Lies within Truth

Make someone Uncomfortable TODAY! – The Dangers of Being a Social Progress Parasite

How many times have you had someone say “I don’t want to know” or yeah but what can I do” ?

Stefan Molyneux answers a listener question by making a passionate rant against being a social progress parasite.

Question: “When is a good time to change someone’s mind? We live in a society where I feel that most people don’t want to argue with each other – because both sides know that they are not prepared enough or have enough time to convince another person – or are in a too awkward place to argue. Can you balance the coexistence and friendship with arguing and debate?”

“They will not stop, and if they can get us to avoid speaking of essential important philosophical issues, moral issues, issues of reality, issues of integrity, issues of courage, if they can get us to stop talking about these things with each other, because there’s disapproval in the air, we’re doomed as a species. We may as well have them clap on the manacles now and hang us from the walls, because we are done!… It’s discomfort now or disaster in the future!”