If global warming was real

If global warming was real

If global warming was real and not as I say “manufactured with tech” THAN ISRAEL, DUBAI and that region would not be being developed as it is.

You think these trillionaires are that stupid BAHAHA

Microwaves from cell towers emulates heat feels like sun but more intense, bounced off white chemtrails haze (also holding in heat). The aluminum (and other toxic metals) used to bind to water and create haze comes down to earth settling on plants and causing water uptake problems (yes aluminum acts as a salt it also increases heat of fires) AND IT VERY VERY BURNS HOT!

Global warming is a lie it is man made yes but it is something they control and with accuracy you cant even imagine.

Ask yourself if its real why are they putting all the money into making these nations and not north and south colder climates. Its because they know something is coming to change it all. Maybe they will cause Volcanic eruptions (with massive earthquakes) or manufacture ice age. Whatever it is it is NOT natural.