Its time for a change not spare change

So apparently its good for tourism and trade when our Already bad dollar is worse but when I renew a $15 domain one of over 100 it costs $4.70 more for each domain. Because of free trade Canadian companies now compete with nations and companies not restricted by our minimum wage and employment standards so they must compete by taking the jobs out of Canada.many Canadian jobs like mine have no borders I have to compete with people that are good earning as little as $.60 cents an hour but living in Vancouver the most expensive city in Canada I have no choice I must be be competitive but how certainly the only reason I am working at all is that I am very good at what I do. But when our government speaks of free trade they mean free to avoid our laws. If our government was here to protect us it would not be in partnership with industry and business it would be ensuring industry was to benefit all of humanity but Canadian government is not doing this and when our values and standards are only in reach of our boarders all we do is push companies to India or China.

In Vancouver we have 25% of our homes owned by China as investment properties this has artificially driven our housing up beyond the reach of many even rental units as we have only 1% vacancy but 15% empty. Now China do they need this NO they already have a problem with fake growth just Google China’s Ghost Cities they have entire cities with 750,000 empty condos but our government does not see a problem here most of all they just DON’T WANT TO SEE the problem as long as the prices are high and the fake market is as bloated as it is the tax revenue is massive but its all fake and an adjustment is coming. When China collapses it will make the US housing collapse look small.

The gains dangled in view the gains pushed in the media they are a joke your minimum wage BAH what a joke if you make $15 an hour now and you make $10 5 years ago you are only keeping up with inflation IF THAT! Inflation is just one of their tricks but if you look at all the other increases taxes, Insurance, banking fees, transit, food and alcohol its not all just inflation its very intentional gouging. Think about this earning minimum wage is below the poverty line and if you think you can raise a family on it thats wrong and if you think malnourished brain damages hungry children are not costing us all even more down the road you are also wrong. When our dollar was par we saw the value of things in the USA was as much as 45% less then Canadian Prices.

When our dollar was on par it was not on par with buying power not at all but now that it is dropping every company that we do business with is quickly increasing their price in just this short time I already pay more like I said from $15 for 1 domain to $19.70 and when the dollar adjusts lower it may take years to follow if it does at all as we found in Canada with thousands of products we never seem to adjust down its always up this could explain why when we are at par we are still as much as $45% more.

Today our governments are in bed with all big money they no longer protect the people they protect the profits and our well being and safety never is factored in unless its to repair public image. The media no longer reports news it only manufactures opinions to maximize the Governments positions that are positioned to maximize profits. You have vaccinations programs making more people into future patients, we have food with poison additives to make you sick and dumb lets face the reality here if 999 times out of 1000 the additives are poison dumbing you down ore causing fertility issues well its not an accident its intentional WELCOME to the population management program no one told you about. WELCOME to the elites plans on how to keep you just dumb enough to keep laboring to keep paying for the same system that is building a virtual prison around you slowly eroding all the things the safeguards your rights and the illusion of freedom you once had. I have spent a lot of time on what it will take to change this system and in my opinion nothing else will work nothing else and I cant think of anything that would be more natural than…

…”A Leaderless System Of Real time Representational Direct Democracy with a Constitution of no harm and equality that the protection of the individuals rights”.

Individual rights are as important as the collective even more so. This system would make it a crime to make things to break it would see all equally benefit from automation. Corporations would all be to the benefit of all and they would be our slave not as is now. No one would profit at another expense. and all this that think money is intensive I would say BULLSHIT good people only do things because they are good money only motivates evil and lazy people Tesla and so many like him died poor. Artist, scientist and writers tell me how many of them would do what they do paid or not and really the debate is moot any way as if we were in equality we would live in abundance and would really not even need to work at worst a work week could be just a few hours.

I recommend you not give up on the climb because it seems so grand think of it like this every step in climbing a mountain is as important as the last step. Today you can plant a garden or even 1 kale plant its off the grid. Turn off the lights, cut the cable and walk to work. Cut your work week to 3 days make less money live with less enjoy life more.

A sick system sick people if we focus on the poisoned people and not the poisoned well nothing will change. The cure is not paying tax and denying them labor. WHERE I LIVE You/we have a right/s even by Canadian/their own charter and its says:

freedom of religion and freedom of conscience well tell me how you can believe and practice and disobey the commandment though shall not kill tax is murder and my conscience also makes it my right to not pay tax……… oh wait one more you have the right to protest and I am protesting my governments war mongering by not paying tax.

I am bombing all the media with truth and I see others too but I see 5000 facebook friends talking to each other essentially preaching to the choir. NOW imagine if they all posted to the sheeple pages like fox news, CBC and all those propaganda outlets THIS is what I keep saying don’t talk to me talk to the people that say chemtrails are BS or that Obama is the problem (like some how a puppet is running the show) make sure they understand its just a puppet shuffle and that voting only makes you a slave essentially it says I know and I blindly follow. AND FOR ME the followers most evil of evils the absolute worst sin of all is paying tax it makes you a murderer.

If you use your mind if you stop accepting the lies as truths and you think REALLY THINK about whats going on and why you cant help but agree with me I am not nuts I am not brilliant not exceptional I am just like you but I pushed my self to examine things to be critical and use my mind please use yours get your heads out of your asses before its to lat and it will be too late soon the singularity if not already happened will mean an enslavement bound anything you can protest.