Jason Wettstein we have 7% unemployment and a minimum wage that is well below the poverty line AND our government is paying a hell of a lot of money to give our CRAPPY Jobs away as I see 5 of these ads a day Like · Reply · 3 · 5 March at 12:02 Rick Reed Over 200 thousand people out of work and we are bringing immigrant workers I am confused Like · 4 mins Jason Wettstein sure and 10,000 fresh from Syria fist we bomb them get then to hate us immigrate them her when there are no jobs make sure people will think they are terrorists and afraid keep them isolated then have the RCMP recruit them and Harper gets his police state……. its not an accident its a plane they are manufacturing the problem to fight it just like the crack epidemic of the 80s was the CIA flying in cocain ask Oliver North LOL its a joke but we pay for it tax owns this nightmare Like · Just now

Hire Permanent Workers
See how Express Entry helps employers who can’t find Canadians to fill available positions
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March 07, 2015 at 04:10PM