Gregor Robertson – LOSER! but you paid 11 million to have him lose, and will they gust take the money from somewhere else?… YES!

Gregor Robertson a real loser

No to Translink, No to mismanagement, No to theft, No to Translink and NO to Black mail – The truth behind the NO VOTE

It was a NO to being ripped off AGAIN, and NO to Translink and NO to mismanagement and waste!

There is and was wasted money that should and could have built the system they promised with increase. This was not about anything but ending the waste and entitlements of these criminals.

Yes would have been yest to black mail, Yes would have been Yes to more delays, more unjustified expences and yest to the out rigfht theft. Yes would have to ignore hundreds of millions wasted and over budget HUNDREDS! on a compass cars that is what? a hundred million + over budget and way over time with talk of abandoning it and reports of the company behind the compas card being bankrupt? AND Company behind Translink’s upcoming Compass card target of class-action lawsuit

62% voted no even after the YES side spend low estimates of 11 millions and more if you account for what city officials used in time and influence, as well as media and Union Manipulation.

Vancouver is falling short feeding 2000 school kids everyday where is the media on this? The 11 million spent on manipulating people into voting yes and essentially being OK with further theft and mismanagement could have feed all these hungry children for the next 6 years. WHAT A DISGUSTING WASTE…

… TransLink Mayors Spending $11 Per Vote

Where is the tax increase for hungry kids? We can find 8 billion for the Olympics but education and lunch programs are cut? Gregor Robertson and Christy Clark pandering to the corporate elites and entitlements, obviously part of our problem and just like translink they gotta go!

This is interesting; Open letter to Christy Clark & the BC Government & the people of BC.

Christy Clark Yoga day at a cost of over $150k – AND IT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED! this is the kind of waste you can find everyday but then for some reason we can not find money to feed our children.

Recent trends of Governments Branding Child abuse and neglect as Child Poverty. dismissive and complacent as if child poverty  is just like potholes or neglected infrastructure.

We have leaders spending billions in PR stunts, and kick back schemes, it does not take much to see this even on a local level.

Christy Clark Yoga day at a cost of over $150k

The 2010 Winter Olympics cost more than $7-billion to stage

AND AGAIN Here in Vancouver 2000+ children per day go hungry and during the summer when the child lunch program is off its even more.

Just the Olympic spending alone could have paid education, housed all homeless, fed all poor for all of Canada or the next 50 years and what could possibly get in the way of making this a priority over spectator sporting events? Do the people of BC and Canada really want colusiums before schools and hungry children?

Child poverty is willful child abuse and if you are paying tax you should STOP our money is being wasted and or children are being abused.