The Illusion of Choice Loop

The Illusion of Choice Loop – Left wing and Right wing are the political wings of one bird and the flight path does not change.

PLEASE READ & THINK REALLY OPEN YOUR MIND; You are a slave, your work, school, religion, income, entertainments, media, nations, cultures and races are all tools of your enslavement, all of it was designed long before you to keep you a slave and all your children slaves. None of it is real, it is all just the endless loop of your enslavement. Go to work. pay bills and repeat. Vote for change, get no change, vote again. Democracy is a sham in Canada you don’t vote representatives the party chooses “LEADERS” then you pick representatives but they are not representing you they represent the party and are picked by the party so at no time is there even a hint of democracy. I know for a fact that every person could be living in a close loop off the grid system in harmony with nature and the process in getting their would happen organically if the governments and corporations did not fight it, I know because I have almost achieved it despite 5 years fighting the endless intrusions, from Police, SPCA , Fire Department and Municipal Bylaws. They don’t want harmony with nature when it conflicts with their power and their control over you. When it does go green it will be a green grid we must not allow this and act now in becoming Food Independent, OVERGROW THE CORRUPT SYSTEM IN YOUR GARDEN and get off the grid.

Today’s governments are behind all the Terror just as Almost all major events in history employ the Hegelian Dialectic of: Problem – manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a Solution which as been predetermined from the beginning. Classic example is 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin and even Canadians very own false flag Parliament shootings.

Should anyone doubt this just ask yourselves why All nations have been FORCED into borrowing money from Private banks, with interest, when all Nations have the ability to borrow interest free money from themselves. Debt is now over 1.2 Trillion dollars that is $26,237,580,944 in interest payments per year to private banks. For the Nations that do not comply you can expect wars, sanctions and CIA lead or financed disruptions. In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Privately owned Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Panama and now just North Korea, Iran Panama  and Cuba and this maybe over too. But a nation owned Central bank is not the same as a private central banks. I think that is a notable difference as Canada has its own Central bank it is not private but it is borrowing money from private banks when it can print its own and not pay interest it should be obvious out politicians are corrupt to allow this blatant theft. Where as The USA Federal Reserve has no federal Mediator, not even the illusion of one, its just 100% private an accountable. Being that the world has since 1945 used it as the worlds trading currency; that has meant US prints its money to pay its debt and this offsets its inflation to the globe, and they buy EVERYTHING essentially for nothing.

We need something new a system of representational direct representation, that retains no power only real-time elections and representation. One law of no harm and equality makes all equal by law meaning your labor of a day even with 1 arm is as valued as mine. People only resist this idea as we are kept in a state of Artificial scarcity. We have to fight for the scraps of a system; only 5% of today’s labor could produce a sustainable 100% pollution free world of abundance.

The top 5% hoard more wealth than is needed to end all misery for 100+ years. If we end suppression of technology and the coming singularity we will all live in a heaven on earth with infinite potential. Wars are not started by people the are started by the masters we must end all forms of corruption and devalue everything but labor and everything must be free.

Vote by not voting, get off the grid, grow and raise your own food. pay no tax, labor just enough to get by, buy used, trade, don’t drive, educate others and most of all do not consent. We are not governed by rule we are governed by consent. AND as much as Steven Harper and the other idiots call themselves Leaders they are NOT they are supposed to be anything more then representatives. If you do vote for a lessor evil they hold power over you and if you do not then you have not consented and this with a public statement that you do not consent to the Canadian Government and without majority of Canadians voting they do not even have a legitimate government to do anything.

I am Jason Wettstein; I am a dad, a friend, your neighbor, a concerned private person and one of 7 billion people on planet Earth that is just sick of the lies and I will not be quite anymore!  I am tired of being a slave to this sick system, a system that has millions die of hunger not because of a shortage of food but a shortage of money, MILLIONS die from war profiteering and warmongering that is just another industry resource these days, Medicines making us sick, food full of poisons, and we are destroying all we love for a lie the empty promises of financial success, hunger, pain, torturing life, raping, punishing, pillaging and behind all the worlds evil I see GOVERNMENT.

Don’t blame corrupt Representatives calling themselves leaders for wanting to lead, blame the followers that pay tax & blindly follow CORRUPTED Representatives.

Except nothing less then a leaderless system of real time representation with a constitution, or one law of no harm & equality.

We are NOT governed by rule but by consent; so vote by not voting, be vocal and public about why. Be the change you wish to see and do not participate in a system of evil or wrong doings. Remember too that hate begets hate & if you want to remove weeds plant more flowers.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”.