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Israel is committing suicide in Palestine – the same people that were behind Nazi Germany still run the world can you not see whats coming?

It is tragically sad that Israelis and their supporters have pursued a policy against Palestinians that has resulted in countless thousands of innocent victims over the years. Widowed mothers, orphaned children; the time is nearing in which Israelis are going to drown in the blood and tears of their victims. And while this disaster of epic proportions moves closer to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Israelis and her supporters continue giving it momentum.

Israel’s actions in the West Bank and Gaza have reached a climax in regard to international public opinion. As Israeli forces escalated their violent assault on Gaza earlier Thursday, governments around the world condemned her actions. In a rare turn of events, the Obama administration even stated publicly that it believes Israel is not doing enough to avoid civilian casualties and urged restraint in Gaza. [1] Setting aside the hypocrisy of those who take glee in drone-bombing women and children, I think the U.S. taking a step back from its unconditional backing of Israel is significant as it indicates a shift in U.S. opinion.

In other places around the world, words were not the only thing levied against israel. Riots erupted throughout Turkey as scores of Turkish citizens demanded an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza. Protesters attempted to enter the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, where they threw bottles and rocks at police preventing their entry, as well as lighting fires nearby. It was reported that an Israeli flag was pulled down and replaced with a Palestinian one. As Turkish police attempted to restore order, Turkish politicians egged on the protesters and delivered harsh comments towards Israel. The Mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek reportedly tweeted about the incident “It will be taken… The despicable murderers’ Consulate has to be kicked out of Turkey. We do not want an Embassy in Turkey of the murderers!” [2]

The augmenting resentment towards Israel is not solely restricted to the United States and Turkey. As I mentioned in an earlier blog of mine, Chile recently broke trade ties with Israel. Numerous countries in Europe including Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Netherlands issued warnings to their citizens to stop doing business with Israelis in the West Bank out of a legal concern pertaining to the international ruling on the settlements being illegal. As more and more governments take stances against Israel and her actions against Palestinians, it becomes irrefutably clear that Israel cannot expect to continue carrying on if she hopes to avoid isolating herself from the rest of the world.

Israel supporters, do you really think it’s wise to continue promoting Israeli brutality in Palestine? Do you want anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli militants to multiply in number? To those of us thinking critically it seems so simple, so axiomatic that if Israelis truely want to live peacefully they would put pressure on Israeli Government officials to stop the current slaughter in Gaza. More Hezbollah-like militants popping up throughout the region is not in the interests of Israel. More Palestinians resentful of Israeli policy are not in the interests of a Jewish state.

If Israel wants to avoid the calamity she is steering towards, she must withdraw from Palestine and allow the Palestinian People what they’ve been demanding for the last 7 decades: Freedom.




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