Roman Empire Rules Today – Full Video & The Jesuits, Priesthood of Evil Exposed – Full Video

When a christian prepares and documents he does it from a christians perspective but this does not mean the many facts are not true to an agnostic or an atheist maybe just viewed with a more critical eye. I don’t share anything that is without value in finding the truth or maybe exposing mistruths.

Roman Empire Rules Today


all about jurisdiction God vs mans law

G20 zionists

G20 zionists

all seeing eye catholic church 001 army in black 1 Babylon Priest Pope army in black army in black babylon salute Catholic Spain Inquisition dagon nimrod pope fish 001 EASTER eu 4th reich poster tower of babel nwo 001 EU CONSTITUTION  4th REICH 001 eu poster writing 006 EU PRESIDENCY 001 ignorance-is-bliss history-repeats-itself- hammer and sickle emblem in the background 5-9-2014 GOP-satan inverted stars God vs Mans Law Jurisdiction GEORGIA GUIDESTONES  AUTHORS of 001 fluer de lis 001 Eye of the pyramid 001 kerry jewish catholic roots 2 JOSEPH SMITH SPHINX 001 jesus image the sun god 001 jesuits Jesuit Extreme Oath ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Isis BOHENIAN GROVE Magic_july 17 illuminati catholic pyramid eye 001 LDS Sen. Mike Lee, DIRTY WAR Pope Francis at Vatican knights templar freemasons NAZI POPE OATH Nebuchadnezzar's dream 001 netanyahu-pope-francis Obelisk magic binding power 001 pinecone pineal glande pope Doves  ATTACKED a sign from Godpope Doves  ATTACKED a sign from God pyramid catholic church 001 Property Tax is Rent to the State Theft prayer beads pope_blesses_un_flag pope protects child sex prostitution 001 pope NWO Pope Francis touches the IDOL statue of Virgin Mary Pope Francis says Communists are really 'closet Christians' Russia EU 4th Reich hammer and sickle emblem in the background Satanic POPE_ 3 fingers4 Satanic_monument_ 3 fingers serpent satan vatican 001 Satanic_monument_ Slavery to the corporate State. Government and mega-corporations work hand in hand. swiss 3 finger TOWER of BABEL ALBERT PIKE WOMAN RIDES THE BEAST MANY WATERS 001 whore of revelations virgin mary queen of heaven 001 VATICAN NWO Hitler GOALS triple cross papal office trident babylon 001 tower-painting-poster