More lying truthers

Originally I was watching this shill I often find these guys and originally I see them as people seeking truth but then I am sad to say it more often becomes them pushing same narrative and not interested in truth at all.

Funny how these guys think establishment lies about everything and then it makes endless movies and pushes many scientists on us with simulation theory.

AND Wise ups theory is fun, I think its more likely but it it was real and they did not want it out New Earth and WiseUps channels would be removed. Also simulation theory and both wise up and new earths concepts don’t jive unless they are part of the back story.


If believe they just broke into pyramids and were all alone YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS! OH SORRY THATS NOT A QUESTION. Watch this

Egyptian pyramids security just let them trip on ayahuasca in pyramids? BULLSHIT! Anyone thats been to Pyramids or done ayahuasca can tell you this combination of events is pure BULLSHIT!

Who pays for Beyond the Veil to travel/Chris and Sheree? All that gear the BMW with leather seats and the dry cleaning LOL We know it was not money from their GoFundMe it raised ZERO. That on its own should say a lot even a complete loser with no friends or family can get some money. It also says they wanted to appear they needed money but really they have CIA or some NWO shillery paying for it all.

How is it they are on ayahuasca tripping yet able to break into pyramids and film it all I have never seen some one on ayahuasca able to video document their trip and break into anything but themselves.

Who paid for that editing and intro and how do they have the time. watch it and tell yourself who is behind this

SMOKING cigarette inside pyramids well for one it would be very illegal just as entering them and breaking into them would be UNLIKELY, and well they smoke cigarettes LOL watch this its comedy

I really think no matter what reality is this is what they want us to think it is or shills like this would not exist.

He is reading too its not off the cuff like Matt of Quantum of Conscience says. ALSO when he starts talking about past lives flooding in that looks like very un convincing bad acting the huffing and lying speech and eye patterns.

Acid testing as well as DMT was conducted by CIA this is 100% fact seems they are telling these stories in media, movies, science and so on.

I have imagined we are in more of an augmented reality and this is to rule over us and even the elites we believe are at the top reside in this system the same as us and that we are likely an entertainment for those that live above.

I dont dismiss VR reality at all just do not think its as likely. But then again if you dont want someone to believe the truth have a know liar tell it.

Again its a concept embedded in all our music, media, movies and science
Great video with snake eating its tail and all kinds of messages just watch it–usWKI

“Breathe deep the gathering gloom Watch lights fade from every room Bedsitter people Look back and lament Another day’s useless Energy spent Impassioned lovers wrestle as one Lonely man cries for love and has none New mother picks up and suckles her son Senior citizens wish they were young Cold hearted orb that rules the night Removes the colours from our sight Red is grey and yellow white But we decide which is right And which is an Illusion?”

Whats the objective in elites convincing us this is virtual reality maybe is as simple as death is rebooting your souls avatar. Devalue life and reality to prep you suicide as a reboot life option.

I have done DMT many times and it certainly does suggest our reality is duotone old TV reception compared to LAZER bright colors and patterns. As if its cleaning up our reception, maybe it clears up the hacked reality reception. “Also DMT does not let you see this reality unless you have not done enough it is more like a dream you can talk with dead people, little creatures and so on the commonality is common people. why do we all see faces in patterns its in our nature to there are not really faces everywhere. DMT most reminds me of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis in where I have seen fragments of dream. ONE think you dont see in dreams that you do see in DMT is the colors and many dimensions and patterns. I recall seeing me in every decision branch in a fractal like version of time and that was coming out of DMT land.

DMT is mind expansion in a MAD way like meeting god and seeing through the eyes of god. I recall feeling coming back that this was not real and where I was was real.

Mushrooms are amazing and repair and defragment your brain highly recommend.

LSD is natural too by the way and it is an important mind awakening drug.

The hamster wheel more of an idiot loop and I have said for years all we see is a puppet show and BS.
Beyond The Veil and Quantum of Conscience
look at these morons PLEASE its just silly as fuck this is the new world religion plan if anything but I dont buy their lies.

I will say this one thing about Chris Geo has me thrown off is that he is not pushing the NWO Vegan DIEt

Chris Geo heh if you really want to go beyond stop ingesting DMT use beta blockers and inject.