Jason Wettstein – Vancouver Web Designer

The Illusion of Choice Loop

written by Wettstein

I don’t think many people get it we had $20 in donations last year and our hosting is 100 per month. The time Jason Wettstein puts into web design and graphic design is all donated. Wettstein also donating the hosting and time to write all the content and share all the posts.

No expectations with the exception of the RCMP harassment thats a given and the very odd thank you. I just want you all to know there are the number one reason for being off the grid more and more is that if you are a good person doing good things YOU WILL STARVE OTHERWISE!

Speaking of Starving Wettstein is one amazing Graphic Designer and Web Designer in Vancouver you can get amazing websites and graphics from him support us too.

” The elites have had total control for thousand if not millions of years, there is no Russia, No China and no USA; Nations are just tools of the masters to keep the slaves divided and fighting each other. The world really is a stage and its all a show to keep you unaware of the game. there is guilt and complacency in every dollar you spend and every hour you labor within the system and if you pay tax you support the system of enslavement YOU are your enemy. There is only masters and slaves and you better act as if your lives depended on the word waking up to this fact BECAUSE THE DO. Starve the system before it starves you.” Jason Wettstein