Hitler Borrowed Money From Thyssen, Bush & Rothschilds Banks to Fight his war And Bought Oil From Rockefeller Oil Companies – END ALL WARS LOCK UP THE BANKERS & OIL BARONS!


ITS TRUE  – Hitler Borrowed Money From Rothschilds Banks to Fight his war And Bought Oil From Rockefeller Oil Companies. – END ALL WARS LOCK UP THE BANKERS & OIL BARONS!

Fritz Thyssen followed Hitler and funded his rise to power. Shown together here in a famous photo, Thyssen contributed millions out of his own pocket and used Prescott Bush’s Union Banking Company front operation to funnel another 32 million dollars (back during the depression when millions were REAL MONEY) from Wall Street fascists to Germany to buy arms and pay brownshirt thugs salaries. Some of the gold and arms were transported on Hamburg-America Shipping Lines vessels guarded by Hitler’s elite personal bodyguards. The same ships imported tons, “world without end” of propaganda into the US to delay to oppose the US entry into the war. Prescott Bush’s father-in-law (George Walker Bush’s namesake) and his boss Harriman, and Rockefeller-man Remington Arms-boss Samuel Prior were all controlling directors of 39 Broadway-based Hamburg-America lines.

Not only did Bush-Rockefellers learn from history what was possible — they created the history that made it possible in the first place. …And they keep creating it as recently as this past decade.

Clear your mind of the elites conditioning and brainwashing that’s controlled your mind all your life.

If the banks did not fund the wars we would never have wars and worse than that the banks are the ones that are creating the tensions and conflicts to create an illusion and false need for war with false flags and media manipulation as it has been with all wars that you know that your parents and grandparents know.

From today on we shall jail the banks that start the wars, the money that funds the wars and those behind it they should be on trial and the corporations that build the tanks and provide the oil their owners should be imprisoned. No one of morals that has not been conned and manipulated by psychopaths wants war most people would like nothing more than peace, love and good health.

History of the Rothschild, the other elites, other banking families and the secret families behind them, how they have subverted European nations through finance historically, and moved on to subvert our own nation and now the entire world. This video breaks down everything you need to know about the great World Enemy, the history of America’s fight against them, and how America’s economy eventually became their vehicle for their “New World Order” of gradual economic and eventual political union under their control. The ones that profit at your deficit, death and misery are our World Enemy, they manipulate wars such as World War II and World War I in order to set rival debtor nations against one another, and seize assets from them, and World War III could be coming very soon your media is not your media it their media and its telling you a story of fear and lies turn it off then TURN OFF THE SYSTEM…
its simple:

If you buy a poison apple you will perpetuate poison apple sales, if you want peace but you pay for war then you are never going to have what you say you want and if you want freedom don’t work for your slave masters end all the corruption follow no one, pay no tax, and labor for only you and volunteer in what strengthens health , love, community and life. We need to end the monetary system all we do should be natural in that we build a light bulb to last for ever not as it is now to break and to create waste and profits. ALL profits do is maintain deficit! All profits do is create a belief in inequality that one life is better than another and that you earn 50,000 an hour and another is earning minimum wage and people that believe they are good justify this they are buying into a lie and greed. If you work because you have to you are a slave if you work because you love to its not work its freedom. I could live without government people are not naturally evil we don’t want wars and hate! Most of us would love to just raise our children and live free, gardening and enjoying life. I want people to realise the threat of the monetary system is that all we lose technology that it is owed to money but I dismiss this by saying all the most talented, brilliant geniuses that gave us most of this very technology like Einstein or Tesla were not motivated by money and many died poor. End your enslavement start by gardening and not paying tax, buy used, cut cable, turn the lights off, ride a bike and get off the systems grid when and where ever you can. NO MASTERS NO SLAVES!

My mantra lately has been, accept nothing less than… Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or one law of no harm. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers.


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