Obamas mother

Obama’s real father AND his real mother…. ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK TRUST ME!

Dreams from my REAL Father

Dreams from my REAL Father

then there is this LINK HERE


What do Barack Obama’s mother, the religion of Subud, Hawaii, Chicago, Indonesia, No Birth Certificate, the word Subarkah on his mother’s passport, Loretta Fuddy and Barack Hussein Obama have in common? Many things, but one of particular interest could be linkage to the “real father” of the 44th president of the United States.

This man in question is not a Kenyan named Barack Obama, not his adopted father Lolo Soetoro and not the communist activist Frank Marshall Davis. This new connection is to a founder of a small religious sect known as “Subud.” His name is  Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

obama family

obama family

Stanley Ann Dunham with a young Barack Obama



Rumours have been circulating that this picture is allegedly Obama’s mother. Anton La vay who is in the picture was the leader of the church of Satan and a leading Mind controller of Hollywood mk ultra victims. We know Obama’s mom appeared in naked pictures which amazingly not one mainstream publication in the whole world has highlighted or published. This alone would bar anyone from such a high office. If they can cover up the biggest sex scandal in the world then have a look at the two pictures and contrast and compare ask yourself is this Obama’s mom in both pictures.obamas-mom






NOW IF THATS NOT ALL STRANGE ENOUGH what’s being said about Michelle Obama now well I don’t care if Obama’s Gay or if Michelle is actually Michael I am just saying the guy obviously likes hot dogs.




Michelle Obama Transexual?