if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers

If you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers – Please Read & Share

if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers

if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers

You can go on as per usual blame the system than pay the tax that keeps you complaining. Me I blame myself, you and all the followers because tyrants and evil men can only rule if you are complacent, ignorant and if you support them. Without YOU the system starves, you either starve the system our it with starve you!


Constitution of no harm, simple why now laws are used to enslave us not protect all we need is one law NO HARM if you make something and you make it to break in a year that’s harm its called planned obsolescence. Build things to last. No more competition for artificial scarcity. Work for the betterment of all but never give up your individual rights we are stronger as individuals that are free and independent because when we work together its because we choose to not because we are debt slaves working two jobs to live in squalor. Automation is not freeing use its stealing out jobs if we had things working right we would all benefit from the technology and the advancements and automation would give you time for raising your families and for growing, thinking about ways to make the world better rather then stressing about debt and releasing your stress at a hockey game. Here where I live in Vancouver I remember Hockey Riots and thousands at pubs and halls watching soccer while their tax money was bombing children’s schools and hospitals in Iraq, then Libya, Syria and Gaza where is the rage for them are we/YOU really this stupid and complacent that our masters can throw a ball to a field and some idiots will kick it around and you will be so amused that nothing else matters?

There is no shortage of food we pay farmers not to grow to control food markets. The elites want 500 million on the planet and have made no plans THAT YOU KNOW OF but if you are awake you can see it everywhere its in everything its a slow death in you food, cloths, appliances all that you consume, then its revolution, wars, famine and disease. I have tested this I have managed to create a close loop food system that could feed maybe 10 to 20 people with just my yard with 7 chickens. 250 gallon tank with 200’ish Tilapia, harvesting rain, growing food, raising rabbits and duckweed and now I am back at it also guerrilla gardening all around the neighborhood. People always say they can’t but apartments don’t keep you from going door to door asking if anyone like an old lady that would love a garden and you split it with her. Get off the grid everywhere and anywhere you can but don’t be intimidated and give up because you cant do it all just walk to work, ride a bike and never drive, buy only used, fix thing and I think growing your own food is the most important because they use our food to drug us and dumb us down.. basically anything you can buy in chain stores is poison now I have still been complacent I had a sub the other day so to some guy really committed I am an asshole typo just like so many of you SUCK BIG TIME but we all have a fork in the road anytime we want we can own ourselves and say know to the debt slave system.

History tells us a story about governments with too much control(ore really just governments period) you get Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot but I suggest that the people behind all of them have always been in power and that all the great wars have been positioning by the real power and that the trinity of power is their front and this is the Holly Roman Church – VATICAN, The CROWN – LONDON CITY CENTER and DC – THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The 3 city states have owners and they own all the CROWN LAND, BANKS, CORPORATIONS not most ALL! Canada is not a country and neither is the USA they are corporations all CROWN COLONIES have Corporate Charters sometimes refereed top as constitutions but they are not only corporations. YOUR mother Birthed a corporation and gave the registration to them and the CROWN Registered your name creating the PERSON in all Capitals all your ID with all Capitals even your bills they are not talking to you a living person they are corporations collecting from your corporate YOU. Registered and THEY OWN YOU not you and each month each day each year you confirm it because you tell them you are owned by them you pay tax to your owners, bills addressed to YOU, you ask them if you can be married, you register your children and they become owned too, you don’t own you house you rent it that property tax is rent don’t pay it you will see you never owned your home or land, your car you have to register your car they own it now and now you even have to beg for a permit to drive that car you bought and gave to your owners. You are free to talk but corporations make up all the rules they want I have 16 accounts just to keep posting what they don’t approve of they are the front for government crimes and corporations will blame the corporations your chasing your tail. Ruled with distractions, divisions, and endless propaganda the media is another arm of the elites the news is only there to manufacture your anxiety and fear. They give you millions of laws, bylaws and statues to obey telling you its freedom. War for peace and we only liberate them of oils and gold. You vote for hand picked puppets and you call that democracy hey is this democracy… Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot now vote…. are you really a democracy or even a republic. Elections are approval and consent to being governed so cut that out too.

Communists share the crumbs and Capitalists fight over the scraps but the elites don’t care what you want they created all the systems they are the left and the right win of the same roman bird. All opposition is infiltrated its why no movements will work and no parties can not be corrupted. There is only one way as I see it but I am not 100% sure what I would call the system I have in mind but it would not be collectivism in the least all must be equal we have strength from individuality all rule over themselves as long as no one harms another they are free to do as they wish. Leaders are tools of leading you join a group and you follow that group just look at what nationality and religion has managed with leading is practitioners and members people that profess liberty, pursuit of freedom, love and forgiveness and they have been lead into war after war, into hate, hoarding wealth, hoarding resources and theft.
Real time Representational Direct Democracy is easy I am a web developer and I could build a system of real time elections we can have real time representation and everyone assigned a position to vote with a 1000 people you would see 100 votes and I would say anyone could edit the thing we are voting on and it could be wikki with peer to peer classification so that the streams of changes would be consistent in indexing. But not to complicate this it would essentially mean no government made decisions they would no longer be governing they would be as we were fooled into believing they were intended, they would be representatives and only with power to do so with our votes. If you had 5 % of the vote you would have that as your representative power if you had 46% and the other guy had 49 you could combine your powers with the 5% and impress. No one would have to pay for what they did not want to use and computers could always ensure it was easily maintained.
Violence against women is divisional in the way that it leaves out children, men, elderly, animals and earth…. really think about it we only need all be against violence and then not even just abuse let us just be against harm. Equality is important in this and we all need our own space land and a place to reside as king or queen as I don’t agree with how you run your castle that’s fine its yours. For me the biggest hang up of all is the right to own your own land everyone should have an equal plot this would and will be the tough one but if we all put as much time into this as we do working as debt slaves to pay for movies and popcorn we would solve the problem in a matter of hours I am sure.

People often get hung up on the little things they don’t agree on rather than changing the things they do agree on what I am saying is lets all focus on the things we agree on and I know you all agree the system we have is broken so lets star there this idea is only 1 of many I am only one man with one idea lets hear your let’s talk turn off the TV and reconnect with the world around you see what they think. I bet we would all find most of us want the same and are ready to do what it take. Start with talking every step is needed when climbing a mountain and I will say it again get off the grid by gardening, biking and DON’T PAY TAX do what you can it all counts.


Accept nothing less then ->> LEADERLESS SYSTEM OF REAL TIME REPRESENTATIONAL DIRECT DEMOCRACY WITH A CONSTITUTION OF NO HARM. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers.

Jason Wettstein not JASON WETTSTEIN ;)