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I DELETED ALL THE ADS Google went from $100+ a day to $10 a month its totally censorship and its almost a joke having these crooks on our site. BUT we have received a total of $25 in donations and it costs $100 per month to host and my time too SO DONATE!
Its free & always will be. Also no censorship but each area is on topic so if you post about Food Independence in the Police State section and its very off topic you may be asked to move it. (or it may be deleted with notification). If you have not already please do… REGISTER BELOW or LOG IN if you are not already
My mantra lately has been, accept nothing less than… Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or law of no harm and equality. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to kill the weeds plant more flowers.
Activists hub and its many websites and facebook pages are thus far a one man show also caring and raising a child. We grow most of our food but we are still debt slaves like you. We lose money maintaining this site so please…

Donations Appreciated & Sponsors too…

Membership benefits are/WILL BE (sites fairly new) a few mostly to Lists, Data, Tools & Downloads things that have taken a lot of time to compile that you may find value in having in a lazier way so joining you will see these are automatically added to menus and resource links visible in posts. Some links to additional content and tools but we will never conceal anything that you can’t find with info we will be clear in providing. Its free to Join and you can use a fake name and even a one time email we have no intentions to message you about anything not related to the site and it may never happen.

We are looking for help if you are an established Conspiracy fact nut like me and Volunteer help. Comment below if you don’t have facebook get a fake facebook account and use Hide My Ass because its a war of information and they will censor us but when they do open another account I have 25 plus account and about the same in pages maybe more. You can SHARE posts, info and links with just one click SEE HOW. We will share lots of secrets and resilient ways to spread the truth we will overgrow the weeds with flowers.

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