The truth about Global Weather Changes and more…
Global Warming is 4 parts

1 part normal warming and cooling cycles just ask your Grandparents about The Dirty Thirties when America First experienced Global Warming. Then through out late 70’s and early 1980’s it was pollution was causing a coming ice age and we will come full circle with this too.

2 part Chemtrails layering the planet with aluminum.  Plants growing in soil with toxic levels of aluminum show symptoms of nutrient deficiencies such as stunted growth, pale color, and general failure to thrive. These symptoms are due in part to the reduced root mass. Nutrient deficiency is also caused by the tendency of essential nutrients, such as phosphorus and sulfur, to combine with aluminum so that they aren’t available for plant uptake. Essentially plants suffering aluminum toxicity have all the same symptoms of this suffering drought.

Aluminum may also be absorbed directly from the respiratory epithelium to the brain by axoplasmic transport. This theory is supported by the finding that the olfactory bulb contains a much higher concentration of aluminum than other parts of the brain. Aluminum is stored mainly in the lungs, liver, thyroid, bone and brain. Levels in most tissues don’t increase with age, but levels of aluminum in the lungs and brain show significant accumulation with age. Changes in Brain Anatomy

Aluminum appears to accumulate in most brain cells. About 80% binds to the chromatin in all cells, but induces change only in certain vulnerable neurons, particularly those with dendritic trees.

Increased aluminum accumulation is known to be associated with neuro-fibrillary tangles in some species. The term neuro-fibrillary tangles refers to threadlike tangles of slender fibers within a nerve cell. Not all species develop these tangles when exposed to aluminum. Humans with Alzheimer’s disease develop a different kind of tangle (twisted helix) that is not identical to the tangles induced by aluminum in other species.

Research studies are not conclusive, but suggest that aluminum inhibits cholinergic functioning and may inhibit synaptic uptake of dopamine, norepinephrine and 5-hydroxytryptamine. Aluminum has also been shown to inhibit Na-K-ATPase and hexokinase. Aluminum also can alter the reassociation of DNA.

Rabbits showed difficulty in memory retention and difficulty in learning under the influence of aluminum. Cats also suffered from loss of coordination. Other species, such as rats, are highly resistant to aluminum toxicity.

NOW I know I am always telling people about how the UNITED NATIONS VEGAN agenda is driven in part to dumb you down without fluoride an dthe many other chemicals but let no opportunity go to waste Vegan diet will dumb you down and surprise surprise Aluminum Toxicity gives you an aversion to meat. Early symptoms of aluminum toxicity include flatulence, headaches, colic, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, tendencies for colds, burning pain in the head relieved by food, heartburn and an aversion to meat. Later symptoms include paralytic muscular conditions, loss of memory and mental confusion.

In humans, dementia resulting from kidney dialysis, is related to aluminum and results in memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation.

Metabolic Dysfunctions Related To Aluminum Toxicity

Alzheimer’s Disease

Some authorities feel that aluminum is not the primary agent responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. However, significantly increased levels of aluminum were noted at autopsies in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A difficulty with this research is that the aluminum is not evenly distributed in the brain.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

A study on the island of Guam indicated a relationship between high aluminum in the soil and a high incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Anemia may result, due to the interference of aluminum with iron metabolism.
Blood Disorders

Possible blood disorders include hemolysis, leukocytosis, and porphyria.


Aluminum affects bowel activity, and can cause digestive disturbances.

Dental Caries

There are two distinct mechanisms responsible for an increase in the incidence of dental caries:

  • Aluminum impairs bone calcification.
  • Aluminum competes with fluoride. High tissue aluminum levels may inhibit fluoride uptake, resulting in dental problems.

Dementia Dialactica

Aluminum is considered to be the primary agent in dementia in dialysis patients with renal failure. Use of deionized water and avoidance of other sources of aluminum can avoid this problem.


Aluminum may trigger a feedback mechanism affecting the parathyroid glands.
Kidney Dysfunction    

Fatty degeneration of the kidney can result from aluminum toxicity.
Liver Dysfunction    

Fatty degeneration of the liver can result from aluminum toxicity.

Neuromuscular Disorders

There is a possible link between aluminum and Parkinson’s disease.


Dialysis patients, in particular, display increased fractures when their drinking water is high in aluminum and low in calcium. The exact mechanism for the mineralization problem is unknown. It appears that aluminum affects the activity of alkaline and acid phosphatase, and modifies the response of these enzymes to parathyroid hormone and vitamin D.
Parkinson’s Disease

The effect of aluminum on the nervous system may contribute to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Effect Of Aluminum On Other Nutrients


High hair aluminum levels are often associated with high hair iron levels; however, the exact connection is presently unknown.

Aluminum hydroxide gel can greatly reduce blood phosphate levels, which can lead to osteoporosis, muscle aches, and weakness. However, this effect is due to the binding action of hydroxide on phosphorus, not the aluminum per se.

Effects Of Other Nutrients On Aluminum

Iron Binding Agents

The iron chelating agent deferoxamine appears to chelate aluminum.

Fluoride competes with aluminum for absorption in the gut.

Vitamin C.

High-dosages of ascorbic acid can be used as a chelating agent in cases of aluminum toxicity.

Detoxification Of Aluminum

Medical Therapy

The only medical treatment for aluminum toxicity is the chelating agent deferoxamine. Interestingly, deferoxamine was originally used as a chelating agent for iron, not aluminum. We have noted a significant correlation between iron and aluminum levels on hair analyses.

Deferoxamine causes an acute rise in serum aluminum levels, presumably by chelating aluminum from the tissues. The uses of deferoxamine include symptomatic relief of both aluminum encephalopathy and osteomalacia.

However, deferoxamine therapy is still being evaluated. Administration of deferoxamine is not without risk since it is not specific for aluminum and will reduce iron and copper levels along with aluminum.
Complete Nutritional Therapy

Aluminum is handled nutritionally much like other toxic metals. Programs include;

  • removal of sources of aluminum from food, air, water and other sources,
  • enhancing cellular energy production,
  • enhancing activity of the eliminative organs, and
  • chelating aluminum with nutrients such as vitamin C.

3 part media and pure trash and fear mongering. Shameful as it is even once trusted household names Like David Suzuki have not only ignored Part 1 and Part 2 having as much as run from the question of Chemtrails. I would also note David Suzuki may have inevitably alluded to part 4 but that’s jumping ahead and we will get there. Media long suspected of being just another wing of Government has been more and more obvious in this with really only 3 sources of media today aside from the ever threatened independent media that is no more then people like you and me that see through the lies of official aggrandized Public Relations releases mascaraing as news and the manufacturing of opinions and consent as Noam Chomsky famously coined it. Canada like the USA once thought of as free speaking and thinking nations now all suffering delusions of grandeur as the reality  of The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)/USA and BILL C-51 are enacted. People resume to feel save in the inaction of these laws will one day awaken to free thinking and protest crimes that get you killed and if you think that is a reach the you have not read these ACTS and BILLS.

4 Part is interesting because David Suzuki told you what the real global warming HOT SUN HIGH UV AND SOLAR RADIATION IS. its still awfully telling to me that when you google “David Suzuki when north goes south” you will get 404 errors and the only chance you will have of finding this documentary is in copies mad by others like me that were smart enough to see a very clear glitch in the matrix as David either intentionally told us this or he made the mistake and I believe this is why he runs from questions of chemtrails. I know some people just never look but if you try to find any other documentary by David and CBC you will with great ease this too is very telling.

When North Goes South – The Nature of Things: Science …
The earth has two North poles, the geographic and the magnetic. The magnetic pole is the one that attracts the needles of our compasses. It’s always moving …

Interesting is another documentary Will the Earths Magnetic Fields Shift, NOVA Magnetic Pole Flip 530,000 Years Overdue. Another interesting and maybe related thing is Mars Magnetic shield or lack of.

But here in is your responsibility to do your own research and think and NOT just assume there are magical collectives that are honest beyond the corruption of money. Ruled by no man but oneself means we remain free and safe from tyrants. Think of it like this Hitler was only a danger because someone was not thinking for them selves. I recommend two movies 1. The Experiment & 2. Experimenter

OH OH OH one more Documentary you must watch to have some true understanding or should I say the first OVER-STANDING of whats really happening withing your/THEIR MEDIA  watch Century of Self

NOTE: I don’t write and prepare any of this for money I have made NOTHING $20 donation 1 year and I pay over $100 a month and donate over 100 hours a month too just to educate and inform as i believe everyone should its the responsibility of the free people to remain free.