
Its because everyone knows that if they want to know what Harper / Canada’s position is they only need to sit through one puppet show and Obamas speech was the main show (not that he represents any one residing in canada HE DOES NOT)


In 2003, Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard deliver largely identical speeches urging their nations to join George W. Bush’s Coalition of the Willing to go to war with Iraq.

Can you see now how those puppets are manipulated and controlled?

Yes, the revelations in this video are 11 years old, but they are still relevant. It raises a serious question: Are these nation states really free, and these “leaders” representing the interests of their citizens, and in fact who is handed these scripts to them?

It is strange that countries in polar opposite parts of the world have politicians reading the exact same speech on an issue as important as invading the nation of Iraq. This makes you wonder – Who is giving these “leaders” their speeches, and why are they reading speeches prepared for them by a 3rd party? Where did this speech come from, and why are these politicians regurgitating it like some sort of robot? Well as I have said many times before you are supposed to hate the right people the puppets are the front men the ones that lose their heads should the people rise up they must seek out the masters NOT just the puppets. Think about it like this all wars and war crimes have been by the same people Hitler was no more a master then Harper or Obama even the men running the banks are front men any power the public can see is layters in front of those in real control and if I could name real power today I bet I would be dead tomorrow. The solution is to end the rewards and perks to throw shit pies at the puppets to shame them at their homes and offices and to fight back AND NEVER EVER PAY TAX OR LABOR FOR THEM.