John Baird – said Canada is ready to defend its interests in the Arctic using military force against Russia

John Baird – said Canada is ready to defend its interests in the Arctic using military force against Russia…

John Baird Canada MP

John Baird Canada MP –

MOSCOW, August 26 (RIA Novosti) – Canada is concerned about Russia’s military expansion in the Arctic and is ready to defend its interests in the region using military force, John Baird, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, told the Berlingske newspaper Monday.

“We are deeply worried and ready to promote and protect Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic. It’s a strategic priority for us. When it comes to militarization, we would prefer to de-escalate the conflict, but it is clear that we may protect our sovereignty by force,” Baird told the newspaper.

All Arctic coastal states are currently limited to their exclusive economic zones of 200 nautical miles. However, portions of the Arctic Sea region are in dispute for their shipping and natural resource potential. The melting of the region’s sea ice has opened the possibility for further exploration of petroleum reserves in the area.

The Ukrainian crisis has affected cooperation in the Arctic, with Norway, the United States, Canada and Denmark all imposing sanctions on Russia, which reciprocated with a food import ban. In April, Canada announced it would skip Arctic Council meetings in Moscow due to Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

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John Baird is Canada’s biggest political gang bang muppet this guy is taking it in the Ass from the USA, giving China a handjob with one hand and with the other jerking off EU all this while the United Nations is screwing his gay lover and he is Blowing Israel BUT Russia apparently was not invited to this Gang Bang apparently the puppet masters want John Baird to play up some world stage theatrics to ready the mindless Canadians for a war with Russia as if them leaving the Petrodollar this and Ukraine were just coincidences.

I think this guy takes heat off of Harper as the most under hated Canadian! John Baird’s head is so far up his  ass he smells his shit on the Mars!

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John Baird - Conservative MP for Ottawa West

John Baird – Conservative MP for Ottawa West

John Baird is like a B Movie over and over a complete disappointment to all Canadians and he is always saying he is speaking for Canada. OH YEAH JOHN lets vote on how many Back Israel, or want war with Russia and want to spend more on jets than education or pay interest on loan from private banks when we could just print our own money interest free! YES LET SEE IF YOU REPRESENT ANYONE BUT THE BANKS!

John Baird's going to war with Russia

John Baird’s going to war with Russia