Brazil FIFA child prostitutes

Is Banker owned media targeting Brazil and other BRICS countries for leaving the Petrodollar?

This video is just one more of many thousands documenting the calace disregard the police and official have for life it is shameful that the media has been silent in years before the BRICS agreement.

Is Banker owned media targeting Brazil and other BRICS countries for leaving the Petrodollar? Is anyone asking this as it seems a reasonable question given there are many nations with much worse track records but as it is they are all using the petrodollar of the USA as well as for trade. I don’t want to minimize the Brazilian child prostitution problem or the mass murdering street people that are mostly children but I do want you to notice what seems an obvious assault on BRICS Nations with a massive increase in bank owned media. I only want to bring light to both issues as I believe many will not see the correlation between the media and BRICS.

Brazil FIFA child prostitutes

Child prostitutes know and the FIFA girls of Brazil. Children performing sex acts for earning as little as a package of cigarettes or $2.00.

OK for starters this photo below has nothing to do with Brazil and in Brazil death squads paid by bankers are murdering street children like rats in the streets. I have seen this photo floating around for days and it pisses me off just about as much as the obvious

Brazil + Corrupt Politician = Instant Justice OR instant BRICS propaganda retaliation?

Brazil + Corrupt Politician = Instant Justice 

BECAUSE: While a fake banker was tied to a pole in the icy chill of a Melbourne morning yesterday, most of the creative types behind his plight were probably still tucked up in bed, nursing champagne headaches from toasting their success. The tormented banker was the latest stunt in NAB’s marketing campaign, which pushes the line that the bank is so different to its competitors that they all hate it.
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Child prostitutes forced to cash-in on fans at Brazil World Cup – selling sex for £1.30Glue kids: They inhale glue – nicknamed ‘cola’ These children are introduced to drugs that act as a sedative and take them into a state where they can’t feel there young 8,9 and 10 year old bodies being abused by as many as 30 men in a day. Every minute you spend watching football there are  children will be manipulated into sex or RAPED!  Money that could have been spent on housing and opportunities to create sustainable urban farming and aquaculture projects. FIFA is another disgusting showcase of wealth mismanagement and hoarding by the elites all the spectators should be ashamed for supporting the criminal games!

FIFA are filthy: Leaked report shows how they let crooked Warner off the hook The full extent of FIFA’s duplicity over arch rogue Jack Warner escaping bribery charges has been laid bare by a leaked report of the ethics committee inquiry into the scandal. The damning findings produced ‘comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming evidence’ that both executive committee members Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam were guilty of the cash-for-votes allegations.


This 14 year old Brazilian girl has been raped over 50 times in the past year. She will most likely die as a prostitute hooked on drugs.

How this Happens:

  1. Sexual abuse of children occurs in 95% of fatherless households in the Brazilian slums.
  2. The raped child turns to drugs or turns to sniffing glue for emotional escape.
  3. Further abuse & addiction leads to prostitution and living on the streets.
  4. Street children are easy prey for pimps and sexual traffickers.
  5. Trafficked children disappear.

The Brazilian government does little to discourage this from happening by declaring prostitution legal and lowering the age of consent to 14 years of age.

Because of the lack of prosecution for sexual activities for minors, Brazil is touted as a major destination for sex tourism – a magnet for pedophiles.

Even Brazilian officials speculate this will increase greatly with Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016.