Sheep this, Sheeple that, Awake this, Awakened that bla bla bla waking up?


by dividing yourself yet again? BAH’t I do it too, its a BAH’d BAH’d habit… If we/YOU really care then educate and inform.

No one is awake its all a sham, even those running around professing they are in the know are ignorant. The earth could be flat and it could be nothing more that a Artificial Intelligence Fractal Virtual Reality Construct recreating its self in an In finite loop. ALL that matters is that we unite as one but as individuals too that the collective of humanity is strong because its united as equals and the tall man helps the short man reach heights all by choice and everything to better all not hoarding for the few. We only have hunger in the world because some cant afford food not because there is not enough food just like housing in the USA foreclosed homes out number homeless 10 to 1 HOW INSANE IS THAT?

There is nothing but masters and slaves and all we see are slaves Obama, the pope all the bankers ALL OF THEM SLAVES, better living sure like masters favorite slave or maybe his “chosen people”. I assert that no one in positions of power visible or at least in the media is of any real power none at least more than a puppet. BUT I am saying EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY THAT it does not matter who is running the world if everyone stops listening to them. In order that we maintain all the good all me must do is only act and work and do what is rooted in love. If tax pays for wars stop paying tax, if your car runs on oil destroying oceans or is maintaining the elites control WALK.

The illusion of division has suited the masters well, Nations are a fraud so are religions, races, sex all tools of division reinforced in schools and media to keep us in this competitive and divided paradigm. As long as we fight each other we are all losers.

The truth is if its not good and rooted in love, equality and not harming another its whats keeping us/YOU down.

Silence is consent and most of the time people are thinking the same things you are just not aware and feeling alone as that’s what the Mainstream media does best in creating the illusion that most people approve of shit NO ONE APPROVES OF. Talk to everyone and inform everyone if they are hostile and don’t want to hear it and when its rejected move along to the next its a volume game. Post on Media pages and share to yours rather then preaching to the choir, really are you looking to share with people that agree or have no idea? We are so often telling the same thing to each other rather then people that are in the dark. Look for what we have in common and unite the entire globe all 7.3 Billion SLAVES just think we are all slaves that’s a hell of a uniting factor is it not? Unite the world like your freedom and your lives depend on it BECAUSE IT DOES.

Vote by not voting. Stop murder and war by not paying for it, your tax and your consumption is your partnership in crimes committed with its money.

Look to a Leaderless system of real time representational direct democracy with a constitution or law of no harm and equality. Remember hate begets hate and if you want to rid the world of weeds plant more flowers.