Prison Planet… Maybe? – Stop being Against & Start Being For.


Could well be on a prison planet? Maybe not unlike a giant Truman show. Interesting! It would explain the elites and the disregard for the planet as if they know its a prison cell. I think of the elites as maybe the biggest gangster in the prison, with all their dealing on the down-low as maybe they don’t want the guards in on the break out? Seem these thugs should make the prison a garden of Eden and a heaven on earth, rather then flooding the toilets and stabbing each others filed down toothbrushes.  Maybe we keep trying to bust out. (CERN?) but in reality can you imagine why most of these evil fuckers should not be in a prison.

Adie Hopper​ shared this with me, and I do think this is also another believable scenario, not sure to me the most believable but certainly not unbelievable.

I wrote this a few years ago! I’ve never found a more believable theory for me being on this planet!

I’ve heard many theories and entertained many ideas but I’m quite sure I’ve worked it out for myself!

Earth! Is a prison colony! I know it sounds weird but once you realise that you are currently denied knowledge of the whole truth you begin to understand the truth for yourself!

You came here from somewhere ( not every soul who is on earth incarcerated in a meatsuit human body uniform is from the same place)

Before being brought in and incarcerated in the meatsuit uniform human body to bind you to the earth, make you look like everyone else and unify you, you were relieved of all previous memory, knowledge, wisdom, this is for many reasons including to prevent you pining, prevent you understanding, prevent you escaping and prevent you being stronger than your captors.
You were retarded and limited the comprehension of only three dimensions while In fact there are millions of dimensions and the bigger picture is so huge and vast you would not be able to comprehend it in your current 3d incarceration/incarnation.

The best way to prevent inmates escaping from a prison ever devised was to convince them that Inside the prison was the complete extent of all creation and that nothing existed beyond the prison walls, when the inmates believe this they believe there is nothing to long for, nothing to aspire to, nothing to escape into!

Different souls come from many many many different places to do ‘time’ here and they come for different reasons!
Some are forced to come here for a punishment and to receive punishment, learn lessons and be ‘rehabilitated’, some need to pass through many times for this to happen!!

Some choose to come here, sometimes to protect someone who was forced to come here, sometimes as a kind of social worker/teacher who want to help and guide inmates

Some here are prison wardens overseeing things and carrying out orders from those higher than themselves, this is why sometimes it just doesn’t make sense that some people have awful lives while others seem to have a relatively good time, it’s relevant to your existence before earth, what you can’t remember, the soul you really are in the grander scheme!

Rest assured! You are currently in a temporary state of amnesia, you are operating how this world taught you to operate, you are ignorant and very much in the dark but rest assured, there is a grander scheme to which you will one day return!

Oh! And by the way, when the time comes and you leave your meatsuit, don’t go to the light! It’s a trap, a vacuum waiting to suck your soul in to reincarnate you on earth or somewhere similar once again. Focus on those who love you, ask for their help, wait, then follow the energy to freedom and declare your time is done and you dues are paid. You will be free!

OK but don’t get all too serious about things ideas are nothing more just some campfire stories amounts the slaves. I mean I see it all the time people calling each other idiots for even suggesting its a possibility and I am saying even if it is all fantasy and creativity why are people so all or nothing. I personally thing almost anything you can honestly imagine as a possibility has potential of being at least some what possible and its fun to imagine. Besides as slaves its silly to even think it matters. Slaves getting mad about whats on the other side of the fence. Get your selves free first then argue and debate and I bet it will be less hostile as you wont be misplacing all your captive energy into your fellow slaves.

I like the idea that we move away from the idea of fighting our enslavement and we leave it and we become independent, being the change we wish to see, Vote by not voting. Stop murder and war by not paying for it, your tax and your consumption is your partnership in crimes committed with its money. Look to a Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or law of no harm and equality. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to rid the world of weeds plant more flowers.