There are no nations and no enemy only masters and slaves

THINK PLEASE! QUESTION EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY YOUR TV….. Everything on the box is a lie in some fashion.

The system of rule is an illusion of choice, the left wing and the right wing are the same bird, the debt slaves/YOU if you examine all around you its all designed to keep you enslaved EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

I know and I keep driving the fact home there are no nations and no enemy, only masters and slaves and as soon as all the slaves get that the nations, the religions, money the schools and the education AND MEDIA and Hollywood are just tools of the masters to manipulate you, occupy your mind, keep you divides and distracted from even noticing the curtain long enough to think they are behind that curtain LIVING a PARASITICAL LIFE sucking the earth dry, awaiting the day when they will be gods and I believe its already happens even maybe millions of years ago and they are riding out the time loop or they just know its coming as even me I know its coming the singularity is very near if not here already,
Think of it like this the ancient roman system did conquer the world and it rules today but even the trinity of power VATICAN, LONDON CITY CENTER & THE DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA are the top of the cooperate pyramid and the highest up front of power. I am sure they are many layers from the true power and they may never be exposed the only way to starve them out is to devalue everything but our own labor and make everything free. To have a system of representational direct democracy that retains no power only real-time elections and representation. One law of no harm and equality makes all equal by law meaning your labor of a day even with 1 arm is as valued as mine the only reason people resist this idea is we are kept in a state of shortages and we have to fight for the scraps of a system with only 5% of today’s labor could produce a sustainable 100% pollution free world of abundance.
The ruling elites and the earth of just the top 5% is much more then we need and if we all benefit from the 100+ years end of suppressed technology and the coming singularity we will all live in a heaven on earth with infinite potential.
unslave now or lose our potential and abundance to the evil men that in the crisis and doom they created, their solution is to demand more power DON’T BE SO THE FOOL. Vote by not voting, get off the grid, grow and raise your own food. pay no tax, labor just enough to get by, buy used, trade, don’t drive, educate others and most of all do not consent. We are not governed by rule we are governed by consent. AND as much as Steven Harper and the other idiots call themselves Leaders they are NOT they are supposed to be nothing more then representatives and if you do not vote for a lessor evil they hold not power over you and without majority of Canadians voting they do not even have a legitimate government to do anything