How to have the most effective facebook account! Have the greatest reach & greatest social impact.

For a long time I have noticed that fake profiles have been adding me as a friend and I believe its governments attempt to dilute my reach, who knows for sure but here is the way around it.

Open another account with your same name.

then through your old account with your new account and friend only people you have had interactions with and to the degree of what you feel is good. For me its all about reach so I want to reach millions a week I need to clean up my accounts. Basically any one that interacts with you increases your reach. The more friends they have the greater that reach too.

I encourage people to build their friends and be active.

But as I have said 1000 times its nothing to preach to the choir we must take the truth to the sheep and they are on mainstream pages and news sites so share there.

ANYWAY talk to everyone and the hater too drop some love and truth and run….

some/MOST times a love and truth seed blossoms

Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or one law of no harm & equality. Hate begets hate & if you want to remove weeds plant more flowers.