The Decline and Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, deconstructs the myths of Canada’s economic strength. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.


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Governments stealing with inflation and not just our own the worst culprit is the USA they have held the worlds trading currency aka the petrol dollar since the end of WW2.

To give you an idea how much theft that represents consider this My Grandpa bought his home for $ 2000. Now its worth $300,000. the theft is the difference in the value or pretty close meaning your dollar today should buy the same but because Governments and the privately owned banks just print money to pay their debt we see our money value less and less. BECAUSE the reality is the house has no more value the money just has less value.

When they raised minimum wage in the USA and Few other places they did not even raise it to match inflation so what was 10 an hour raised to 15 is actually only 9

SO WHY YOU KEEP PAYING TAX AND LABORING I HAVE NO IDEA if they have ripped off my Grandpa that much do you think they will change for you and your children?

The best years of your youth wasted in indoctrination factories, then you are in debt from student loans by the time you pay them off you are onto a mortgage and when thats done its retire but thats not enough so you get a part time job.

Stephen Harper's 9 steps to war

Stephen Harper’s 9 steps to war