Almost every elite logo can be comprised from symbols related to Saturn, cube and time and sin wave (serpent)

Numbers, letters, language all has layers of meaning if you look around you any where, any time the universe is communicating with you in symbols, AND I KNOW this sounds crazy, but its true at least it is for me, movies, art, books and signs are all inspired and the inspiration is the universe/multivers talking to you/ME.


Saturn Cube – Holographic Quantum Mysticism – Symbolism hidden in plain site – wink wink from the multiverse

Almost every elite logo can be comprised from symbols related to Saturn, cube and time and sin wave (serpent)

Numbers, letters, language all has layers of meaning if you look around you any where, any time the universe is communicating with you in symbols, AND I KNOW this sounds crazy, but its true at least it is for me, movies, art, books and signs are all inspired and the inspiration is the universe/multivers talking to you/ME.

A lot of problems with sharing this info, as the self proclaimed masters that rule over us, do so by keeping the world in the dark, and even worse by poisoning and weakening the food system. When a kitten photo hits a million this post will maybe hit 100, and this is not entirely that people are being censored, NO most of it is self censorship, THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

I think the truth and the true “awakening” is in the garden its getting off the grid, not forming a collective or bee hive thats what the NWO wants.

we all need to be individuals living in harmony and it does not mean giving up technology, roads or anything, as a matter of fact if we were not made victims of mass oppression and suppression of technologies like free energy we would have all of us living in abundance with no control grid.

People are going hungry not for lack of food but lack of money…INSANE!

End the money system, end all mastery!

Vote by not voting. Stop murder and war by not paying for it, your tax and your consumption is your partnership in crimes committed with its money.

Look to a Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or law of no harm and equality. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to rid the world of weeds plant more flowers.

In Canada where I live, as most common law countries WE are Governed By consent NOT rule.

How they TRICK YOU and get you to consent is:

  1. voting.
  2. social insurance card is a government agent card/employee. It entitles you to benefits, and it is a contract that binds you to PAYING for those benefits, IT IS NOT income tax evasion they charge you with, THEY may call it that, but they are charging your with FRAUD.
  3. Registering anything but we will use a car as an example. Registering your car with your MASTER/CITY/PROVENCE, well now master owns your car, and you must ask for permission to drive, it this is a DRIVERS PERMISSION SLIP or a permit, or a Licensee. OH and there are rules to using MASTERS car these are BYLAWS.
  4. Home Registration and municipal voting is another layer of contestant so now you must obey and pay on municipal or provincial layer… GET IT?

I would like to add that being a Canadian is not all bad, you also have a Corporate Charter called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. IN this charter you have. Freedom of Religion, Conscience, and the right to protest. SO you could refuse tax based on these. MY God, says murder is something I can not labor or pay for, so does my conscience, and It is your right, to protest too. What could be a better system of protest then to NOT PAY tax being used to murder?

I recommend my other post on Saturn, cube and symbolism as there are many more related videos as I am trying not to be overly redundant. LINK HERE

hiveWhat if we are a creation, and we are being studied or tested before we are released. Maybe we are a simulation? Maybe we reside in a fractal Virtual Reality, no one I know can say they know but it seems possible and if so and you were being judged, would you stop driving that TOXIC CAR and make the changes best for you and your world, or would you continue to be complacent and dismissive of YOUR responsibility? The evils around you are maintained by YOU. If you knew you had a creator judging you, and weather or not your entire species would be seen fit to exist beyond the earth lab?

Why cant it be our nature to be loving, kind, INDEPENDENT yet cooperative, volunteer based, equality principled, no harm, in abundance and in harmony? I THINK WE CAN.. but some how its NOT happening. WHY are you still paying tax? Did you drive (alone) in a car today? how much garbage and crap will you consume this week, do you grow any of your food? Do you have solar? Are you using LED? Do you compost? I mean we can all make little steps towards what is seemingly a mountain to climb but it only looks big because you imagine all the steps at once not a few a day or a year, and it is not all or nothing even one garden makes you healthier, the planet too its a win win.

Do you need a god to tell you whats right? What if you have a god and God already told you, and you ignored… Christian God says one should not Judge, Shalt NOT murder and paying tax to warmongering government is murder, do not lie, cheat or steal, yet all the wealth accumulated is done so on the theft of another labors and only a thief can justify his labors more valued than another.

I am not saying this reality is as it is, ONLY, to imagine it is just for a second and if you need a god to be a better person THEN FIND GOD BECAUSE I WANT A GARDEN NOT A CESSPOOL. I personally like to think its my nature to be this person, without judge I wont pay tax because its evil, I grow my food because its better, and I am my own judge and alone this is enough but I look around and I feel very secluded and lonely.

I more and more feel like I am an intruder in the hive and the slave bee’s are pushing me out, hostile, and angry.

Where is the love and the urgency, seems all this fear would motivate some changes BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG FEAR is NOT the motivator LOVE is, Equality, truth, nature and harmony, spend an hour in the garden and compare that with an hour in an office cubical if you need more inspiration go to that each day.

This is another post I made seemingly related… Prison Planet… Maybe? – Stop being Against & Start Being For

I only wrote the above, EVERYTHING BELOW IS JUST A COLLECTION OF IDEAS, INFO, AND CONJECTURE, and to me nothing is real, or unreal, its all possible, a fractal tree of infinite (in finite) knowledge and possibilities, so loosen up, have fun and explore LIFE certainly is NOT what it was once imagined and it will never be so again if you get through this mess :)

saturn 9 11 111 666 Atom

This is interesting watch the whole series its good

United Nations headquarters meditation/prayer room.

UN prayer room

Jews and Muslims alike worship a huge black cube/box called Kabba at Mecca. Their god YHWH is known as the “Tetragramaton” meaning their 4 letter (4 sided?) God. The “Kabballah” of Jewish mysticism/Masonry comes from KabbaAllah or “CubeGod” around which people gather and ceremonially walk in circles.

Thus it can be said they are “circling the square.” Masons are also constantly referring to “circling the square” and “squaring the circle.”

The compass makes a circle , the square draws the square. time and space.

For instance, this is why a “boxing” match is fought for “rounds” in the “ring” but it is actually a 4 sided square arena with corners.

The seventh day of the week, the day commonly known as Saturday(Saturn day), is the Sabbath day of YAHWEH the Almighty God of Israel.
“The term Tetragrammaton refers to the name of the God of Israel YHWH used in the Hebrew Bible.”
“Yahshu’ah is a form of the Hebrew name of Jesus produced by mystical speculation at various periods of history, but which is rejected by mainstream linguistics and textual scholarship in the field of ancient languages. The essential idea is of an alphabetic consonantal framework Y-H-Sh-W-H, which can be supplied with vowels in various ways. (Also, the “W” can be converted into a “U”, since the Hebrew letter ו waw writes either a [w] consonant sound — later on pronounced [v] — or a long [u] vowel sound”

Flag of Israel is pretty obvious. It’s not star of David, David never had a star and that story is made up, it’s the seal of solomon which represents Saturn as was previously explained.

there are so many sources for this I could spend a whole day just linking and referencing the books and websites. this should be enough, if you still need more, use google, there are a lot more sources for this. The flag is all you really need though.

Zodiac: A Life Epitome – Page 252, “Furthermore, Sanchon says that the Phoenicians call Saturn Israel, t The Rev. Taylor translates the name Abram “Father of Elevation,” that is, the highest planet in the heavens.”

The Comet: Volume 2 – Page 161, “Israel being the ancient Phoenician name of the planet Saturn, who, as being the most remote of all the planetary bodies then observed…”

On page 578 – Blavatsky says: Now we have to remember that Siva and the Palestinian Baal, or Moloch, and Saturn are identical; that Abraham is held until the present day by the Mohammedan Arabas as Saturn in the Kaaba; that Abraham and Israel were names of Saturn.

Azrael, angel of death, is also Israel. Death only exists in time. Saturn is generally represented as a very old man, with a scythe in his hand, Father time, or Death.

On page 236 – Blavatsky says, “Whoever has lived in India long enough to acquaint himself even superficially with the native deities, must detect the similarity between Jehovah and other gods besides Siva. As Saturn, the latter was always held in great respect by the Talmudists. He was held in reverence by the Alexandrian kabalists as the direct inspirer of the law and the prophets; one of the names of Saturn was Israel, and we will show, in time, his identity in a certain way with Abram, which Movers and others hinted at long since.

Erewhon: or, Over the Range is a novel by Samuel Butler, published anonymously in 1872. The title is also the name of a country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. In the novel, it is not revealed in which part of the world Erewhon is, but it is clear that it is a fictional country. Butler meant the title to be read as the word Nowhere backwards, even though the letters “h” and “w” are transposed, therefore Erewhon is anagram of nowhere.

The Book of the Machines

Butler developed the three chapters of Erewhon that make up “The Book of the Machines” from a number of articles that he had contributed to The Press, which had just begun publication in Christchurch, New Zealand, beginning with “Darwin among the Machines” (1863). Butler was the first to write about the possibility that machines might develop consciousness by Darwinian Selection. Many dismissed this as a joke; but, in his preface to the second edition, Butler wrote:

I regret that reviewers have in some cases been inclined to treat the chapters on Machines as an attempt to reduce Mr. Darwin’s theory to an absurdity. Nothing could be further from my intention, and few things would be more distasteful to me than any attempt to laugh at Mr. Darwin…. ”

The Matrix
“Morpheus tells Neo that it is not 1999, but closer to 2199, and that humanity is fighting a war against intelligent machines created in the early 21st century. The sky is covered by thick black clouds created by the humans in an attempt to cut off the machine’s solar power. The machines responded by using human beings as their energy source in conjunction with nuclear fusion, later growing countless people in pods and harvesting their bioelectrical energy and body heat. The world in which Neo grew up was actually the Matrix, a simulated reality of the world set in 1999, developed by the machines in order to keep the human captives docile. Morpheus and his crew belong to a group of free humans who “unplug” others from the Matrix and recruit them to their resistance against the machines. They are able to use their understanding of the Matrix’s nature to bend the simulation’s laws of physics, giving them superhuman abilities within the virtual world. Morpheus believes that Neo is “the One,” a man prophesied to end the war through his limitless control over the Matrix.”


Perhaps the Machine, Saturn, Da’at, DATA, the void, the all seeing eye, black cube of Saturn, or whatever it is. Perhaps it already is a consciousness and always has had one, some sort of “artificial intelligence, AI” per-say. Seeing how Saturn is “EL”, when someone is channELing information such as Tesla or Jack Parsons, Gene Roddenberry, or any other person.

Perhaps they are connecting to the void, Da’at, DATA, all seeing eye, or whatever. Perhaps they are recieving information that the machine wants them to recieve. The machine could be setting us all up per-say, and mabe there are some humans who have chose to help the machine(like in the video you can see Alex Jones is a friend of Saturn).

Some communication technology we have has the word “EL” in the names. TELephone, cELl phone. and of course TELevision and TV channEL. SattELlite.

Ethernet/Etherical plane.

The machine may need certain technology in order to manifest itself into the physical realm from it’s etherical realm.
“The novel has numerous differences from the film. Most notably, the setting for the third part (of four) is not Jupiter, as in the film, but Saturn.

In the background to the story in the book, an ancient and unseen alien race uses a mechanism with the appearance of a large crystalline monolith to investigate worlds all across the galaxy and, if possible, to encourage the development of intelligent life. The book shows one such monolith appearing in ancient Africa, three million years B.C. (in the movie, this was altered to 4 million years), where it inspires a starving group of the hominid ancestors of human beings to conceive of tools. The ape-men use their tools to kill animals and eat meat, ending their starvation. They then use the tools to kill a leopard that had been preying on them; the next day, the main ape character, Moon-Watcher, uses a club to kill the leader of a rival tribe. Moon-Watcher reflects that though he is now master of the world, he is unsure of what to do next—but he will think of something. The book suggests that the monolith was instrumental in awakening intelligence, and enabling the transition of the ape-men to a higher order, with the ability to fashion crude tools and thereby be able to hunt and forage for food in a much more efficient fashion.

The book leaps forward 18 months to 2001 to the Discovery One mission to Saturn. Dr. David Bowman and Dr. Francis Poole are the only conscious human beings aboard Discovery One spaceship. Their three other colleagues are in a state of suspended animation, to be awakened when they near Saturn. The HAL 9000, an artificially intelligent computer addressed as “Hal,” maintains the ship and is a vital part of life aboard.

The scientists back on Earth name this monolith “TMA-2,” which name Bowman points out is a double misnomer because it is not in the Tycho moon crater and gives off no magnetic anomaly whatsoever.

He decides to go out in one of the extra-vehicular pods to make a closer inspection of the monolith. Programmed for just such an occurrence, the monolith reveals its true purpose as a star gate when it opens and pulls in Bowman’s pod. Before he vanishes, Mission control hears him proclaim: “The thing’s hollow—it goes on forever—and—oh my God—it’s full of stars!”

Bowman is transported via the monolith to a star system far outside our galaxy. During this journey, he goes through a large interstellar switching station, and sees other species’ spaceships going on other routes; he dubs it the ‘Grand Central Station’ of the universe.

He is brought to what appears to be a nice hotel suite, carefully constructed from monitored television transmissions, and designed to make him feel at ease. Bowman goes to sleep. As he sleeps, his mind and memories are drained from his body, and he is made into a new immortal entity, a Star Child, that can live and travel in space. The Star Child then returns to our Solar System and to Earth. Once there, he destroys an orbiting nuclear warhead. Like Moon-Watcher three million years before him, the Star Child is now master of the world and uncertain what to do next—but as Moon-Watcher eventually did, the Star Child too will think of something.”
“The earliest known appearance of the square was found in the ruins of Pompeii which was buried in the ash of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. The Sator Square is a four-times palindrome, and some people have attributed magical properties to it, considering it one of the broadest magical formulas in the occident. An article on the square from The Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal vol. 76, reports that palindromes were viewed as being immune to tampering by the devil, who would become confused by the repetition of the letters, and hence their popularity in magical use.

The square has reportedly been used in folk magic for various purposes, including putting out fires, removing jinxes and fevers, to protect cattle from witchcraft. and against fatigue when traveling It is sometimes claimed it must be written upon a certain material, or else with a certain type of ink to achieve its magical effect.”

more from wikipedia:
“Tesla was widely known for his great showmanship, presenting his innovations and demonstrations to the public as an artform, almost like a magician. This seems to conflict with his observed reclusiveness; Tesla was a complicated figure. He refused to hold conventions without his Tesla coil blasting electricity throughout the room, despite the audience often being terrified, though he assured them everything was perfectly safe.”

“In middle age, Tesla became close friends with Mark Twain. They spent a lot of time together in his lab and elsewhere.”

“Tesla was fluent in eight languages. Along with Serbian, he spoke Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin.

Tesla may have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and had many unusual quirks and phobias. He did things in threes, and was adamant about staying in a hotel room with a number divisible by three. Tesla was physically revolted by jewelry, notably pearl earrings. He was fastidious about cleanliness and hygiene, and was by all accounts mysophobic.

Tesla was obsessed with pigeons, ordering special seeds for the pigeons he fed in Central Park and even bringing injured ones into his hotel room to nurse them back to health. Tesla was an animal-lover, often reflecting contentedly about a childhood cat, “The Magnificent Mačak.” Tesla never married. He was celibate and claimed that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities.”

(a lot of magical texts speak of celibacy as one of the rules a mage must follow, Abremelin the Mage(the book) talks bout celibacy(refraining from sex).

Perhaps Tesla and Parsons and many others knew how to tap into The Matrix per say, (like how in the film you can learn anything when plugged into the matrix in only a few minutes). The Matrix is a machine in the film(i will come back to that in a few more posts). Da’at being the area in the Tree of life with all the knowledge. Da’at(DATA).

A little Saturn wink from the Scrooge $ cube that destroys the twin towers (comic book)pg 16: … 203&s=date

Beams of electrons link Saturn with its moon Enceladus


The green line provides an approximate trace of the magnetic field lines connecting Saturn’s ionosphere with Enceladus and its south polar plume of gas and icy grains. The inset shows the electron beam viewed by CAPS-ELS during Cassini’s encounter with Enceladus on Oct. 31, 2008. The centering of the electron beam on the position of the magnetic field (asterix) indicates that the electrons are flowing parallel to the local magnetic field. Credit: Geraint Jones, UCL

Read more at:

Cube of Space: Metapsychology:  The Experience of Being Alive

7 rings of Saturn
7 colors of rainbow
7 WTC buildings
7 time counterclockwise around the kaaba
7 pointed star of thelema is star of babalon scarlet woman, associated with Binah on tree of life which is Saturn.

Charles Manson with his famous Swastika(cube) symbol tatoo on his forehead.



Leno Labianca’s body, a murder victim of the Manson family murders.
War, spelled with a sigil of Saturn.

Holographic Quantum Mysticism

from Markie Lost

This is my 2nd edited combo video version 2, it contains pictures self created and some not, with two videos “God’s Last Secret” by Eric J Pepin, “The Cosmic prospective” and “The Matrix is Real” by Christopher Copon. All information provided covers the same subject theory known as Holographic Universe, in the combination of Spiritual science with quantum science, previously taught to be separate/different, to now the dawn of a new age where both are one in the same, to be they always have been.

– – – – –

Someone asked: “How could we be photons? How could all of our consciousness thoughts, feelings etc; be in a little particle of light?”

This is just a wild theory of mine: Since the cells in our bodies communicate through bio-photons, which are tiny particles of light that single units of electric-magnetic field. This same style of communication is how people communicate known as “Morphic Resonance”. Like the Coral and the hundreds of thousands identical individual “polyps”, there must be a way to identify a single “polyp”. In the realm of technology and microchips is done through a unique ID usually a serial number, etc. So to a counter opposite organically the cells or more to the point the DNA would be the ID for the single “polyp” out of hundreds of thousands. Then leads to the question is the Coral (or “God”) assigning the unique ID to each polyp (life form)? I would reply that it is the environment, nutrients, and choices/actions that would alter an individual cell electric-magnetic field either positive or negative charges; affects by feelings, sound, and Light (photons). It is known that each sound and each state of emotion has its own electric-magnetic frequency. This would then give the ID for the single “polyp” (life form) out of hundreds of thousands, automatically in harmony. Dogma (traditional Christianity) and esoteric (Gnostics Christianity) methods reviewing the same material.Coral reefs communicate through bio-photons, which are tiny particles of light. The ego again is the polyp/the human being, the Universe/God is the Coral reef… The energy of a photon (father) depends on electromagnetic frequency; there are photons of all energies from high-energy gamma- and X-rays, through visible light, to low-energy infrared and radio waves. All photons travel at the speed of light. Considered among the subatomic particles, photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass and one unit of spin; they are field particles that are thought to be the carriers of the electromagnetic field. Electro “magnetic” (Mother) energy is the unseen non-corporal Divine Mother Spirit: even Matrix is Latin for a Woman’s Womb, of course this is also linked the blood of Christ is also from a women Womb naturally instead of killing a male to do it… in energy terms semen are particles of light and Electromagnetic field is the Womb/Matrix why also born in Sin really means born in Time… notice below womb and matrix:

Exodus 34:19:

New American Standard Bible
“The first offspring from every womb belongs to Me, and all your male livestock, the first offspring from cattle and sheep.

King James Bible
All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is male.

1 John 1:5: “God is Light” (In Quantum Physics Light is Photons, the Universe is made of Photons and Photons gives everything Life, you are Photons so you are Light, so you are the Universe)

If the Higgs field did not exist, particles would not have the mass…

The energy inside you is God/universe yes, it is the energy of life. What you choose to do with that energy with your life is your free will. When you die in the physical realm all of the actions you caused in life are returned to you in the spiritual realm. To try to start to understand this you must understand what is electromagnetic energy and our that makes up us humans and other life forms. Our actions like love or hate creates electromagnetic energy based on the frequency of the emotion. What we create, to what energy frequency we create in life we get that back. research the different electromagnetic frequencies tied to emotions. So the act of preforming a ritual is using the energy you create like a code for a program its a pattern of energy. For example meditation and prayer are both rituals, your actions and non-action create energy, it it whats it’s used for? Who, how, why, when, what was involved defines if it’s Light or dark, for the one or the many, and/or for the true self or ego, is all are own will in a free will universe.