Mandela Effect what is it?

Mandela effect map

Mandela effect map

I too remember the map looking like this map above BUT its my opinion in this case as in many Occam’s razor leads me to look at a simpler answer and it will still have many calling me a conspiracy nut.

Google “mind editing technology”

There are literally hundreds of these memory edits, false memories and sure its possible “alternate realities” however I am of the opinion most are flawed memories and beyond this Governments are testing weaponized version of mass mind editing technologies. I will share some so called Mandela Effect images below and I am sure you too will be amazed and shocked to what is real today as opposed to how you recall things.

Many disinfo and shilly pages popping up pushing interdimensional shifts, alternate realities and simulation reality theory. Matt of Quantum of Conscience is the perfect example of shill channel. He avoids any discussions that take us away from his concept of that its a simulation. Many times mentioning how all the smartest people (alluding to himself as one of them) like Elon Musk believe our reality is a simulation. I would say when people embedded in this system are trying to redirect you away from existing science and decades of propaganda as a more likely answer that they are shilling.

Again I ask you to research mind editing and memory manipulation technology today and then imagine when and military started testing this and how far advanced they are from public tech.

I have imagined this is a reality and that if we are in a simulation that we could very well hack the code and if so we could write new lands edit earth and even make it flat and with mad coding skills you could give every individual the reality they imagine to be real. I have also imagined that the group of humanity creates its reality in its beliefs and that TV and Movies and education are another hack. I have shared these ideas years ago and explored these ideas almost 10 years or more ago and my posts show this. Where I am today is that I don’t believe anything and that almost no one has an original idea.

Maybe the reason for fake/simulation reality/matrix is pushed is because its replacing creation or that it fits a coming psyop ie Project Blue Beam and the God/Alien intervention. Matt of Quantum of Conscience talks about TV prediction and many say to him not predicted scripted. I am saying all his ideas are not his they are Movies he has seen; Matrix, Thirteenth floor, Dark City and West World. Then again maybe they made these movies so we would dismiss these ideas. I don’t dismiss the possibility I just think there is many other more likely possibilities and I am very suspect of anyone that refuses to look at them all.

People seem to be very much taking concepts on as if they are apart of their selves, Vegans and Mandela obsessed akin to this very strange brainwashed group hostile and delusional and unable to explore possibility that they are being had. Like sheep guarding the fence around the slaughter house.

Myself I enjoy where all the possibilities take my mind and fantasy and I do not outright dismiss anything. I really like the idea that the inconsistencies are because we reside in a slave system beyond technologies of today and that at one time humanity became so advanced some were tech like gods and to rule without opposition they collapsed us into the dark ages until all signs of them was erased and destroyed. Check out the newearth youtube channel. I am not saying I believe it just that its also more likely than shill Matt of Quantum of Conscience.

These days I seem to be in a state of varying disbeliefs rather than beliefs. Our reality is definitely not what we are shown it to be in school just as Governments are not for us neither is truth.  but I am certain of a few things;

Its all a bag of tricks! Nations, Money, Religions, Races, Sex and Class; all tricks! Nations are a lie. Just use them to keep the slaves divided and managed. Just think about it as you become independent Russia drops a bomb and you run back to government its perfect slave system.

Sadly most of us fight to be equal slaves and not our enslavement.

OH BY THE WAY MATT IS AbOriginal (far from original)

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