1. vegans are not living sustainable diet if they live in 3/4 of the world with winter.

2. I am off the grid with my food in Canada I raise animals and could not have a close loop food system without them and it is my believe that each home should be and can be as mine off the grid and a close loop food system nothing in nothing out. Further my belief I will offer $1000 to anyone that can prove this can be done with Vegan Principles as I run 50 pages many like Food Independence that are a fair target audience and in 5 years no one NOT 1 Person can or has shown me anything even close.

3. all life lives off life its a bears nature to eat animals and it is mine I don’t give a fuck how you crazy vegans interpret my teeth its my salivation I am talking about.

4. Its not Meat thats the problem its factory farmed food and vegans participate in this even more so or do you think your vegan meals grow in the snow?… NO, OK yeah because your food is stolen from people in the south that can not afford to compete with your money and end up eating GMO soy and corn while you eat their traditional Quinoa. Then that theft is packaged up and shipped off to your store in where you but this by now nutrient deficient almost cardboard.

5. Fatty acids you NEED to have a healthy brain are not coming from plants and so your body is now competing with itself for what little acids it can pull from your food and your brain is the on the delivery list. Some attempt to compensate with Nuts and seed and in doing so are getting to high an intake of Arsenic, lead, Mercury, and Cadmium and sources can be fish too but not mind as I raise them but fruits and vegetables, nuts and cereals. In the case of lead, drinking water is also of major importance. Vegans getting all there food from Mexico or China or India in winter are importing their toxic water and yes if you water a plant with toxic fluoridated water i have news for you you may as well dirk that same water

6. all the problems with meat are Vaccinations, Antibiotic, Steroids, Hormones, GMO feed and all around toxic Feed including hay that is saturated with pesticides, fluoride and many other toxins. These animals are kept alive in the most miserable conditions and they are so unhealthy one may as well be a vegan if this is the meat you are eating. Then its off to processing where even more chemicals and toxins are added; Meat Glue, Nitrates, MSG, Synthetic Colors, Gases, Filler and worst of all irradiated too if you want to set off your Geiger counter walk down the meat isle at any supermarket.

7. AGAIN I WILL PAY ANYONE THAT PROVES ME WRONG SHOWING ME N EXAMPLE of a norther or winter off grid food system with a healthy vegan $1000. I have no worries yet would love to be proved wrong I was a vegetarian for 5 years it was a grumpy frustrating time. you can see the vegan mid best in their short angry rebuttals just watch most of them cant even focus enough to read this.

Some quick search results yield thousands of supporting articles and I am sharing a few her that I hardly browsed but sure you can search the same.

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