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I dont care who watches and reads this top to bottom if they do and they continue to pay tax and support the system with their labor they are your true enemy they are beyond help and living in willful ignorance.

This document is and will remain organic in that as I find more facts or disprove info it will be added or removed. Also like to point out I am not a copy writer nor am I an academic just an observant illiterate, but I am in good company as Einstein and Hemingways were both at least as poor with grammar, spelling and punctuation so please don’t dismiss the many facts based on my illiterate presentation as even the most brilliant linguistics will tell you spelling and grammar are in no way a measure of intelligence..

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Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”   ― Adolf Hitler

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
― Adolf Hitler

The Elites have all the power positions filled with relatives and the closer you are to the  ruling classes heads the better the positions. People believe Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg rose to the top on their own but that is a fraud. Zuckerberg is the Grandson of David Rockefeller. Rothschild owns 8% of Facebook shares. Both Rothschild and Rockefeller are well known names with in One World Government associations. and his other grandpa Greenberg…CEO of AIG. Facebook was funded with $500 million from a CIA owned bank, which is a bit suspicious. You can examine almost all the biggest companies to see the owners and the executives are all interrelated and have for generations performed and puppets and frontmen for the elites.

In German Zuckerberg means ‘sugar mountain’.

Making the world more open and connected

That’s their secret word for Facebook no doubt. A mountain of information from which they can extract billions.

Bill Gates comes from a multibillionaire eugenicist family, which was kept well hidden in the early years of Microsoft. The same families control it all.

  • The Gates Foundation is partnering with the U.N., which already supports China’s one-child per family limit. The programs cite “global warming” as a reason to limit the number of people.
  • The Gates Foundation is a “Key Partner” with the World Health Organization and its history around the globe of forcibly sterilized women.
  • Last month’s conference was aided by the U.K.’s Department for International Development, “which has given aid money to India despite warnings that it would be sued to forcibly sterilize poor women.”
  • The U.K. already builds abortion policy into its foreign aid packages.
  • And the Gates Foundation supports the Save the Children group, “which has been a major promoter of the population-control agenda.”

Gates Admits Vaccines are being used for Human de-populations

Monsantos is destroying food, soil and its GMO food is sterilising you and Bill gates no only supports and invested in Monsanto’s he is into vaccinating poor to sterilize them just think about this they are hungry and dying and you show up with not food, not water no drilling of wells nope you show up with vaccines for diseases that are almost non existent.

AND just in case Monsantos and the elites completely mess it all up they have  a seed vault a modern day Noah’s Ark

Seeds Of Death – Full Movie 

Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order

Its proven that Aids was invented in a lab it is also proven that H1N1 was invented in a lab

and China was suspected of engineering Scars though I believe this is disinformation and it was actually the US’s attempt and engineering asian specific virus.

You will also note ebola outbreak in africa Ebola Outbreak In West Africa Being Call “Unprecedented” People Urged Not To Panic! WHO by the way is a Rothschilds privately owned corporation just like United Nations. I believe there is a numbers of engineered viruses being tested and released to ignite into a global pandemic to depopulate the world to the stated elites ideal numbers of 500 million and that means billions are meant to die.

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder, was a longtime advocate of eugenics who hoped to “assist the race towards the elimination of the unfit,” the Christian Voice noted. The founder of the U.K.-based Marie Stopes International pointed out Sanger believed sterilization for those “unfit for parenthood” should be “compulsory.” 

For those of you that find it hard to believe that the USA and other supposedly free and democratic nations would be involved in such policies as forced sterilization I would like to remind or inform you that this has already been American policy and the only difference is now that they are in control of the educational system its nothing more than a system of indoctrination and now we are indoctrinated into believing abortion is a freedom and a right just as they enslaved us all with wages that at one time just a man needed to go to work and could comfortably support his family but now both parents are working struggling and the state is raising your children.

Nazi Eugenicists used American Eugenics and California’s program as a guideline as it was considered so successful in sterilizing over 20 thousand people. This is again another case of the same people pushing the criminal policies of yester years are the same money and power influences behind and managing today’s front men and the new crimes even more insane and almost unimaginable and this in makes them easier to commit as we always look at our elites as if we were them BUT we are not we can not expect them to do as we would they have no moral code with many generations of inbreeding they are all psychopaths this is seemingly the only explanation.

What’s next well its not enough to weed out the poor and undesirable the elites aim to be gods thats what its all been about in the end the will be gods the singularity is near when our technology will make some men gods.
The Singularity Is Near Ray Kurzweil

ray kurzwei

The cover stories that all the elites climbed up from places just like you and me that and that we too can climb to the top its the illusion to keep you enslaved and believing with some hard work you too can make it big its like the lotto tickets but its rigged and only the masters relatives are winning. Hell they even make documentaries, movies and have endless news bites to convince you these are just people like you and me climbing out of the gutter. But the truth is when any of the debt slaves actually come up with a good idea they are crushed or bought out.

The Social Network

The Social Network

Just look at the worlds media companies there are only 6 now so when all the elites own the media do you think they will tell you about anything that makes them look bad or that will impede or slow down their growth and their growth of global power and control?

only 6 worldwide media companies

only 6 worldwide media companies

When your masters provide you all your choices and you believe that is freedom you are complacent and in my opinion you are disgusting in accepting your slavery and servitude you are ensuring the same for your future generations your children and your grandchildren and all this to come enslaved because you chose to allow this New World Order to grow into its planned One World Order.

The criminals that funded both sides of all the wars and that financed the Nazi party and that made unimaginable profits off death camp slave labor they never went on trial only the management thats like putting Mcdonald managers on trial for selling poison food the management may be somewhat accountable but its the owners we need to go after and they NEVER NEVER GO ON TRIAL!

11 Companies That Surprisingly Collaborated With the Nazis
written by Sam Greenspan

I saw this article today; it’s about a controversy over the German insurance company Allianz buying the naming rights to the new New York Giants and Jets football stadium.

That’s controversial because Allianz has very famous Nazi ties — they insured Auschwitz, their CEO was one of Hitler’s advisers, and, during the Holocaust, instead of paying life insurance benefits to Jews, they sent that money straight to the Nazis.

Jewish groups don’t want Allianz getting the naming rights to the new Meadowlands. Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defanation League, says, quote, “It would be an insult. It’s putting their name in lights for generations to come.”

Since World War Two ended, Allianz has officially apologized for its role in the Holocaust and has paid several million dollars in restitution. Which brings me to a larger point here: At what point should we say to Nazi collaborating companies, “OK. You’ve apologized, you’ve paid, none of your current employees worked with the Nazis, it’s time to move on”?

Because there are a TON of companies that worked with the Nazis. Way more than the Allianz and the other 11 I’m about to talk about here. They’ve all apologized. A lot have paid restitution. Two generations have passed.

I won’t comment on whether I think people should forgive them… boycott them… continue to patronize them, but begrudgingly… or continue to patronize them with statements like, “Wow, Allianz, your insurance is SO good, we’re SO impressed with what you’re doing. And if it wasn’t for the 800 other, better insurance companies out there, we’d TOTALLY sign up with you.”

That’s up to you. I’m just putting’ the information out there. Here are 11 companies that you may not realize collaborated with the Nazis.

  1. The 12 Nazi collaborating companies featured in this article.

    Kodak. During World War Two, Kodak’s German branch used slave laborers from concentration camps. Several of their other European branches did heavy business with the Nazi government.

    And Wilhelm Keppler, one of Hitler’s top economic advisers, had deep ties in Kodak. When Nazism began, Keppler advised Kodak and several other U.S. companies that they’d benefit by firing all of their Jewish employees. (Source: The Nation)

  2. Hugo Boss. In the 1930s, Hugo Boss started making Nazi uniforms. The reason: Hugo Boss himself had joined the Nazi party, and got a contract to make the Hitler Youth, storm trooper and SS uniforms.That was a huge boon for Hugo Boss… he got the contract just eight years after founding his company… and that infusion of business helped take the company to another level.The Nazi uniform manufacturing went so well that Hugo Boss ended up needing to bring in slave laborers in Poland and France to help out at the factory.In 1997, Hugo’s son, Siegfried Boss, told an Austrian news magazine, “Of course my father belonged to the Nazi party. But who didn’t belong back then?” (Source:New York Times)
  3. Volkswagen. Ferdinand Porsche, the man behind Volkswagen and Porsche, met with Hitler in 1934, to discuss the creation of a “people’s car.” (That’s the English translation of Volkswagen.)Hitler told Porsche to make the car with a streamlined shape, “like a beetle.” And that’s the genesis of the Volkswagen Beetle… it wasn’t just designed for the Nazis, Hitler NAMED it.During World War Two, it’s believed that as many as four out of every five workers at Volkswagen’s plants were slave laborers. Ferdinand Porsche even had a direct connection to Heinrich Himmler, one of the leaders of the SS, to directly request slaves from Auschwitz. (Source: The Straight Dope)
  4. Bayer. During the Holocaust, a German company called IG Farben manufactured the Zyklon B gas used in the Nazi gas chambers. They also funded and helped with Josef Mengele’s “experiments” on concentration camp prisoners.IG Farben is the company that turned the single largest profit from work with the Nazis. After the War, the company was broken up. Bayer was one of its divisions, and went on to become its own company.Oh… and aspirin was founded by a Bayer employee, Arthur Eichengrun. But Eichengrun was Jewish, and Bayer didn’t want to admit that a Jewish guy created the one product that keeps their company in business. So, to this day, Bayer officially gives credit to Felix Hoffman, a nice Aryan man, for inventing aspirin. (Source: Alliance for Human Research ProtectionPharmaceutical Achievers)
  5. Siemens. Siemens took slave laborers during the Holocaust and had them help construct the gas chambers that would kill them and their families. Good people over there.Siemens also has the single biggest post-Holocaust moment of insensitivity of any of the companies on this list. In 2001, they tried to trademark the word “Zyklon” (which means “cyclone” in German) to become the name a new line of products… including a line of gas ovens.Zyklon, of course, being the name of the poison gas used in their gas chambers during the Holocaust.A week later, after several watchdog groups appropriately freaked out, Siemens withdrew the application. They said they never drew the connection between the Zyklon B gas used during the Holocaust and their proposed Zyklon line of products. (Source: BBC)
  6. Coca-Cola, specifically Fanta. Coke played both sides during World War Two… they supported the American troops but also kept making soda for the Nazis. Then, in 1941, the German branch of Coke ran out of syrup, and couldn’t get any from America because of wartime restrictions.So they invented a new drink, specifically for the Nazis: A fruit-flavored soda called Fanta.That’s right: Long before Fanta was associated with a bunch of exotic women singing a god-awful jingle, it was the unofficial drink of Nazi Germany. (Source: New Statesman)
  7. Ford. Henry Ford is a pretty legendary anti-Semite, so this makes sense. He was Hitler’s most famous foreign backer. On his 75th birthday, in 1938, Ford received a Nazi medal, designed for “distinguished foreigners.”He profiteered off both sides of the War — he was producing vehicles for the Nazis AND for the Allies.I’m wondering if, in a completely misguided piece of logic, Allianz points to the Detroit Lions giving Ford the naming rights to their stadium as a reason why they should get the rights to the Meadowlands. (Source: Reformed Theology)
  8. Standard Oil. The Luftwaffe needed tetraethyl lead gas in order to get their planes off the ground. Standard Oil was one of only three companies that could manufacture that type of fuel. So they did.Without them, the German air force never could’ve even gotten their planes off the ground.When Standard Oil was dissolved as a monopoly, it led to ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP, all of which are still around today. (But fortunately, their parent company’s past decision to make incredible profits off of war have not carried on.) (Source: MIT’s Thistle)
  9. Chase bank. A lot of banks sided with the Nazis during World War Two. Chase is the most prominent.They froze European Jewish customers’ accounts and were extremely cooperative in providing banking service to Germany. (Source: New York Times)
  10. IBM. IBM custom-build machines for the Nazis that they could use to track everything… from oil supplies to train schedules into death camps to Jewish bank accounts to individual Holocaust victims themselves.In September of 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, the “New York Times” reported that three million Jews were going to be “immediately removed” from Poland and were likely going to be “exterminat[ed].”IBM’s reaction? An internal memo saying that, due to that “situation”, they really needed to step up production on high-speed alphabetizing equipment. (Source: CNet)
  11. Random House publishing. Random House’s parent company, Bertelsmann A.G., worked for the Nazis… they published Hitler propaganda, and a book called “Sterilization and Euthanasia: A Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics”.Bertelsmann still owns and operates several companies. I picked Random House because they drew controversy in 1997 when they decided to expand the definition of Nazi in Webster’s Dictionary.Eleven years ago, they added the colloquial, softened definition of “a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc.” (Think “Soup Nazi”.)The Anti-Defamation League called that expanded definition offensive… especially when aided by a company with Nazi ties… they said it, quote, “trivializes and denies the murderous intent and actions of the Nazi regime… it also cheapens the language by allowing people to reach for a quick word fix… [and] lends a helping hand to those whose aim is to prove that the Nazis were really not such terrible people.” (Source: New York ObserverADL)

NOW THIS IS JUST 11 the first search on google I am sure there are thousands.

Here are just a few of the first few videos I found on youtube

Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

USA False Flags To Go To War!

What is frightening and their disgusting advantage over us is they seemingly have no morals, no concern for life and mass murder, lies and deceit is just part of the game.  These elites are like chameleons changing religion, politics, affiliations and names one minute they are shaking your hand the next minute they are burdening you and raping your children and stealing all your nations wealth and resources and they call it liberation but what the ean is they are liberating you from all your possessions and from life. I mean here is the recently liberated countries lets ask them how they feel about being liberated, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and failed attempts at liberating Syria none the less the CIA and NATO countries have been funding Syrian Terrorists that just happen to be Al-Qaeda and now the ISIS the rebranded Al-Qaeda so we can keep arming Al-Qaeda and the rebranded ISIS can keep destabilizing the region so we can come in and liberate them. War is just another industry for the elites its their favorite way of culling the human chattel and moving money around. If You look into it Al-Qaeda were and invention of the CIA to fight Russia.

Israel invented Hamas it isn’t the kind of history Israelis like to talk about, or admit, but it’s also undeniable: Hamas is at least partly an intentional creation of Israel that dates back to the 1970s.

Back then the secular Palestine Liberation Organization was waging a terror campaign against Israel, which it vowed to destroy. There was no contact between Israel and the PLO, at least not officially. But Israel looked for Palestinians who didn’t align themselves with the PLO. It found them, in Gaza, in an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian group that would begin calling itself Hamas in 1987. There is more money to be mad in war then peace and our masters reasons seemingly motivated by little more than money with long term goals of total world domination and to become gods.

Below are the handshakes of death immoral men with absolutely no morals it was just weeks later these criminals murdered Muammar Gaddafi

Tony Blair, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

Tony Blair, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

Gordon Brown, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

Gordon Brown, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

obama, right, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

obama, right, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

Paul Martin, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi

Paul Martin, left, shakes hands with Muammar Gaddafi



The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones


8.5 TRILLION unaccounted for by Pentagon’s Black Budget: US govt clueless about missing Pentagon $trillions. I believe the evidence shows that they are arming the so called enemies for a massive ww3 to depopulate the planet and weaken the masses to the point in that they will accept a one world government. The area of the Pentagon hit by a missile or destroyed by explosives or both contained all records of this missing money.

Ventura proves, beyond any doubt that no airplane ever hit the Pentagon.  As the video shows, not even a highly trained airline pilot was capable of the maneuvers claimed.  Long before, it had been proven that the 757 was incapable of the task, either the maneuvers or the speed and trajectory.  The plane would have come apart, there is no disagreement with this and hasn’t been for some time, yet nothing had been done.  Why?

Who is behind Isis’s terrifying online propaganda operation?
The extremist jihadist group leading the insurgency against the Iraqi government is using apps, social media and even a feature-length movie to intimidate enemies, recruit new followers and spread its message. And its rivals – including foreign governments – This is obviously another CIA funded and lead terrorist group.
Like I presented in a reply to some reader comments, there are many organizations who actually do a lot of the American fighting in various places around the globe. Now, I was blown away when I came across this website, which documents an additional mercenary corporation.

And the name is…….you’re not going to believe this…….the name is……..ISIS!

What are the chances that you have a major conflict going on now in the Middle East with two organizations with the EXACT same name? What are the chances?

Let’s take a look at where the American ISIS performs its mission:



The Same Groups That Funded Nazi Germany Created The United Nations? Both Sides of the War Were Funded by the Same Groups. The League of Nations was the first attempt at the United Nations and Tsar Nicholas got in the way. The Rothschilds then ordered the execution by the Bolsheviks they controlled, and the order was the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family in Russia, even though the Tsar had already abdicated on March 2. This is both to get control of the country and an act of revenge for Tsar Alexander I blocking their world government plan in 1815 at the Congress Of Vienna, and Tsar Alexander II siding with President Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

It is extremely important for them to slaughter the entire family including women and children in order to make good on the promise to do so made by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. It is designed to show the world what happens if you ever attempt to cross the Rothschilds.

Make note that this first video displaying tanks has islamic crescent moon and notice many of these are colored for desert warfare but the green ones should concern us even more as it would suggest they are expecting war in North America.

Historical facts athet have present day relevance. The Global Elite ensured Germany received a steady supply of oil for the duration of the war. This was shipped to Spain from the US by Standard Oil and then piped into German-controlled France. Germans never bombed London City Center the city state within London that is not part of london and is one of 3 city states that actually rule the world the other two are The Vatican and The District of Columbia. The Nazis were financed and all the money to build up their arms was from the banking elites of Wall Street and London City Center.

CBS Elite Royal Bloodlines – Why are all these guy’s related (Obama, Bush, Kerry, Cheney, McCain)?
ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King

Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king

12-year-old girl created family tree linking 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to King John of England, who signed Magna Carta in 1215
Only eighth president, Martin Van Buren, was not related to John

What do Barack Obama, Thomas Jefferson, George W. Bush and the other past U.S. presidents have in common? Besides holding the coveted title of commander-in-chief, it appears that all of them but one are cousins.
The remarkable discovery was made by 12-year-old BridgeAnne d’Avignon, of Salinas, California, who created a ground-breaking family tree that connected 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to one common, and rather unexpected, ancestor: King John of England.
They all have the trait of wanting power,’
King John, also known as John ‘Lackland’, is renowned for signing the Magna Carta in 1215, which limited the monarch’s power and helped form the British Parliament.

John’s other claim to fame, or infamy, is that he was depicted as the villain in the Robin Hood tales.

Common grandfather: The 12-year-old traced the lineages of nearly all of the U.S. presidents to King John, the signer of the Magna Carta

Common grandfather: The 12-year-old traced the lineages of nearly all of the U.S. presidents to King John, the signer of the Magna Carta.

The 12-year-old traced the lineages of nearly all of the U.S. presidents to King John, the signer of the Magna Carta
John’s other claim to fame, or infamy, is that he was depicted as the villain in the Robin Hood tales.

D’Avignon, a seventh-grader at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, started the project in hopes of tracing back her own bloodline in France, but somewhere along the way she decided to take her genealogical quest to the highest level.

In order to create the family tree, the 12-year-old spent months scouring through over 500,000 names in search of the ‘presidential Adam.’

Her 80-year-old grandfather, who has been tracing roots for nearly six decades, helped her make the presidential links.

D’Avignon started with the first U.S. president, George Washington, she traced both the male and female family lines to make the connection.

Prior to d’Avignon’s discovery, genealogists were only able to link 22 families of presidents, likely because they only focused on male bloodlines.

The only former commander-in-chief not linked to King John is the eighth president, Martin Van Buren, who had Dutch roots.

The teen also found out that she is the 18th cousin of President Obama. She even wrote to her new-found relative a letter to share her findings with him.

So far, however, d’Avignon said she received only a generic response from the White House.

All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king


The Royal Family Are German Aka The House Of Saxe-coburg And Gotha
Nazi Roots of The British Monarchy and the Bush Family
The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha descended in the male line from the Wettin family, German Prince-Electors of Saxony. The earliest traceable member of the House of Wettin was Thiedericus who died in 982, who was probably based in the Liesgau.
Its earliest known ancestors pushed the frontier of Germany eastward into formerly Slav territory. They acquired their name from their castle on the bank of the Saale river.
The Windsor name now used by Queen Elizabeth II and other British royals only dates back to 1917.
At the height of World War I, when German xenophobia had reached boiling point, Edward VII’s son, King George V (1910- 1936) changed the family name to the more English sounding House of Windsor. LINK HERE link right from official British Monarchy site LINK HERE

All the same elites that funded all wars and all sides of the wars are the same elite families that rule today. To be as clear and concise as I can THE NAZIS were following orders from the front men/puppets like Joseph Goebbels and even Adolf Hitler and the men behind Hitler and other mass murdering puppets like Stalin with an estimated death toll directly attributable to Stalin’s rule amounted to some 20 million lives (on top of the estimated 20 million Soviet troops and civilians who perished in the Second World War), for a total tally of 40 million.

The Rothschilds and other American and European financiers funded the second world war according to Doctor Anthony C Sutton.This interview with Doctor Anthony C Sutton, covers his research about the funding of Nazi party and of Soviet communists by a group of American and European financiers and industrialists.

Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. The written version is here: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/allwarsarebankerwars.php
Video by Zane Henry.
This video is in the public domain. The producers have waived their copyright to this video.
Listen to a post production conversation between the producers by clicking on this mp3: https://soundcloud.com/eonitao-state/documentary-postscript
You are welcome to make copies and to distribute this video freely. A free downloader is available here: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-DVD-Converter.htm


What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

Uploaded on 20 Dec 2010

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

I think its important to introduce you to the Bohemian Grove before you are introduced to the idea that all our leaders and rulers throughout time have never been christian, nor Jews and neither muslims just used these religions to rule over us.

Now as I see it all the true power is protected by many layers of frontmen and puppets here are some videos that suggest the power is all from rome and or as the above ring of power video suggests the Trinity of Power The Vatican City State, London City Center State and The District of Columbia in the USA also a City state.

IHS – Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) – NWO


god keeps the poor from murdering the rich

Below —->Akhenaton, the Cult of Aton, is a really nice bit connecting some more dots I will end it with  some images and like I have said earlier this is to be an ongoing work in progress.

and I will say it again.


by the way no one pays me for my time I volunteer 8 to 10 hours a day feel free to make small donation even $1 or 50 cents.





The Irish Origins of Civilization

(Volume Two)


Akhenaton, the Cult
of Aton,
and the Dark Side of the Sun

(Polemical Investigations into the Extermination
of Druidry and the Rise of

◊ ◊ ◊


The Scarlet Thread

The lion was adored in the East
and the West by the Egyptians and the Mexicans. The chief was styled a
lion. The national banner of the ancient Persians bore the device of the
sun in Leo. A lion couchant with the sun rising at his back was sculpted
on their palaces
– Dr. George Oliver (
and Symbols illustrated and Explained in a Course of Twelve Lectures on

Akhenaton as the Sphinx-like Lion


Akhenaton as the Sphinx-like Lion (of Judea). He was the
Biblical Moses and true “King of the Jews.”

And on the east si
toward the rising of the sun, shall they of the standard of the
camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies
– (Numbers

Judah is a lion’s whelp
(Genesis 49:9)



The Flag of the Church of Scotland
The Flag of the Church of Scotland
with Mosaic
“burning bush” motif. The “fiery tree” with 3 roots is, however,
in origin, as is the zodiacal cross in the
background. This cross is also meant to symbolize the numeral 1O
(Ten), another insignia of Aten or Aton (Ten). See 10 Downing
Street. “X” stands for Aton and also for the biblical hero
Nimrod, known as the “mighty hunter of Jehovah”



The Pharaonic Lion and Unicorn primarily symbolizes the
Cult of Aton and Tribe of Judah, both renegade exiles from

Symbolizing the royal sign of Leo,
the red lion refers to the Pharaohs of Egypt.
The French fleur de li commemorates the ancient goddesses of
Egypt, and is the insignia of the Knights Templar.


The Dragon Court

& Brotherhood of Atlantis

The Queen's Personal Emblem

The Queen’s Personal Emblem features the Druidic-Bardic harp and Egyptian
lions. During the
coronation of British monarchs the following words from Handel’s Zadok
the Priest
are sung – “Zadok the priest and Nathan, crowned King
Standard of the Prince of Wales

Standard of the Prince of Wales.
At his investiture, Charles sat upon a throne bearing a red
dragon emblem. His mother, the Queen, spoke these words over him: “This
dragon gives you your power, your throne and your authority.” In
the year 1992, Prince Charles petitioned the European Union to
be made king of all Europe.

The crest of the Knights Templar

The crest of the

Knights Templar features the lion and unicorn motif

that appears on many royal coats of arms. These are Atonist

symbols. The crown above the cross is Pharaonic. The red cross
can be found on prehistoric Phoenician and British megaliths.
The cross and crown are also employed by American Scottish-Rite
Freemasons, who work in secret to undermine the sovereignty of
America, on behalf of their Atonist chiefs in London and Rome.
The kings of the Merovingian dynasty were believed to have been
born with birthmarks in the form of a red cross.

666 - ("The Holy Crown")

666 – (“The

Holy Crown”)It is the sum of the Hebrew
term nezer ha-kodesch – that means “The Holy Crown.” This
term can be found throughout Masonic Temples and inscriptions.
The “Holy Crown” is of Akhenaton and his descendants in the Cult
of Aton. The symbol here of the cross has little to do with
Christianity as we know it. If it were an Ankh, all would have
been revealed long ago.


When the
Christians assaulted the Osirian temple at Alexandria, and with
destructive force entered its sacred precincts, they saw a huge cross
occupying the marble pavement. Great, too, was the surprise of the
Spaniards to find the same emblem in the temples of aboriginal America.
The Tau or Cross meets one’s view in the ornamental relics of many lands

– James
Bonwick (Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions, 1894)

Few causes have
been more powerful in producing mistakes in ancient history than the
idea, hastily formed by all ages, that every monument of antiquity
marked with a cross, or with any of those symbols which they conceived
to be monograms of Christ, were of Christian origin. The cross is as
common in India as in Egypt or Europe
– Godfrey Higgins (Celtic
, 1830)

The rabbis say
that when Aaron was made high priest he was marked in the forehead by
Moses with the figure X –
Hargrave Jennings (The Masculine
Cross and Ancient Sex Worship
, 1874)

flag-george flag-unionjack flagulster

The Red Cross – seen on
the flag of St. George, the Ulster flag, and Union Jack of England, has a
very old history going back to Egypt and the worship of the god Set who was
connected with the colors red and blue. An ancient name for Egypt was
and the hieroglyphic for this word featured a circle and cross
identical to those seen on many flags and emblems of the world, particularly
those of Britain. The word Mor or Mer, also referred directly
to the Giza Pyramid and to the keepers of the knowledge of the pyramid.
Therefore, it is a word that connects to secret societies and their
knowledge (for example
ovingian). Expert on Egypt, Ralph Ellis has discovered that there may
be good reason why the Craft Lodge of Freemasonry is known as the “Blue
Lodge” and why Freemasonry have “Blue Degrees,” and why it is that blue is
used by the super elite order known as the Knights of the Garter, founded by
king Edward III in 1348, and presently headed by the queen of England. Ellis
has shown that there is a connection between the legendary St. George the
dragon slayer and the god Set who also entered into combat with the serpent
Apophis, using a spear to overcome his serpentine adversary. One of the
meanings of the Egyptian word Set is “garter.” The name also means
“secret.” Like the ancient worshippers of Set, and like the Egyptian
nobility, the Knights of the Garter wear a blue-colored band upon their
person. It is usually hidden from view, or kept “secret.” But a look at the
symbolism of various corporations and government bodies reveals much use of
the “blue ribbon” or blue band or tie. A Master Mason is bestowed a jewel
upon a blue ribbon. St. Michael is a variation of St. George. In Egyptian,
the name Michael is
meaning “blue.” The knightly connection is made sensible when it
is realized that the god Set was often the tutelary deity for commanders in
the Egyptian military. He was considered a god of war and conflict. He
presided over the hot red deserts, and over storms and natural disasters. In
Egyptian, a title for Set was Djeudje
(pronounced Djoogee). This is the probable origin of the name adopted
by so many British kings – George. The name refers directly to the
god Set. And Set had been the original god of the Hyksos dynasty who later
became followers of Akhenaton and his Atonists. It appears that the flag of
England, that contains the Setian red cross and blue background, is nothing
less than an Atonist flag, pure and simple. The pharaonic crown of Lower
Egypt, the area dominated by the Hyksos, was known as the Deshret or
“red crown.” Ergo, it is not St. George who is the patron saint of England,
but Set of the Hyksos. In general terms whenever the code term “red” is used
in the Old Testament, it denotes the Hyksos dynasty. Connected to the Order
of the Garter, is the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St.
George, formed in 1818. Additionally, legend has it that the senior members
of the Merovingian dynasty of France (founders of the Knights Templar) had
birthmarks in the shape of a red cross.

Archaeological explorations have indicated him (St. Michael) as
identical with Anubis, whose effigy was lately discovered upon an
Egyptian monument, with a cuirvass and holding a spear, like St. Michael
and St. George. He is also represented as slaying a dragon, that has the
head and tail of a serpent
– Madame Blavatsky (Isis Unveiled)

The Judites were minions of the Cult of Aton. The word Judah (from Yahud), means "the Heirs.

The Judites were minions of the
Cult of Aton. The word
Judah (from Yahud), means “the Heirs.”You may have noticed the similarities in this and the United Nations Design

Cult of Akhenaton and Aton

An all pervasive “State” motif used by the descendants of
the Cult of Akhenaton and Aton.

The Lion is the emblem of  the Vatican and City of Venice

The Lion is the emblem of  the
Vatican and City of Venice

United Nations

Akhenaton's hand holding the olive branch, one of the major symbols of the Atonists now used by Israel, Masonry, United Nations, and other institutions.

Akhenaton’s hand
holding the olive branch, one of the major symbols of the
Atonists now used by Israel, Masonry, United Nations, and
other institutions.

The Very
Reverend Sir Israel Brodie (1895–1975) was chief rabbi of
the United Hebrew Congregation of the British Commonwealth
of Nations (1948–65), wearing the
regalia of a Past Grand Chaplain.

And why not?
Between Masonry, Judaism and Atonism, as the symbolism
reveals, there is not much difference. Brodie, like
Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher, is just one among many rabbis
and clergymen who enjoy high masonic rank.

Standard of Scotland
The term Wales means "Place of the Strangers" or "Foreigners," signifying those who invaded and settled from abroad
The term Wales means “Place of the Strangers” or “Foreigners,” signifying
those who invaded and settled from abroad, probably from France.
The indigenous peoples of Wales refer to themselves as the Cymri, or Kimri
An early Hapsburg dynasty
crest, strikingly similar to that of King William I, whose red lion became the standard of Scotland. It also resembles
the arms of King Richard, the Lion Heart, and many other heraldic devices of
English kings and nobles. Regardless of the ages that pass, and of the
dynasties which come and go, the symbols remain conspicuously similar.

Plantagenet Crest features a red dragon or lion
similar to that alluded to by Queen Elizabeth during the investiture of
Prince Charles. This is the arms of
the Hapsburg and Hapsburg-Lorraine dynasties of Europe, to whom
the Windsors are related. The Dragon Bloodline has been
preserved in the Merovingian, Carolingian, Tudor, Plantagenet,
Stuart, Hapsburg, Hanoverian, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Guelph,
Bowes-Lyon, Battenberg (Mountbatten), Guise and Savoy families,
as well as others. The powerful Plantagenet kings of England
were part of the Angevin dynasty of France, and were known as the House of Anjou. They were, like the Bourbons and
House of Orleans, a branch of the Capetian dynasty of Europe.
The word
means the “Big Heads” or “Chiefs.”

Standard of the Belgian kings. At the Bank of Belgium the so-called rivals - the Stuarts and the House of Orange - keep their accounts. The Windsor family have dynastic ties to this important Masonic-Atonist country
Standard of the
Belgian kings. At the Bank of Belgium the so-called rivals –
the Stuarts and the House of Orange – keep their accounts. The
Windsor family have dynastic ties to this important
Masonic-Atonist country

The Nazis and their Masonic-Atonist solar eagle. Hitler, Himmler, and the other Nazi agents of the British Crown referred to themselves as "New Templars." Appropriating and misusing the sacred title "Aryan" they distorted and obscured the true meaning of this term that signified the Druids, or the ELDERS (the wise and perfected men) of any race.

The Nazis and their
Masonic-Atonist solar eagle. Hitler, Himmler, and the other Nazi
agents of the British Crown referred to themselves
as “New Templars.” Appropriating and misusing the sacred title
“Aryan” they distorted and obscured the true meaning of this
term that signified the Druids, or the ELDERS (the wise and
perfected men) of any race.

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth I, photographed at a Nazi funeral.

Prince Philip,
husband of Queen Elizabeth I, photographed at a Nazi funeral.

Adolph Hitler, a British  agent, with King Edward VII of the Windsor Family. The Windsors - one of the world's most powerful crime families are of German and Venetian ancestry.

fasces-67516979449 images lion-fasces2 swordfasceAtonist lion-head with sword of Mars and Fasces, the symbol of totalitarian rule and oligarchic control. These royalist and Masonic emblems are found at The Old Sessions House at Clerkenwell Green on Farringdon Lane and at Marylebone St in London.

Number Ten (Aten/Aton) Downing St, in London. The rose window above the door contains eight panes symbolizing the sun. There are eight solar flames and one Martian arrow representing the sign of Aries and Mars, planet of war. The knocker is styled as an Atonist lion. The same symbols can be seen on the portal of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. downingstknocker

Number Ten (Aten/Aton) Downing St, in London. The rose window above the door contains eight panes symbolizing the sun. There are eight solar flames and one Martian arrow representing the sign of Aries and Mars, planet of war. The knocker is styled as an Atonist lion. The same symbols can be seen on the portal of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

James I -of the House of Stuart. The rivalry between the Stuarts and Hanoverians was a mock rivalry. Behind the lodge doors, religious differences meaning nothing. stuart.monument-rome

James I

-of the House of Stuart. The rivalry between the Stuarts and
Hanoverians was a mock rivalry. Behind the lodge doors,
religious differences meaning nothing.

The monument to the Catholic Stuart Dynasty of Scotland and England,
in Rome. The Stuarts were one of many “Dragon” dynasties ruling
the world. The word stuart means “steward,” signifying
those who rule in place of another, or who officiate for
another higher more elusive authority. Interestingly, the
Stuarts were known as the “Jacobite” Kings, referring to the
father of the Israelites (Atonists). The British flag is today
referred to as the “Union Jack” for the same reason. Another
Stuart symbol was the white rose. The Stuarts were powerful
Freemasons, negating the idea that Catholicism is “against” such
secret societies. The Stuart treasure was lodged in the same
Belgium bank that kept the accounts of their “on paper”
Protestant enemy, Hanoverian King William of Orange. William had
more Stuart blood in him than James Stuart. His own wife Mary
was sister of James Stuart. The Stuarts only appeared
to be deposed. It was James I who commissioned the “King James
Bible.” James I was suggestively referred to as “Jacob” or
“Jacobus” hence the “Jacobin Period” of English history. The
Stuarts, like their close relatives the Tudors (Tutors), had
close connections to French Templars. Indeed the French
Fleur-de-Lys appears on most English heraldry. These royal
dynasties had been exposed to Druidism via Culdean monks from
Ireland. The name James
(from the Gaelic Seamus), meant “Gate-Keeper,” or
“Guardian,” in the Egyptian language. In Egyptian it is
or Shemes. It may also relate to Shemsu,
meaning “Disciple” or “Follower,” in this case, “Disciple of

In Britain, and during their later exile, the Stuart kings were
at the very forefront of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which
was founded on the most ancient of all arcane knowledge and
Universal Law. Their Breton heritage was closely allied to
the noble families of Boulogne and Jerusalem, and their
background was largely Templar-inspired

Laurence Gardner (Bloodline of the Holy Grail)

caesar augustus

The Caesars ruled by proxy for
their elusive Atonist masters. They systematically subjugated the
nations and decimated ancient tribes. They dominated Egypt for 400
years, from the time of Augustus (30 BC to 395 AD). Their empire
was colossally wealthy. Many Emperors were distinguished by
terms and titles such as divi filius meaning “Son of
God.” They and their masters considered themselves supreme gods and kings
of the known world. There was no room in their world for a
reluctant Jewish Messiah of obscure heritage. The “Jesus”
of Paul and of Rome was a clever front man for someone who, like
the Caesars, had a very definite heritage and aspired
to the creation of a New World Order to replace one that was
lost. The Roman Jupiter-Ammon was a version of ancient
Egyptian sun god Amen Ra. Julius Caesar was deified in
the temple of Ammon and afterward considered a living god. The
word Caesar (Ce Sar, or Kesar) gives Caesarean
meaning to be severed and removed from the womb or mother. The
word originally meant “the sun” and has the same meaning as
other elite titles: Sah (for Orion or Osiris), Sera 
(title the Egyptians used for Pharaoh) Shah (Arabic for
King), Sarah (“Princess”), Sahib, Czar or Tzar 
(Russian Emperors), Shaman, Surya, Sire, Seer, and Sir, 

anti-Masons cannot understand why Masons employ what appears to
be Christian symbolism. They have yet to discover that the “Christ”
referenced in Masonic literature is not Jesus, but a previous
“monotheist” – namely, Akhenaton of Egypt, which
explains why the cross is seen alongside the rose and/or crown.

Albert Pike. was Grand Master of American Freemasonry and head of the Illuminati. Albert Pike. was Grand Master of American Freemasonry and head of the Illuminati. In this photograph his left hand is clenched in a mudra known as the “Lion’s Paw” – undoubtedly a reference to the Lion of Judea – Akhenaton, the sun king that all Masons serve. It is not to the time of Jesus that we are to look for the origin of Masonry, but to the 18th dynasty pharaoh and his descendants. Pike also wears the Atonist pyramid and eagle – the insignias of Akhenaton. Significantly, the bust of Albert Pike stands thirteen blocks distant from the White House in Washington.

Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson poses on the cover of Time Magazine, and gives his Masonic pose (the "Lion's Paw") that refers to his secret society status and to show the world, subliminally, that he works for the Cult of Aton and not for Christianity

Tele-Evangelist Pat Robertson poses on
the cover of Time Magazine, and gives his Masonic pose (the
“Lion’s Paw”) that refers to his secret society status and to
show the world, subliminally, that he works for the Cult of Aton
and not for Christianity. Time carried this image as Robertson
was running for the US presidency.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like
a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour
(1 Peter

The lion
was the symbol for the first degrees of initiation, the sign which
allowed the opening of the book, so to speak. It possibly represented
the royalty of initiation, the status that comes with being aware of
what is concealed –

Bushby (Secret in the Bible)


Al Gore making the sign of the Lion’s Paw. He was not the only
one to do so. It has been displayed by Billy Graham, Annie Besant (of the
Theosophical Society), John Wilkes Booth, Johannes Kepler, Sir
James de Rothschild, Anton Le Vey, Eugene V. Debs and Sir
Francis Dashwood. (See Codex Magica, by T. Marrs for more
examples of this symbolism)

The “Portcullis” is the
emblem of the Revenue Department of England. It features twelve squares like the
Hoshen Breastplate.
The term Hoshen or Kohen means “Serpent Priest.”

Jewish High Priest wearing the Hoshen or Kohen Breastplate, also
known as the
“Urim and Thummim.” The Levites were
originally Irish Druids, not Jews as we know them.

The symbols of the twelve tribes of Israel was originally a Druidic
zodiacal symbol.


The Druids were dressed in white robes, the Bard in blue. The
Arch-Druid wore a golden breastplate set with twelve jewels, similar
to the breastplate of the high priest of Israel. Such a breastplate
has been found on a skeleton in one of the Stonehenge tombs

Fredrick Haberman (Tracing Our Ancestors)

The Breastplate of
judgment worn by the Jewish high priest, called the Urim and
Thummim, meaning emblems of royalty and truth, was also borrowed
from Egypt, as we learn from these names, which are derived from the
Egyptian words OURO, King, and THMEI, justice or truth…god
Horus-Ra is Ouro, and the goddess with the feather on her head is
– Samuel Sharpe (Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian

When engaged in
judicial duties, the arch-judge wore, suspended by a chain from his
neck, a small figure ornamented with precious stones. This was a
representation of the goddess worshipped under the two-fold
character of Truth and Justice, and was called Thmei. It has been
supposed with good reason, that this was a corruption of the same
patriarchal element, afterward developed in the Hebrew religion as
the Thummim of the high priest
– George Smith (The
Gentile Nations
, 1853, on the Egyptian origin of Hebrew
religious symbols)


Pope Paul VI wearing the Judaic “Kohen Breastplate,”
and the yarmulke. The Vatican is a front for the
all-powerful Cult of Aton which  funds the Illuminati and
Masonic Orders. The chief Jesuit is referred to as “The
General,” a term used by Akhenaton. The skull cap,
also worn by Jewish rabbis, was originally worn by
sun priests of Egypt.
 Doves on the standards of
British royals are signify the “Davids,” or commanders of Aton.
The symbol appears on Visa credit cards and on the emblems
of Greenpeace,
Sinn Fein, and other orgs. In ancient times the bird
represented primordial goddesses.

The Hebrew
letter corresponding to the Fool is Aleph.
Aleph, from the Arabic Aleim and Irish Ailim,
is the origin of the modern word
The Irish Ailim gives our first letter
of the alphabet “A.”
It became the Hebrew Aleph and the Greek Alpha.
The first letter of the Egyptian alphabet was Ahom.
The hieroglyphic for this letter was an eagle. The eagle
stood for the first letter. Since the Arabic term
(and Hebrew Aleph) symbolized the gods,
the eagle (and also hawk or falcon) became the prime
insignia of the gods.
Messod and Roger Sabbah show how the letter Aleph
is connected to the Egyptian hieroglyphic that stood for
“Aton” representing light. The letter therefore
commemorated the connection between Akhenaton’s House of
Aton and the House of Judah (or Yahud). Additionally,
the term Elohim that derives from Ailim
and Aleim can still be found in Jerus-alem.

An interesting confirmation of the
Atonist significance of letter “A,” concerns the
first card of the Tarot that corresponds to the letter
The imagery of the card features an Atonist
sun disk. We also see the solar child representing
Akhenaton emerging from the solar orb like a physical
emanation or beam of light. The Ankh was the symbol for
breath, and this is the beginning of Akhenaton’s name
(“Ankh Aton”). So, Aleph (or “breath”) is the
first letter “A,” while Ankh (the symbol for
“breath”) is the first hieroglyphic of Akhenaton’s own
name. Clearly then the image in the card is a cryptic
reference to Akhenaton. That he descends from a mountain
peak connects him to the biblical Moses. The Egyptian
hieroglyphic for the letter “A” was an eagle. The symbol
of the eagle can be seen on the bag carried by the
“Fool.” The word Fool is a corruption of the
world Soel. The long letter “S” was often
mistaken for “F.” Soel or Sol, means “the Sun.” Again,
the reference is to Aton. Furthermore, the body posture
of the Fool loosely formulates the Hebrew letter Aleph.
In other words, his body is the letter “A,” for Aton.
The Fool is the Jester or Joker of conventional playing

Zoroastrianism was a Solar
Cult that apparently arose in in Persia around 1200 BC,
shortly after the expulsion of Akhenaton from
Egypt. Indeed, this religion, which preceded
Christianity, is uncannily similar to
Atonism. Zoroaster may have
been a prototype for Paul’s Jesus. Zoroastrianism was
prominent under the Sassanid Empire of Persia (modern
Iran). It is not known whether Zoroaster was a
historical figure. Dates for his existence vary widely,
anything from 2000 BC to 458 BC. The term zoro,
means “golden” and is close to sura or surya,
meaning “sun.” Zoroaster, is taken to mean
“golden star.” He is considered the creator of the Magi
who really go back much further, and who had western
origins. Zoroastrianism plays a role in the Masonic
tradition. The god of Zoroaster was known as Hormuzd,
Ormuzd or Ahura Mazda, god of light.
Apparently, he was a version of Horus, Amun Ra, and
Aton. In Mozart’s Masonic opera The Magic Flute,
the character sarstro is portrayed the fount of
all wisdom

The Cult
of Mithras was a Hellenistic Solar Cult that thrived
in the second century BC during the time of the Roman
Empire. It particularly attracted men from the military and was popular among Romans.
In this famous image, we see sun god Mithras (Mith Ra)
overcoming the
bull of Taurus. Mithras represents the sun moving from
the sign of Taurus into Aries. This astrological
phase-shift had obsessed Akhenaton and his Atonists.
Their god was the sun, and the sun’s relative position
in the heavens mattered greatly to his “Watchers.”
During the time when the sun made its transition from
Taurus into Aries, Egyptians priests were at odds. Some
wished to continue with the old paradigm, while others
hailed the change. The story of the Chosen People building a “Golden
Calf” alludes to this schism in the ranks. The Cult of Mithras
was practically identical to the Sol Invicti Cult
to which Emperor Constantine belonged. Both Cults
were, in our mind, variants of Egyptian Atonism.

DC’s White House – a new capitol for Atonism. The
Egyptian symbolism in the city design should leave us in
no doubt of this. However, the symbolism is not, as most
researchers estimate, merely “Masonic” or “Zionist,” but


For Zion’s sake I
will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain
quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her
salvation like a blazing torch
– (Isaiah 62:1)

Aliens shall stand and feed your flocks. Foreigners shall be
your ploughmen and vinedressers. But you shall be called
priests of the Lord. Men will speak of you as ministers of
our God
– (Isaiah 61:5-6)

Foreigners will build your walls, and their kings will serve
you. Your gates will always stand open, they will never be
shut, day or night, so that men may bring you the wealth of
the nations –
(Isaiah 60:10-11)

Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations
around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy
some of the temporary residents living among you and members
of their clans born in your country, and they will become
your property. You can will them to your children as
inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but
you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly
(Leviticus 25:44-46)




The White House is also the name of the new
government headquarters in Moscow. The name originally comes from
Egypt. The White and Red Houses of the late first dynasty
were departments that officiated for the will of pharaoh.
The second most important state building in Egypt was the
treasury. It was known as Per Hetch, meaning “White
House.” (Below: a photograph of the so-called “Cross Hall”
with its royal red carpet. Red stands for the Hyksos war god
Set, and the cross stands not for Christianity, but for
or Mer, that is Egypt)

…the office rendered as ‘Chamberlain’ was responsible
for all public functions undertaken by the king and for
the management of his affairs. The ‘Chancellor’ attested
from the early First Dynasty directed all the concerns
of government with Egypt’s wealth, the collection of
taxes and the control of the Treasuries of the Two
Lands. Theoretically, and sometimes in fact, there were
two treasuries, one for each of the kingdoms, known as
‘The White House’ and ‘The Red House’, for Upper and
Lower Egypt respectively; each had its dependent
bureaucracy under officials who reported to the
Chancellor, who in turn reported to the Vizier

Michael Rice (Who’s Who in Ancient Egypt)

Camp David does not refer
to King David. It refers to the “Davids,” or Commanders of
Aton, the biological and ideological bloodline of
Akhenaton. A secondary connotation of the word is
“Divide.” The Atonists are certainly experts in creating
division. “Divide and Rule,” has been both a apt motto
and method for them in their interminable war for global
so-called “Laurel Room” at Camp David. The misleaders go “up on the hill” to plot and plan. The
hill is a fundamental Egyptian symbol of power. Its is
an Atonist symbol, not a Jewish one, although it was
co-opted by the Zionists. References to the pyramidical
“hill” appear in the Old Testament:

And many
nations shall come, and say: “Come, let us go up to
the mountain of the Lord [Zion], to the house of the
God of Jacob [Israel], that he may teach us his ways
and we may walk in his paths.” For out of Zion shall
go forth the law and the word of the Lord from
Jerusalem. And he shall judge between many people,
and shall decide for nations far off

(Micah 4:2-3)

The word
, means “those who are unique”

The Paramount
Pictures logo shows Mount Sinai and the 22
Arcana (Stars) of the Stellar Cult. It was at Sinai that
the Cult of Aton recuperated after their expulsion from
Egypt. Para is a word meaning “beyond”
means “beyond the mountain,” and is a
symbolic reference to our times, the times beyond, or
after, the time of Sinai. The symbol above is also a
cryptic reference of the three great pyramids of Giza.
The logo of Columbia
Pictures connotes the sign
of Virgo. The word Columbia means “Dove” and
refers surreptitiously to the “Davids,” the
elites of the Cult of Aton. The US Statue of Liberty is
an Egyptian symbol that also connotes the Cult of Aton,
the true owners and rulers in America. The star that the
statue is erected upon symbolizes Sirius.
At the Hague in Holland – seat of EU government – a huge black
widow spider. Spider webs are seen on the US dollar
bill, on Mormon architecture, at the so-called Nazca
Lines in Peru and on obelisks and civic buildings. It
represents the forces of darkness that spin the webs of
deceit to entrap minds and souls. In the web of the
spider the trapped victim strangles itself through it
very attempts to be free.


The Dodge car
company’s original logo featuring Judaic (Atonist)
star of the “Davids.” Now replaced with martian ram’s head
in blood-red colors. The ram is a symbol of the sun god Aton.


ABC Towers in Los Angeles.
Significantly the buildings are
shaped as two equilateral triangles. When interwoven, two triangles
form a “Star of David.”

The Neo Tech Organization,
and Nabisco. Like so many corporations and institutions of the
world, their logos prominently feature Masonic emblems and symbols.
The Cross of Lorraine and the pyramid have been incorporated into
both designs


A perfect case for Atonist symbolism in
plain sight. On the front and back of the pack there is a
seal depicting two lions with crowns. They stand on the left
and right side of an oval that has an eight pointed star in
the center. Above the oval is a knight’s helmet with a
crown. Near the oval is the Latin phrase Per Aspera Ad
that means “through hardship to the stars” (an
Astro-Theological reference), while beneath the oval another
Latin motto reads: In Hoc Signo Vinces that means
In this Sign Ye Shall Conquer.
This phrase was coined by
Constantine the Great, the Atonist founder of Roman
Christianity. His emblem was the Double-Headed Eagle later
adopted by the Freemasons. The motto was also employed by
the Knights Templars and other secret societies. More
importantly, Pall Mall is the name of the famous London
street leading straight to the gates of Buckingham Palace,
home of the British Royal Family. So sit down, relax and
have a cigar!…It’s on them. The term Pell Mell
means “disordered,” or “chaotic.”

packs feature the Egyptian pyramid.
Opening the lid of the box removes the “capstone” of the
pyramid. Is this just coincidence? The Philip Morris company
logo is a royal-type crest similar to that of the Knights



Aton in your Face
The “Missing
Cornerstone” (Capstone) that the “Builders” (Egyptians) rejected

The Missing Capstone is missing because it
represents the exiled
Akhenaton. The descendants of this renegade infidel have, in
retaliation, desecrated the land of Egypt, both its temple-sites
and its true history. Their agents have also seen to it that the
ancient connections between Egypt and Ireland have been
obscured. Only now, in our time, are the facts arising to the
surface. Our revelations concerning the Irish origins of
also involve the exposure, for the first time,
of the true origins of the secret societies and the
reason for the symbolism they employ. We show why knees have
bent and why heads have bowed before the World “System” and its
elusive creators.

Pharaoh Akhenaton was Son of the Sun or Son of  Aton,
the real King of the Jews. He was master of the Levites
and Twelve Tribes under his dominion. The Old Testament is
his biography,
his instrument of torture.
His Cult of Aton was and is
identical to the prediluvian “Brotherhood of
the Snake.” His Cult is served by the Vatican, Illuminati,
Templars, Royals and British-Israelites.
The Atonists have expertly employed their
age old symbols to indicate their presence to the
symbolically literate. From their bases of operation in Tanis,
Alexandria, Rome, London, New York, and Washington DC, and
through their many lieutenants, they control the world, their new

The Eagle is the symbol of the so-called “Tribe of
Manasseh,” named after a son of Joseph, Pharaoh’s
dream analyst, and man with the “coat of many colors.” In reality Joseph was Yuya, the wealthiest man in
the world during the time of the Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV. Yuya
held the highest office and was connected to the
Hyksos nobility of Egypt. That he was one of twelve
“Brothers” simply refers to his priestly or Masonic rank. He was
second in command after Pharaoh. In Hindi the word Akha (Akhe-naton) means “eye.” The
hierogram for the word Akhem or Akha was an
eagle. The eye and the eagle are therefore closely related
and have long been symbols for royalty, especially

Manasseh is, therefore, a cover term and idea for the
Atonists, and their conquest of America.

Manasseh would
become a great nation. The greatest nation in the history of the world
is the United States of America –
(From: Tracing the
Ancestors of Great Britain and America,
by the Gospel of Kingdom

According to the
cryptic metaphorical “histories” of the British-Israelites,
Joseph’s two sons – Manasseh and Ephraim – are
the ancestors of the races guided by “god” to found Britain
and America. The sons are, however, merely fictive devices.
They are just two of many non-historical biblical
characters scripted to impersonate the chiefs of the Cult of
Aton, who speak only in symbols to the world they
stage-manage from behind the scenes.

The United States
of America, the greatest nation of the late 20th century and the early
21st century, is 227 years old today (2003). Comparatively young among
most nations it is nonetheless our era’s reigning superpower. America’s
roots go back to the biblical Jacob, who had twelve sons. The twelfth
and youngest, Joseph, was to give birth to the double tribe of
Ephraim/Manasseh or the English speaking peoples, who later became Great
Britain and the United States. While the tribe of Judah maintained the
spiritual hegemony, The tribe of Ephraim/Manasseh was promised material
prosperity. By the year 1950 AD, Great Britain and the United States
together owned one quarter of the world’s wealth and territory –

(Libra Rising.com)

The misunderstood motto above the Egyptian pyramid at which the
Judaic/Atonist eagle stares – “Annuit Coeptis” – means “He Favors Our
Undertaking.” The “He” is not god but Akhenaton and/or his god Aton.

The New World Order replaces the Old Order
over lost to the Atonists exiled with Akhenaton.





The letter “G” rendered in lower
case appears serpentine in form. This is another reason why it is employed
by the so-called “Dragon Court,” the “Brotherhood of the Snake.” Many kings
were known as George, and the red cross of England is known as St. George’s
Akhenaton referred to himself as
the “Architect,” that is a term well known to Masons. Their supreme archon
is known as “The Grand Architect of the Universe.” The word
“Carpenter” (from

) was also a title used
by the Egyptian Pharaohs. In Greek, the word for Carpenter (Poimen)
means “king’s counselors”

The design of the Masonic “Compass and Rule” is configured like
a letter “A” – for
Akhenaton and Aton! It is often shown
with rays alongside the five-pointed star of Sirius. The
chief Masonic motto is: Per me reges regnant
(“through me kings reign”). We might know now who this “me” is.

“The World Is Not
Enough” is a patently Atonist motto found being used in the James Bond
media franchise. Ostensibly the motto of the Bond family:
Orbis non sufficit
, it really refers to the designs of the
Atonists for the conquest of the whole world. The world is to be
their new empire to take the place for the one lost. Theirs is
the “New World Order,” theirs the Global Empire, the New Egypt,
the New Israel. We find the story of the “Bond” motto in the
first film of the long running action series, “On Her Majesty’s
Secret Service.” The location is the

College of Arms
in London.
Every country and nation in the world, and every state must
apply to this college to be awarded the right to bear a flag or
heraldic device. All flags bear similar solar, stellar, and
Masonic motifs – and are all bestowed from London. The Bond 007
series of movies are loaded with occult symbolism and
“whistle-blowing” anecdotes concerning the Atonist plan for
mankind. Genetics is a major theme of the first Bond movie, but
that is merely the tip of the symbolic trove.

By way of their control over the
major pharmaceutical leviathans, this poison-peddling order has the
masses of the world becoming sicker on all levels. The
evidence of this human destruction is seen all around us.
The symbolism employed by most of these corrupt edifices is enough to alert
us to their perfidious agendas. Through their agents in the media (Henry
Luce, Sumner Redstone, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdock, Conrad Black, Katherine
Graham, etc,) they make sure the world’s uninformed masses remain uninformed. By disseminating a daily diet of pornographic images and perverse
subliminal messages, deeply disturbing to man’s libido and psyche, they
contaminate the world with their “infections.” It is partly due to
this psychic dictatorship that the average man lacks the passion and
inclination for anything other than the pursuit of sensual gratification.


Harry S. Truman was the insidious and treacherous 33rd
President of America. We see him wearing his Masonic diadem in the shape of
letter “A” for Aton. Truman was an ardent Zionist.

Benjamin Franklin was an Illuminati agent who took
his orders from the same British royals he apparently cajoled
Americans to rebel against. A member of the Nine Sisters Lodge
of France and English Hell Fire Club, he was known in occult circles as “Moses.” Like Francis
Bacon and other occultists he served as an Atonist fifth
columnist securing
America for his cabal. He was recruited and sent to London by
Scottish Templar and Governor of Pennsylvania Sir William Keith.
He was officially known to have become a Mason in 1731, in

Amarna or Akhetaten wascapital city of Akhenaton and his
Solar Church. This city was the true
birthplace of Judeo-Christianity.

The name
means “Aten’s Horizon.” Akhenaton was a worshipper
of light and of the sunrise. His was one-season world without
darkness. Stars, moon and twilight, shade and shadow were all
subservient to light. He was addicted to light and to the power
of the sun. The psychological profile of such a creature is most
interesting. Clearly, he would be very at home in the modern
super-lit fluorescent world that his descendants and minions
have created.

Ridiculously stylized and romanticized depictions of Akhenaton
with Nefertiti are
common. They are adored by persons unacquainted with the truth
concerning this most oppressive demagogue
By way of sycophantic writers and Hollywood
movies we have been duped into believing there was something
magical and elevated about the somewhat eccentric but
God-inspired monotheist

Britain and America, and above their heads, the Atonist
Crown and Pyramid.

Thus saith
the Lord God: A great eagle with great wings, long-winged,
full of feathers, which had divers (many) colors, came unto
Lebanon (Palestine), and took the highest branches (the
youngest of the people) of the cedars (royal Davidic line);
he cropped off the top of his young twigs and carried it
into a land of traffic; he set it in a city of merchants
(Phoenicians). He took also the seed of the land, and
planted it in a fruitful field (Britain), he placed it by
great waters, and set it as a willow tree. And it grew, and
became a spreading vine of low stature, whose branches
turned toward him, and the roots thereof were under him, so
it became a vine and brought forth branches, and shot forth
– Ezekiel

There was also another great eagle with great wings and
many feathers; and behold, this vine did bend her roots
toward him, and shot forth her branches toward him, that he
might water it by the furrows of her plantation. It was
planted in a good soil by great waters, that it might bring
forth branches and that it might bear fruit, that it might
be a goodly vine
– Ezekiel

I the Lord have brought down the high tree (Druids and
Egyptians Magi of old), have exalted the low tree (Aton
exiles), have dried up the green tree (Druids), and have
made the dry tree to flourish. I the Lord (Aton) have spoken
and have done it
– Ezekiel 17


When the left wing freemason is finished, the right wing brother
takes over
– Juri Lina (Architects of Deception)


Upper Left –
The insignia of the Byzantine Empire founded by Constantine the
Great, member of the Atonist Sol Invicti Cult. His armed
guards were called the “Golden Militia” and they wore the symbol
of the double-headed eagle
Upper Right –
Imperial Standard of the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire
(1867-1918) that encompassed Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia,
Slovenia, and Croatia.
Below Left
– Austrian Coat of Arms under the Hapsburgian reign. A rampant
red lion can be seen on the central shield.
Below Right
– One of many examples of the Freemasonic Double-Headed
Eagle, with the Egyptian Pyramid, Crown, Sword, and number 33
signifying high grade Masonic adepts.
The Double-Headed
Eagle can be seen today prominently displayed at the Knights
Templar Palace in Jerusalem. It can be seen on Templar
architecture all over the island of Malta. The Templars were,
and remain, a “Catholic” organization.

Madeline Albright with her Atonist Eagle. The Albright
family were and are  lieutenants of the Atonists
situated in London and New York. The term “Neo-Con” is simply a
pseudonym for Atonist. No one in the White House serves the true
interests of the American people. Quite the contrary, they serve
the royals of Britain and Europe. (See article:

Weapons of Mass Deception Found

neophyte ascends the three steps toward the light. Note the Egyptian symbolism
– the Pyramid shaped like the letter “A,” Druidic
three steps, zodiacal
arch, “Compass and Rule,” and solar rays from the
sunrise. The name
refers to the new sun at the eastern
horizon. From the opening lines of Akhenaton’s Hymn to the
we read:

At daybreak, when thou arisest on the horizon, When thou
shinest as the Aton by day, Thou drivest away the darkness
and givest thy rays…

The sun – Aton – takes thirty
three degrees through a single sign or house of the zodiac. The
traditions of Masonry and related secret societies is primarily

The word day
comes from dyaus or deus meaning God.

A good student is given a
“degree” when he is ready to serve the
Masonic god – Aton-Jehovah-Lucifer.


Saint Patrick burned whole libraries upon his arrival in
Ireland. Like St. Columba, he was an agent sent to eliminate
the Druids, so few would trace the origins of the world’s
educators – the Irish or Aryans.
Higher degrees bear titles such as “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret,”
“Knight of the Sun,” “Grand Pontiff,” “Prince of the
Tabernacle,” “Knight Commander of the Temple,” Knight of St.
Andrew, etc. As we show, these terms are Egyptian
in origin, not Jewish. The “G” stands for
– the elites of the Atonists who changed their
name to Freemason in order to disguise their Atonist
origins. The lower case “g”
is a sigil for the serpent and the knowledge preserved by
members of the ancient Dragon Bloodline.
The Masons – keepers of the “Royal Secret” – that we emphasize has to do with the
survival and agenda of the renegade “Cult of Aton.” They are the archivists
of the ancient Druidic knowledge that empowers the “Initiated” instead of
serving mankind.





For reasons and motives not yet too clear, the ceremonies,
festivities and city monuments associated with the ‘sister’
American and French Revolutions display Masonic ideas and
imagery and…are heavily tinged with ‘Egyptian’ connotations and
symbols –
Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval (Talisman)





Buckingham Palace from the air. An Egyptian
pyramidical layout, same as at Washington DC, and at Paris,
etc. Atonists like to remember the good ol’ days and so
designed new cities as a “new Egypt” to replace the one they
lost long ago. Theirs is the New World Order
Coat of Arms
of the Corporation of London. Note the Templar
red cross and twin dragons.

The Emblem of the United States of Europe features the
zodiacal 12 stars. The star was an ancient term denoting an Essene Master. Originally a Druidic motif, it is used to
denote the OCCULT nature of the principle quorum operating
behind the obvious seats of power and religion.
The Brussels
headquarters of the EU is on the thirteenth floor of the building
housing its president and his staff. The number thirteen is the cipher
for the Dragon Court.


These letters are an alternative spelling for the Egyptian
Atn, or Aton. This is the main independent news in England.
The name Akhenaton is also often rendered Iknaton by some
writers and linguists

Elite members of the Bohemian
Society included many ex-Presidents. The Society’s members meet
when the sun (Aton) moves to its
point during the year – at the summer solstice –
June 21st. The summer solstice was adopted by Hitler and his
Nazis as the most important day of ritual and celebration.

There are 21 obelisks on the planet
earth, and five in Egypt. Thirteen are in Rome. These
obelisks stand key geomantic positions. Rome, as well as
many other western cities, is littered with
Egyptian (and Irish) occult symbols and artifacts. From the
obelisks, columns and fountains of Gian Lorenzo
Bernini, pyramids of Raphael, and pagan mystery
school motifs of other Renaissance masters, the Atonist
creation and domination of the Vatican and of the major
secret societies is be ascertained.

Vatican resides on the former temple site of the Roman
Sun god, Mithras. The ancient Obelisk phallic symbol in
St. Peter’s Square was brought to Rome from Heliopolis
(Greek for Bethshemesh) by a Roman Emperor, many
centuries before Jesus Christ lived, and before
– Zenith Harris Merrill (Roman

Ye have seen what I
did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings
and brought you unto Myself
– (Exodus 19:4)
On the Great Seal
of the United States of Aton, we see a shield in front of the Eagle, protecting it. The stars and
stripes symbolizing America are literally a shield for the Eagle
or Cult of Aton.
The motto:
E Pluribus Unum –
“From the Many – One” – is a reference to the one big star created from the thirteen
others. This fourteenth star corresponds to the highest
cornerstone of the pyramid, also seen on the American
dollar bill. The star is not “Judaic” in the sense
accepted. Rather it is the royal Star of David or House of Aton. The arrows represent the
militaristic faction of the Cult, while the olive branches
represent the theocratic or religious faction. The Eagle
faces left, representing the past or history that
has been. The nine tail feathers represent the
degrees of Illuminist lodges.

The Coat of Arms of
the House of Hesse, a family related to the House of
Orange. They were funders and promoters of the Rothschild
dynasty. The colors red, white, blue and black are of the
Temple of Solomon (Sol-Aton)
The Coat of
Arms of the Rothschild Banking Family. Compare this diadem with the Royal Arms of England featured above.
Before the Rothschilds were awarded temporary control over the finances of
the world, families such as the Hyams did the job.
Rothschilds are not of royal blood, but have
served the Venetian and Hanoverian royals from whom their
power derives. Above his door Amschel Mayer Rothschild
displayed the Sun Eagle of Aton, with five arrows in its
claws, a near identical symbol to that now found on the US
one-dollar bill.

Jesuits were organized by religious zealot

Ignatius Loyola
They have been identified as the controllers behind the the US Government.
They are themselves merely lieutenants of the Cult of

Jesuit Mother Church, Rome. The Irish are the oldest
civilization on the earth, and long ago their Druidic culture was prevalent all over the world. Each
college and bastion were
deliberately destroyed. Ireland has been under the
Jesuit grip ever since its fall
The emblem of the Jesuits
features an Atonist solar rays. IHS was
originally the insignia for Bacchus, himself a
derivation of Aryan Iesa or Esus.,
The Pope
has, from the inception of the Roman Church, been
referred to as Servus Servorurm Dei – “Servant of
the Servants of God”
 The United States of America
are not controlled from the White House, as most people believe, but from
the Jesuit Georgetown University that overlooks Washington DC. It is the
“Black” Popes who give the
President his orders. The Jesuit college’s
motto is “Both and One” (meaning Three). A pyramid with an eye and emitting
solar rays can be seen above the door of the oldest and most prestigious
college – the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome.

The Protocols
are not a Jewish manifesto, but an Atonist one.

The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion

Communism is not Jewish, Communism is not Zionist,
Communism is Jesuit
– Eric John Phelps

Although many
Jews work for and serve the Atonist Establishment, and
though many work and serve the Vatican and the Black
Venetians, the “conspiracy” against freedom and race and
truth is not
of Jewish origins. The “Jews” are used as pawns for the
Cult of Aton who engineer the dialectic
so Jews in their pay appear to be at the helm.
They are the proverbial “red herring.” ,The
sadists employed by Atonists are of all
sorts – Gentiles, Jews, Moslems, and all the rest. A Jew is
often confused for a Zionist, although  Zionists know the
difference. The majority of Jews are converts to the
religion of Judaism that is Egyptian in origin. Most Jews are not Semitic, so the
stigma of Anti-Semitism is misapplied.

One of the devices used by
the Jesuit-Atonist Establishment to focus attention away
from themselves, and toward the complicit Zionist factions
in their employ, was the work known as “The Protocols of the
Elders of Zion.” This book, like the
itself, is indeed authored by the “Elders of
Zion,” although not the ones most people believe. The
publication has worked to set one side against the other in an
entertaining faux conflict.


King Saul throws his javelin. The fictive
is a mythograph for SOL – the sun.

He was a
of the chiefs of the Cult of Aton, the real
quorum behind the Throne of Judah (Yahud), and “Davids”

feat of javelin-throwing or axe-wielding is a standard of most
solar heroes,such as Thor, Odin, Lugh, Horus, Arthur, Indra,
Arjuna and Hector, etc.


Moses – (drawer of the waters) – a name that implies the
moon, is a fictive front for the concealed Solar
personality – in other words – Akhenaton
Moon (the Mirror) Sun (the Face)




Manetho states that Moses received his priestly
education and learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians in the city of
Heliopolis, in the Delta, the Biblical city of On…the House of the Sun

– Godfrey Higgins





The Bible – Book of the Pharaohs
Jews believe and
state openly that Moses was the author of the Hebrew Torah or first five books of the Old Testament. He is also
regarded as the transmitter of the secretive Oral Tradition that
eventually inspired the Babylonian Talmud. But, as the
great Sigmund Freud pointed out, and as we re-assert – MOSES WAS

Therefore, the Bible is not a Jewish tome, but an Egyptian one.
This is the great secret kept from humankind for
so long. The generations of alteration and re-editing by
Josephus, Bacon and others, merely assured this fact remained hidden. But when we understand the true identity of
Moses, we understand who authored the Bible.
This is the real reason why Bibles can be found on Masonic
altars. It is not because Masons are Christians, but because
they are Atonists, as are all Christians and Jews, regardless of
what false notions Vatican spin-doctors profess.



On one level the Bible works as
a secret biography of its authors. Its many illustrious characters are
cleverly conceived fictive devices for the chief dignitaries
of the “Holy Family” of Akhenaton – the one cast out and unable to find a
place to rest his head. The proliferation of Egyptian
solar and stellar symbolism within its text can now be fully explained,
given that its true authors stand exposed as Egypt’s “Broken Kings” of old.
Their god was Aton, the light looking down
on all from the “heavens.” Aton is “Our Father, who art in heaven.”

He was the
young sun at the horizon. The old Christian word for prayer was orizon
– with the same meaning. Christianity was fashioned as a replacement for
Talmudic Judaism that would continue to operate in secrecy, behind the walls
of Freemasonic lodges and so-called “Invisible Colleges.” The trail of the past, of the
descent through time of Akhenaton and his Cult, had to be concealed and
Mosaic Judaism offered imperfect cover. It was a liability, since a close
reading of the Judaic religion eventually exposes its Egyptian roots. Christ
would be from a heavenly realm far above confines of the world. He would
reject the Pharisees, and they would reject and condemn him. Christ would be
accepted by the Gentile nations of the west and all would be well. A new
church for a new age, a new doctrine to be forced on the western world by
holy Emperors. No more Torah or Talmud, and barely a mention of Egypt. When
the Pauline “Christ” apparently rejects the Old Testament laws the way was
opened for a breakaway religion with new converts and adherents. As time
passed, and as men got on with their new religion, the cunning Levitical
masters of the Cult of Aton could breathe easy. Their trail was harder to espy.

The Catastrophe Of 12,000 Years Ago That Erased History

Now I am not saying anything I have posted is true or real to me its all speculation, even what I speculate to be as real and true as I am I mean literally me, my thoughts and my physical self and what I mean by that is we are 99.9999999999999% nothing and the rest is energy and information that is exchanging reactions based on pre programmed variables and to me that seems more like a simulation and a computer program then reality but then whats real. OK well here is a really good yet mainstream documentary by the BBC that may stimulate some added thoughts for you on this subject.

There was one other BBC documentary that everyone should see it was on Youtube and very easy to find but as most truthful documentation its been replaced with watered down edited versions and this the best one I could find sets the tone but hardly does the truth justice.
ITs a PLAY LIST with many videos and many worth watching LINK HERE

OK so imagine mankind was more advanced and massive asteroids of water crashed down on the planet destroying everything for the elites to retain their power they would have to do as they are doing today they are and have always ruled the masses by keeping them ignorant, hiding knowledge, distracting them with wars, politics and endless conflicts and entertainment. Even now being poisoned as we are seemingly not dumb enough they have to genetically modify our food, vaccinate us. poison us and always indoctrinating us with TV, schools and with such mastery we are sheep teaching children to be sheep.

If you want to know what the elites have planned you turn on your TV watch the news right now they want wars with Russia and China and likely all the BRICS Nations but Russia and China are the UK and the USA at least they are an invention of the same owners of the USA and the UK there is always a left wing and a right wing but its always the same Roman Bird. Maybe not even Roman maybe the elites that rule today ruled before the Great Flood and they are Atlanteans who knows. The Muslim and Jewish tensions are also by design.

Albert Pike’s 1871 WW1, WW2 & WW3 Israel Palestine – Jesuit Controlled by Jean Pierre de Smet

Have you sat in on your child’s classes to see whats being taught? Have you noticed Ancient Aliens on history during Christmas holidays more than Christian programming. This is not just by chance its not entertainment its programming.
Wernher Von Braun – Nazi Rocket Scientist that was imported into the United States via the CIA’s Operation Paperclip. I would also not that the real power behind the Nazi’s and Stalin are still running the world. For anyone that finds this a reach I would suggest you look to where Germany got its Oil, Money and many of its Technologies.

Wernher von Braun was SS officer and Nazi German scientist. He helped Third Reich at developing space technology and V2 rocket (first long-range ballistic missile). After the war, he and some of his rocket team were taken to the U.S. as part of the then-secret Operation Paperclip. Once in USA he helped NASA realizing their missions and later became vice president at Fairchild industries.

Regan’s ALIEN speech to UN


So whats the  end game? I believe we can see it in our entertainment that is really their Gaming, Movies and Television PROGRAMMING The elites end game is just as the game being played now masters and slaves.
Building Gods (Rough Cut)

as is above shall be below as was befor shall be again.  is this the game the elites play and know?

as is above shall be below as was befor shall be again.
is this the game the elites play and know?


as is above shall be below as was befor shall be again. is this the game the elites play and know?

But its not enough for the elites to one day have the technology to one day become gods they are working to conceal this potential as they have no plans to share in the garden of eden and the benefits technology and progress so they are poisoning us.

The elites have plans but we are the power and this is what we all have to realize and take control since we know that the system is absolutely controlled even its opposition is controlled there is no faction and no way to be lead out of what is the problem of leaders and followers as all our problems are originating with followers and leaders MASTERS AND SLAVES. This has been my mantra and I believe it to be true that the strength we have is insisting a system of no leaders.


and I will say it again BECAUSE the truth doesn’t pay well you won’t find it on 60 minutes ….. OH waits wecept this one time
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Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 1/6

Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 2/6

Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 3/6

Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 4/6

Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 5/6

Gun Control aka Democide (Death By Government) 6/6

Try Explaining this away…

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Let me explain.

Leaders are tools of leading you join a group and you follow that group just look at what nationality and religion has managed with leading is practitioners and memeber people that profess liberty, pursuit of freedom, love and forgiveness and they have been lead into war after war, into hate, hoarding wealth, hoarding resources and theft.

Real time Representational Direct Democracy is easy I am a web developer and I could build a system of real time elections we can have real time representation and everyone assigned a position to vote with a 1000 people you would see 100 votes and I would say anyone could edit the thing we are voting on and it could be wikki with peer to peer classification so that the streams of changes would be consistent in indexing. But not to complicate this it would essentially mean no government made decisions they would no longer be governing they would be as we were fooled into believing they were intended, they would be representatives and only with power to do so with our votes. If you had 5 % of the vote you would have that as your representative power if you had 46% and the other guy had 49 you could combine your powers with the 5% and impress. No one would have to pay for what they did not want to use and computers could always ensure it was easily maintained.

Constitution of no harm, simple why now laws are used to enslave us not protect all we need is one law NO HARM if you make something and you make it to break in a year thats harm its called planned obsolescence but lets get away from all the names. Violence against women is divisional in the way that it leaves out children, men, elderly, animals and earth…. really think about it we only need all be against violence and then not even just abuse let us just be against harm. Equality is important in this and we all need our own space land and a place to reside as king or queen as I don’t agree with how you run your castle thats fine its yours. For me the biggest hang up of all is the right to own your own land everyone should have an equal plot this would and will be the tough one but if we all put as much time into this as we do working as debt slaves to pay for movies and popcorn we would solve the problem in a matter of hours I am sure.

People often get hung up on the little things they don’t agree on rather than changing the things they do agree on what I am saying is lets all focus on the things we agree on and I know you all agree the system we have is broken so lets star there this idea is only 1 of many I am only one man with one idea lets hear your let’s talk turn off the TV and reconnect with the world around you see what they think. I bet we would all find most of us want the same and are ready to do what it take. Start with talking every step is needed when climbing a mountain get off the grid by gardening, biking and DON’T PAY TAX.

OH ONE MORE THING I just can’t stress this enough all opposition is managed all opposition is corrupted so the reason this has to be leaderless is you will see if there are leaders there will be the same elites that rule today ruling tomorrow.


– basically anyone leading anyone is the problem we must all remain strong in independence uniting as groups of individuals with representatives with our technology this would be easy and all government, corporations and systems should be managed like this corporations should automize not to lay us off but to pay us to stay home with our children and raise and grow a healthy world


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