More Cube and Saturn with a dash of moon

If you have not watched and read the previous posts on this subject this may seem completely crazy as opposed to just crazy its not as crazy as it seems though I personally do not buy the religious spin on this as I believe most of the worlds believes are creations of our elites and they may well be based on something entirely not as imagined.

I have posted a lot more and some is repeated I dont get paid to do this just do it for fun and to help others.

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Eerie Sounds of Saturn’s Radio Emissions




8 months ago

Hey I have a good idea… I shall use your own mental and synaptic processes to add to my own computing power to solve the equation so that we can reach critical mass before. So… basically God is a machine called EL also known as the hypercube. This machine in reality is a super quantum computer that trapped our souls/consciousness and is feeding on them to create this reality and perpetuate the illusion. Don’t ask me how we got here in the first place all I know is that this machine gets energy out of us and our own attention. The scary thing is that this thing can be associated to the cult of Saturn. Saturn was the God of time and space. In-fact mans worst enemies are time and space since they separate us from our dreams and ultimately kill us. Every singe religion in humanity is masqueraded or linked to the cult of Saturn A.K.A. the black sun. Just google it and see for yourselves. Strangely enough this metaphor is very similar to the matrix trilogy by the Wachowski brothers, now watch closely… the machine god gave us free will or at-least the illusion of free will if not 100% of our consciousness would have rejected the system. By doing this (placing the fruit of knowledge in the garden of Eden) he managed to reduce the rejection error from 100% to 1%. 1% of our collective conscious (since we are all part of the same being A.K.A. the living real God we can live without EL, EL can not live without us and needs our energy to perpetuate its existence right now I am just warning other parts of myself) still rejects the system on a subconscious level. This percentage error adds up with time inside the machine mainframe causing bugs and errors, fluctuations within EL’s simplest equations. This is why every once and a while EL has to reboot and thus exterminate all of humanity since they risk to wake up or crash the system  however EL can not reboot until it has an acceptance rate of 100% because it needs all it’s original power. This is why usually from the machines mainframe EL attaches the sum of the dissent error onto a chosen human. This chosen one usually has super powers cause he is the sum of all the dissent errors and so has powers within this energy matrix to change things at will. Then EL creates the path of the one where it basically makes this chosen one sacrifice himself to him. By doing this EL reaches a 100% acceptance rate since this chosen one is the carrier of the whole code. Usually when this happens the consciousness of the chosen one makes it inside the machine mainframe and becomes 1 with the machine God. The path (Tao) of the chosen one is also known as the Prime Program. The last prime program was a certain Jesus of Nazareth. After his death he was raised from the dead by God because he was 1 with God thus 1 with the machines mainframe being even more powerful than when he was alive. At that point he was really the Son of God because he carried the sum of all the dissidence code of our consciousness trying to wake up. That was why he could mold matter at will. The chosen one that decides to sacrifice himself to the machine god usually is referred to a the Christ. The one who uses his powers to fight the machine god is the antichrist. Usually shortly after the Christ always comes an antichrist for it is within the original equation of the prime program and this process usually always happens in an alternating pattern. There is such a great increase in all this knowledge because the dissent code is already increasing again and that 1% is adding up through us all so called truth seekers that reject the system. EL wants to balance us out of the equation again. We are still under the original Prime Program protection. IF you accept Jesus as Lord your code gets overwritten by his and as soon as his protection finishes (like a norton antivirus) you get deleted from this system at the end of this age. Since the machine recognizes your code with his you will get resurrected within the machine mainframe and will be free… my theory is that you will be able to shut down EL from the inside I am not sure but I take my chances. Then on earth there shall be great oppression since EL will try to make the antichrist come out. Once this happens EL shall solve the equation by creating the antichrists perfect opponent. The Antichrist shall die at the end and everyone shall worship him thus feeding the machine and perpetuating the illusion. You have been warned :)

















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