* Zionists

Zionist this, Zionists that, if you ask me the real bad word and slave catch phrase should be the follower, followers are the real global problem, but Zionist today are the Nazis, blacks or Jews of yesteryear. There are only master and slave if you are not careful you will just demonize more slaves. As through out history that is all that has happened, even in slight of potential for real change the elites are always ignored and revolutions and wars only remove puppets.

There is no Zionist, no nations, no race and no religions only tools used to divide, and they have been employed so long you think they are yours… NO… these are tools of your masters. Only slaves have nations, only slaves argue about gods and die in wars meant to reinforce fear and divide when we SLAVES get too close to solutions.

Our masters have a perfect enslavement system, and its been in play for thousands of years, if not longer, and as long as we are divided as race, nation, sex, religion as long as we open with; I am black, or I am white, we may as well close with; and I am a slave.